Monday, December 8, 2008

Decking the Halls

Today's Wonder of the World is...Decking the Halls for Christmas!

Come on in, friends! We're all decked out. (Click on the picture to see Tanner the Slobber Dog looking at you through the bottom corner of the window.)
Well, we're not all decked out. But this weekend we made a good start.
Thank goodness I had my trusty assistant!

Elf Sam.
It was just me and Elf Sam, since Sarah was off at college, studying her little heart out (hopefully) for exams, Ben was in Scrooge mode on account of too much homework, and Elf Todd was busy living out his Clark Griswold fantasies, stringing lights all over the tree house.
(I knew he really built that thing for himself!)

I love getting out the ornaments with Sam because he lets me tell the story behind each one.
Plus, he thinks it makes perfect sense to hang the circus ornaments on the old drying rack near my beloved Circus Poster.
He loves the elephant

and the horse,

and several others which came out all blurry in the pictures. Sorry.

And Sam is super careful with this treasure I found in a dark corner of a German junk store on our infamous RV vacation.

(Did anyone see the movie RV? We didn't have to. We lived it! Todd says to bonk him over the head if he ever suggests doing that again. It'd be easier and less expensive for the five of us just to live in our kitchen for a week.)
Ah, memories!

Here's one of my favorite Christmas decorations! The angel Scrooge made (I mean Ben) when he was four.

I love collecting old ornaments. I put my favorite breakable ones on this little tree, far away from Tanner the Slobber Dog's wagging tail.

Ignore the spackling there on the wall. I keep meaning to paint over it!
Want to see them up close? (The ornaments, not the spackling...)
Every Christmas tree needs a golden mushroom and a retro bell!

An old Santa

We hung the rest of the ornaments on a pair of fake trees my friend Susie handed down to me this year. We'd always bought a real tree, and I wasn't sure if I could be a person who uses an artificial tree. Turns out the answer is yes! Apparently I can. I don't have to worry about constantly watering it, (yey!) and the price was right. Free!

We went with the multicolored lights, but not the blinking kind. Those things give me a headache.
Speaking of lights...aren't these old Christmas lights interesting? A sweet lady at one of my junk shops back in our French life gave them to me. She was going to throw them out!

Tanner the Slobber Dog says thanks for stopping by.

Actually he's probably saying, "The minute you people leave this house, I'm going to eat me some ornaments! They look luscious and so metal-y."

Hey! I just noticed...Look what some smart aleck did to my PEACE sign/stocking holders on the mantle! (Click on the pic to enlarge.) It's the same every year. Whenever I'm not looking they move the letters around.
PEAs, anyone?

Have a wonder-full Monday, y'all!
Enjoy this video of the Little Women Decking the Halls!
But before you go, tell me, are you all decked out yet? What's your favorite part of decorating for the holidays? Any Clark Griswold's out there?
Love, Becky


LW said...

Oh, your home looks so pretty….

I love your circus elephant ornament,
he is wonderful and so is Sam…


a Tonggu Momma said...

My home currently looks like a bomb exploded. Does yours look like that during your creative decking-the-halls process? Please say yes. Please say yes.

Paula Clare said...

Hi Becky,
I am currently at "Ground Zero" with the Christmas debris surrounding both me and the new member of the family, Webster our miniature Schnauzer. I have photos on my blog of the "decking process".


My house is only 750 sq. ft...and thus far I've only decked 1/4 of it...but the rest is soon to follow. (My decorating mojo involves burning a yankee candle (they made a swirl candle this year with my two favorites: Christmas Eve and Mistletoe! I have bought those two and burned them simultaneously for YEARS...and now, finally, SOMEBODY in marketing caught on! WOOT!)listening to Christmas music (and/or watching Christmas movies) and getting it all done in one fell swoop. Well, that didn't work out this year...but I shall continue on!

PS The scene from Little Women is one of my faves!

Attic Rat said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I am hoping to deck the halls here today. Last week was a toughie.


JaxPop said...

Looks good - lotsa work though. No decorating this year at our house. We probably won't get home until 12/23 or 24. I'll hang tinsel off the rearview mirror for the ride south.

Susan said...

Tanner looks so sweet, you know he won't get into anything. I only put out a few things, but I had to make a huge mess to do that. It's good that you have Elf Sam, does he help with clean ups?

Rosemary said...

Very pretty Rebecca!
Great job. The circus elephant reminds me of reading your book.
Happy Monday to you,

Felicity said...

I am woefully behind. We put up the Nativity with advent candles, but the tree is sitting naked in the corner. Luckily it is pre-lit, so from the outside it looks like I have my act together! I finish finals this week and then it is ON!

Sherry said...

I LOVE those ornaments. And I like to have ornaments that have real stories behind them, each one unique.

TattingChic said...

Your CHristmas decor looks fun! Especially the mantle...all I want for Christmas is "whirled peas" (world peace)...I know, I know, it's corny. I am not all decked is rather sad. Something has to change! I love decorating for Christmas!

Green Girl said...

My favorite movie to watch while wrapping presents! THanks for the clip! I love your old ornaments--and the ghostly Christmas angel:)

jama said...

Love your decorations, Becky! I'm in the process of getting my tree decorated. I like collecting old ornaments too. BTW, those old Christmas lights are wonderful!

Please pat Tanner the Slobber Dog for me.

Kim said... nice of you to decorate so Tanner can have ornaments to nibble. Seriously now, the decorations look great. Have a wonderful holiday.

Alex said... must share some of the ornament stories you share with Sam...with us!! :)

CC said...

Hurray for decorations!!!

Jojo said...

You rescued some terrific old lights. Those are really nice! We are as decked as we are going to be this year because we are leaving for Beirut on Christmas day! I am so excited to get to go visit my in-laws (all the family). Many years have passed since I have been back. My husband usually goes alone. Oh well, I am sure I will post more about this later. Love your decorations.

rochambeau said...

Your Halls are so beautifully decked Becky! What a lovely time you and Elf Sam had together! Remembering the past Christmases through touchstones like ornaments is part of the magic of the holidays!

May the days ahead be filled with sparkle!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Every time I pass my Thanksgiving centerpiece...Yup, it's still sitting on the table, I feel so guilty. I guess it's time to pop in a Christmas CD and heat up the Wassail ( with a hint of rum). Before I know it, I'll have to start Christmas shopping too. LOL!
I like the ornaments with story's behind them too.
I had a bit of catching up (again), so I went back through your previous post. Where do you come up with ALL these ideas?!!
Do they come to you in a dream? HA HA! Sooo clever!

Sweet Wishes,

Susie Q said...

Your home looks so festive! And Tanner looks just perfect sitting among it all!
Love your beautiful!