Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nutella, I Pledge Thee My Troth

Happy World Nutella Day, y'all!
Actually I'm lying. WND was February 5, but somehow I missed it. So I'm making it up to The Greatest Spread of All Time by celebrating a few months late. Yey, Nutella!

Are you a Nutella lover too? We Ramseys fell in love with its creamy, chocolaty hazelnut goodness within a few days of moving to France.

Some dear soul brought a jar to our apartment, and I spread a little on toast, as I saw French people do on commercials,

and my life was forever changed.

Nutella makes everything better. It's great for pretzel dipping, to lather on a cupcake, right out of the oven, and (don't tell anyone) it's even heavenly on a finger!
And of course it's magnificent on crepes. With or without sliced bananas.
WARNING: This short video may make you cry. At least it has that effect on me.

When we moved back to South Carolina, I positively grieved over the lack of Nutella. Every time Todd went back on a business trip, he knew he'd best return with several jars in his suitcase.
But then a marvelous thing happened. Nutella showed up at the local Bi-Lo! It's in the peanut butter section, and it's kind of pricey but well worth it. Ask my kids. They've become Nutella evangelists, converting all their friends, and teaching them Nutella trivia. (Did you know it was invented in the 1940's, when cocoa was rationed? Pietro Ferrero thought of extending the cocoa flavor with the hazelnuts plentiful in northwest Italy, and Nutella was born!)

So Happy Nutella Day, everybody!
If you haven't experienced it yet, my crepe-master suggests you give it a try!

Have a great day, y'all!
Love, Becky


EllenP said...

Absolutely love Nutella, but my kids won't eat it. Can you believe it??!!
Oh, well, more for me.

Natalie said...


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is good stuff. REAL good stuff. And nuts are good for you, right? Even when mixed with chocolate right?

ParisBreakfasts said...

I am an EX-NUTELLA Addict!
And it's most cruel of you to spring this on me today :(
Months and months of rehab barely did the job.
It took an intervention with ropes and chains so I could be FREE again!and now this.
I hear the call.
I am partial to Italian Nutella - the original I think..Italy is
where it all began for me and ended as well.
Or right!
bon giorno

Jenny said...

Ah, nutella, How I love thee too. I was introduced to nutella by my Francophile French teacher in high school. I had to find it but it was 1987 in Waco, TX. None to be found. THen I moved to Austin TX in 1991 for college and voila, nutella at every HEB, Krogers, and Randalls. I shared it with my hubby when we first met and his girls (3 & 5) at the time and no go. What did it take?....a big delicious glob of it smeared on a fresh hot banana nutella crepe served in a very French fashioned food stall in a very un-French location: in London on Westminster bridge across the street from Big Ben. Family converted and one strong sense memory made.

adrienne said...

I love the stuff! We used to have to go to World Market to get it, but now they have it at good ol' Food 4 Less. Hooray! Except for the price. We still have to wait for (somewhat) special occasions.

Try it in a pear tart. Yum!

Vagabonde said...

I had not eaten Nutella for a while then saw it a Publix or Kroger. I try not to eat too much. I found some thin cookies called Palmeritas by Goya in the Mexican section of the supermarket, a small tube, green, 99 cents. I place some Nutella on the cookie and with a hot cup of tea, c’est délicieux. Moi, les crèpes je les aime au Grand Marnier. Do you speak French? Merci to have come to my blog for a visit, I appreciate it.

vicki archer said...

It is a dangerous addiction.......delish, xv.

Kelly H-Y said...

No way ... there's a WND?! When I was an exchange student in Austria, one of my roomies was absolutely, positively obsessed with Nutella!

Silicon Valley Diva said...

We go through gigantic tubs of Nutella here. Someone posted a French nutella bread recipe on her blog that I've been dying to try!

Oh, I also love nutella on waffles.

We get it pretty cheap here at Smart & Final. But, THAT can end up being a bad thing lol.

May @ Anne and May said...


I love this video, touting the health benefits of Nutella.

Nice try, France. It's delicious but it's not nutritious.

Dawn said...

yes! Love Nutella!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Nutella in a pear tart? Oh my Lord, I bet that's good!
Vagabonde, I try my best to speak French, but I've lost so much since we moved back. I still work on reading in French, hoping that I'll keep some of it, but my written French is affreux. :)

Angie Muresan said...

Oh, we all love Nutella. All I need to enjoy it is a spoon. And sometimes not even that.