Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

What says Guilty Pleasures to you?
I had to ask myself that question yesterday. The PTA at Sam's school is raising money with a silent auction at our Spring Fundraiser, so each class is responsible for putting together a gift basket with an assigned theme. Parents send in money or items for the baskets, the Class Mom shops and assembles them, and then we auction the baskets off with all proceeds going to PTA.

Our theme is Guilty Pleasures, and I must have spent two hours going in circles in Home Goods, agonizing over what to buy. What I consider a guilty pleasure might just sound weird to you. Plus, it needs to appeal to families, so there goes my bottle of homemade muscadine wine and DVD of America's Next Top Model. (Yes, I admit it. It's my guilty pleasure Number One. Every time Todd goes on a business trip, I search the cable listing for reruns. He thinks the show is mind numbing, but I just can't resist the smizing.)

What's in our basket?
Sparkling grape juice (which actually tastes alarmingly close to the muscadine wine--not a criticism, Todd--I love that taste) and a couple of pretty glasses, garlic pita chips, (have you tried these? Oh my goodness!) a package of Oreo cookies (not to be eaten with the garlic chips,) Reeses cups, Twixt bars, Snickers bars, gourmet caramel corn, chocolate truffles, a $10 gift card from Starbucks, and a bunch of bath stuff: coconut body scrub, a loofah, L'Occitane soaps, spa socks, and candles to put around the tub.

So what would you put in your basket of guilty pleasures? If the basket was just for me, I'd probably take out the bath stuff and add a stack of home decor magazines and books. And French pastries, of course!

Shoot. Now my mouth is watering.

Have a great Wednesday, y'all!
Love, Becky


lotusgirl said...

A couple nems, some french desserts, a book that I can't put down, and some rockin' music.

Jenny said...

Man oh man can I put in a bid...Awesome fun basket. Guilty pleasures, hmm, Twix, US Weekly, Sex and the City series, Rick Steves' traveling series, sour straws candy, and yes French pasteries please. (wow that a lot of junky food, oh well).

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a fun theme for a basket! I'd put in chocolates, beer, the Glee! DVD and books by Wendy Holden.

Susan said...

I would put in Dr. Pepper's, Utz party mix, Mr. Goodbars, Little Debbies and Brat Pack Videos. Ahhh.

adrienne said...

I'd love that basket.
For me it's chocolate truffles, anything lime scented, and nacho cheese Doritos.

May @ Anne and May said...


Becky, just when I think I can't love you anymore, then you go and confess to loving Tyra's madness.

Agreed! It's the guiltiest of pleasures.

Angie Muresan said...

My mouth is watering too. You'd make a superb personal shopper, Becky.

Oh, and I LOVE America's Next Top Model!