Friday, April 23, 2010

It's a Dog Party!

Photo from Go Dog. Go! via
If only the dogs at my party would have been content with checkers and banjo picking!

I hadn't even planned on throwing a dog party, but it happened on Wednesday.
Tanner and I went for a walk, and look who followed us home.

Two friendly dogs wandering the neighborhood. They both had collars and tags, so we invited them into our backyard until their parents could come pick them up.
Our party guests refused to tell me their names so I called this one Sassy...

and this guy Chow Chow.

So what did we do at the party?
There was much sniffing.

And a considerable amount of running around.

Tanner wanted to show his friends the tree house, but he kept confusing things by going down the ladder.

Finally he gave up and went in by himself. (Excuse the unflattering shot.)

Soon the others followed.

After a while, I served refreshments.

Tanner was rude and ate everyone's food. He also hogged the water dish.
I should really send him to cotillion.

After a while, the party took a nasty turn.
It started to rain. The three big dogs got soaking wet and started eyeing the blueberry garden.
Remember it? The twelve bushes Todd planted in the mud pit of anguish and pain?

The clumpy dirt looked so inviting to our guests. Plus, it had all sorts of fun rubbery things sticking out everywhere. Chewy hose-y things that would be delightful to yank.

Mean Old Mommy had to guard the mud pit and yell not so nice things at the guests every time one of them dared to stick in a paw. (So that Mean Old Daddy wouldn't come home from work and have a conniption fit.) So much for Mommy getting any work done that day.

That's okay. The guests didn't mind the party rules too much. But they did beg to bring the celebration indoors.

I mean they really begged.

No way, kiddos.
Now where are their parents? Shouldn't the party be over by now?

Luckily Sam came home from school right when Mommy was starting to come unglued. I mean, she was a bit tired of blueberry guarding and dog sitting.

Mommy wasn't the only one getting grouchy.
Sassy's youthful enthusiasm was starting to get on Tanner's nerves.

There were a few warning yips and snarls.
I think he was just jealous that Sassy was so good at playing fetch. She even understood the part about giving the ball back, which Tanner chooses not to do.
But all in all, a good time was had by everyone.
And after the party was over, there was much of this.

Tanner was zonked.

Apparently Sassy wasn't. Guess who came back yesterday.

Have a great weekend, y'all!
Love, Becky


Susie said...

You are the bestest storyteller ever!

Natalie said...

Another *wonder*ful post.

judy in ky said...

Love the dog party. We have cat parties in our yard every day! I should get out there and take some photos, but they all run away when they see me coming.

Angie Muresan said...

They are so adorable! But Tanner is used to not having to share, now isn't he?
I love how you made a story even out of dogs playing. You're awesome, you know?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A DOG party! What fun!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

You have more patience than I! So cute. UK Loves friends. And Lallie loves the dog party, we read that book every.single.night....over and over and over again!!! Love to all!

Leah Skaggs said...

I do! I do like that party hat!

dana said...

A Poochie that looked like lots of fun!! (for the poochies!) Bet you've never had any kitties follow you home...and if you did, they probably wouldn't stay around in the fenced yard for too long. Unless they were homeless and starving like my little Twiggy was when I found her. She told me she NEVER wants to leave....and I don't want her to!

It was so great to hear from you again!! Hope you're having a great Spring! Dana

May @ Anne and May said...

The I love you dog! Insanely adorable!

You're such a good dog mommy and Tanner seems like quite the host.

Kim said...

Aww! I think Tanner was saying "They followed me home, can I keep them?!!"

Anonymous said...

I love dogs!!! I hope you don't end up with three dogs...I'm sure Tanner doesn't want to share his toys all the time. Love this post and the talking Husky!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

You all are sweet. I'm sending hugs all around. And Tanner sends a slobbery kiss, if you want it. Feel free to pass on that.

Apparently Sassy and Chow Chow are escape artists. The owner came looking for them twice this weekend!

Silicon Valley Diva said...

How funny! We'd love if a few dogs wandered into our yard. Our beagle would be in heaven.

Such cute pictures.