Thursday, September 18, 2008

To The Bat Cave, Robin!

Today's Wonder of the World is...Caves!

Flickr photo by kyterryls shots
Ever since I posted about handprints in spooky caves yesterday, I've had caves on the brain.

National Geographic photo
I mean, can you imagine if you were one of those teenage French boys back in 1940, having fun chasing a dog, when you fell in a hole and ended up in a cave? And when you looked around with your oil lamp, you saw that you were surrounded by a herd of painted bulls?
Even if you're not a spiritual person, you might say a prayer--at least to find your way out of there!

Caves are spiritual places--and not just for the cave artists!

How about Bernadette, in the cave at Lourdes?

You'd better believe I'd be calling out to the heavens if somebody conned me into crawling through this one!

Flickr photo by me, Alexis
Although I wouldn't mind this one.

Flickr photo by Mike tn
I like my caves nice and open. Just so that if there's something scary in there I can make a quick exit!
Like bats.
Or bears!

Flickr photo by whimzykat
Oh my!

Yes, caves do have their uses.
They're great places for growing mushrooms.

Flickr photo by John of Wirral

And storing wine and cheese.

Flickr photo by CaroVorona

And just for being beautiful.

Flickr photo by Ciara McP
A year ago, we went on a big family vacation to Carter Caves, Kentucky. My relatives are all from that part of the state, so before the family reunion we explored the caves. It was great fun, and all the cousins made it out alive! Yey!
We saw stalactites and stalagmites just like the ones above.
I bet you learned about those in school. Do you know the trick for remembering which is which?
Stalactites hang from the ceiling, just like a pair of tights.

Flickr photo by automaticsweetheart

And stalagmites come up from the floor, just like dust mites.

Flickr photo by StuartWade
Very good, children. You've had your lesson for the week.
Now, can anyone point to France on the map?

Here's the entrance to a cave we toured in Domme, back in our French life.

Flickr photo by Amanda Chou
It was lovely, except for the collective myocardial infarction our tour group had when the lights suddenly went out. Other than that, it was fun!

Although I'm not sure if I'd want to live down there.

How about a house built into a cave?
Would you live in this French one?

Flickr photo by Chitlins
Maybe that's a little primitive.
How about this one?

Flickr photoo by chenango47906
Very nice! It's in Saumur, France. You could always check the real estate listings.

If that looks too small, here's a nice little cave cottage in Slovenia...

Flickr photo by dl 160372
if you're a king or queen.
If that doesn't suit you, you could always head for the Batcave! I wouldn't think that Batman and Robin would mind--especially if you help Alfred out with a little dusting.
Start about halfway through to see what your digs would look like.

Have a Wonder-full Thursday, everyone!
Love, Becky


jenniferw said...

Caves sort of creep me out, Becky! The last one we visited was when we took the kids to The Lost Sea in Sweetwater, Tennessee, many years ago. I wouldn't mind meeting Christian Bale in the batcave, though! Yum.

Barb said...

Hi Becky,

I have not been in a cave in many years. I think it might have been in NM. I have been in a small fort made with bedding and tables recently.

The batcave with the boys, could be interesting.

Have a good one.


Felicity said...

Mark Twain's Cave (from Tom Sawyer) is only 45 minutes from my house! I used to love taking that tour and imagining myself as Becky Thatcher!

Tara said...

My vote is caves are creepy! LOL I do love looking at pictures of caves but I'm afraid to go into one.


Suzie said...

I dont think Id like to live in a cave. Not sure why that last pic looked nice

Rosemary said...

Hi Rebecca,
I love the spooky caves!!
Thanks for another great post.
Have a great day!

Liz said...

Wow, that cave-house is crazy. Wouldnt that be awfully damp? There are so many caves in the north part of the state, but I stay away from them. Dark + closed-spaces= me freaking out.

TattingChic said...

Caves are very cool. This has been a cool post brought to us by Becky! Ya know what, Becky? I learned the saying about remembering the difference between stalagtites and stalagmites slightly differently. I learned it, "Stalagtites hang on TIGHTly to the ceiling of the cave and Stalagmites stand up MIGHTy and tall." Ah, well, we all learned the same thing just in different ways.
I think it is so interesting how the cave in France was discovered by a boy playing with his dog and falling down a hole!
Cool, in a way.

lotusloq said...

I love caves too. When we lived in Chattanooga we would go to Ruby Falls cave. Some of the tour is a bit cheesy, but the cave is amazing. Definitely worth the gander.

Have a great day!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I like caves--there's a cool, cozy, solid quality about them.

Alex said...

Hmm..I never knew mushrooms could grow in caves. Cool! :) Happy Thursday!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I don't mind them as long as I can keep the way out visible. Total darkness in a cave, well I'd probably have to be carried out across someone's shoulders.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Felicity, I want to go to Mark Twain's cave! When I was little I used to love pretending to be Becky Thatcher--Tom Sawyer's sweetie. I'd collect pansies and imagine pressing one into his palm...It was the best thing about being named Becky!

Bobbie said...

Now I can finally always remember the difference between 'tites and 'mites. Thank you for the most educational 5 minutes I've had since giving birth for the first time.

I went spelunking (are there many words more fun than that one?) once with some friends after college and realized once we were in the cave--an out of the way cave in the middle of nowhere that you had to know about in order to know about it--that we'd neglected to tell ANYone where we would be. Those were the most nervewracking and filthy hours of my life--aside from that whole giving birth for the first time thing.

adrienne said...

I had a spelunking episode that sounds just like Bobbie's.
Caves are something I'd rather enjoy in pictures - though I would like to see some real cave paintings.

Tricia said...

These wonders are amazing. I went down into Queen's Copper Mine in Arizona and it was a steady 44 degrees....Br-r-r-r-r

Susan Tuttle said...

You always have the coolest posts Rebecca! Thank you for sharing.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey Bobbie! Scary! Yikes!
Welcome to the blog!

Hi Adrienne, you ought to check out the youtube video of the Lascaux cave paintings. I should have included it. It's really amazing!

Tricia, it is interesting how cold caves can be. We had a few really hot spells during our time in France, and with no air conditioning there was no relief...until we discovered the pleasures of hanging out in our wine cave! It was spooky down there, but if we were desperate, it was a nice place to go!

Hi Susan! I'm still in love with my banner. Thanks again!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...


This past weekend at French Class we read an article about Lascaux I, II and the upcoming Lascaux III.
Have you been there?
My friend/teacher has a childhood home in Perigeux. (sp?)

And, more irony - my son, who I try to protect from Pop Culture for the most part has discovered Bat Man.

Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, Bat Man!!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hi P. Farmgirl! Yes, I love PĂ©rigueux! It's truly beautiful. We've enjoyed our time there--though we didn't get to see the caves. Lascaux II was closed when we were there, and no one but the scientists get to tour Lascaux I. So instead we toured around and found all the chateaux in Drew Barrymore's movie--I'm trying to think of the name--Ever After? Have you seen it? I highly recommend it. It's a remake of Cinderella, all shot in the Dordogne--PĂ©rigueux!

Yey for your son! Especially if he's watching the old Batman series. The cartoon is scary, but I love the old one. So campy!

SolShine7 said...

Those pictures from France are nice! :)

Mya said...

I am with you I like my caves nice and open. I would love to see the houses in France that are built in the side of a cave.

Randy and Linda said...

Caves are pretty cool, no pun intended! In grade school I bought a book about caves and became fascinated with spelunking. How fun it would be to discover a new cave. But I say no to living in one! I've been inside 6 or 7 caves, the largest one being Mammoth in Kentucky, but the tours were all fun.