Friday, September 5, 2008

Mix It Up!

Today's Wonder of the World is...Mixers! All Kinds!

Flickr photo by don33c
Woo hoo for mixers!
Not really.
I hate to admit it, but I don't really like mixer parties.
Except for blog mixers! I love those! Like my Wonders of the World Party on Wednesday, when you made me so happy that I'm still beside myself with joy.
Joy, I tell you!

But drop me off in a big room full of people whom I don't know, and I'd rather army crawl through fire ants to clean the grout in my bathroom. Well, maybe that language is a little too strong. I might not army crawl through the fire ants. But I'd walk around them!

Don't get me wrong--I LOVE people! I just like them a few at a time, and minus the small talk. I love talking with people for hours and hours about meaningful things. Things that really matter, like the Pursuit of Happiness, and Project Runway and sweet potato chips.

But even with my hermit habits, I do recognize the need to leave my comfort zone and mix it up a bit.

Life would be boring if we always stayed with the same crowd. Variety spices things up, right?
We wouldn't want to live in a playground of clones. Not for very long, anyway.

Flickr photo by Photos by Dash
Although some men wouldn't mind that particular playground for a while.

Schools are great mixers.

Hey! There's Broughton High! The first public high school in Raleigh NC!
Alma mater we salute thee, bounteous giver, hear our praise...
I'll stop now.

When we mix with others, it enriches and broadens our lives. And we get new friends!

If we want to mix up our insides, we could ride The Centrifuge.

Flickr photo by thatphotoshopguy
I feel nauseous just seeing it.
But wait a minute.

Flickr photo by Thai.Chu
A centrifuge is actually used for separating things. Not mixing them up.
Outta here, centrifuge.

Let's roll out the mixer.

Flickr photo by 9mmEdsPhotos
Boy, that's a big one.
It reminds me of this kind.

Flickr photo by mmmmarshall
Is it just me, or do those things make you happy, turning and churning? It's not that I want more cement in the world. I just like the trucks.
Okay, so maybe it's just me.

Here's my favorite mixer--a smaller version.

My belle mere nabbed it for me at yard sale for a bargain price! It was brand new and makes me feel like Paula Deen.
Did you know that the French say belle mere (beautiful mother) to mean mother in law?
She is indeed a beauty to find me such a treasure!

The best part about using a mixer is getting to lick the beaters.

Flickr photo by .ash.
I love the old fashioned beaters, but I wouldn't lick them.

Flickr photo by scrappijessi
And I wouldn't lick these beaters either, even though it is a cute retro mixer.

Flickr photo by choctod72
I guess I'm paranoid, but I always guard my tongue around those things.
I have horrible visions of terrible tongue/mixer accidents, even with the thing unplugged. I know its irrational, but I fear that a jolt of electricity might start it up by itself, entangling my tongue!

Ooh. I'm starting to feel woozy at just the thought of that.
Let me distract myself with art.


Flickr photo by
Mixer pups! By the Etsy artist Here!
Except they only have two legs. Maybe the others got caught in the mixer!

Oh dear. Let's distract ourselves from that gruesome thought by mixing a little music, shall we!

flickr photo by RayDS
If it doesn't help, we might faint and have to go to the doctor's office, where, in the waiting room, they have those cool mix up books, to distract children or wimpy adults like me!

Those books are so fun, mixing heads and bodies and legs.
Almost as fun as this...

Flickr photo by morpherguy
But definitely not as weird.

Oh! I almost forgot! The door prize winners from the Blog Party!
Before we left for school, I had my Sammy pick names out of what else? A mixing bowl!

Just ignore that Nerf dart gun on the floor there. And sorry for the shakiness of the pictures. Todd made the coffee an eensy bit strong today!
He closed his eyes...

And picked three names:

Number one is...Dana, of The Stone Rabbit!
Number two...

Adrienne, of The Story Board!
And last, but not least...

Angela Nickerson, of Just Go!
Email me your addresses, ladies, and I'll pop the prizes in the mail!
Thanks, everybody, for playing! I had such a great time!

Have a Wonder-Full Friday, everyone! And a great weekend!
Love, Becky


dana said...


A winner! I am a winner!!

Thank you, thank you! I can hardly wait for the prize to arrive.

Mixing up---it is a good thing! Love the aqua mixer---I think my mom had one just like it. I also liked the creatures some creative soul made from the vintage mixers!

All in all, it was a good mix! Dana

Paula Clare said...

Hi Becky,
I used to ride the Merry Mixer at the Carnival (I'll email a photo) Talk about an utterly NAUSEATING experience! In my old age I have learned that I can do Up and down (as in a roller coaster) but I cannot do round and round (as in the merry mixer or tilt a whirl..or even the giant cups and saucers) It's just too much for my *insert Scarlett O'Hara southern drawl here* delicate constitution!

Great party...congrats to the winners!

Jamie said...

I once was trying to put the beaters into my hand mixer and since I had stupidly plugged the thing in, when my finger accidentally hit the button my fingers got a little twisted in there. Dumb thing actually drew a little blood. I felt REALLY dumb about that one and I was glad I was home alone. Of course, now you and whoever else reads this comment knows of my stupidity.

Things that go in circles (like carnival rides) make me extremly nauseous. I don't go near them. Ever. I blame my all night grad party in high school, but that's a whole other story.

Rosemary said...

Hi Rebecca,
Congrats to the winners!!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am in love with my Kitchenaid mixer. Couldn't do my famous shortbread without it!

And that is one cute boy with a strong resemblance to his mom!

LW said...

Mixer pups, I Love them..
I had a wonder-full time at your party...
Congrats to the winners!!!


adrienne said...

Yaaaaaay!! I'm so excited! I can't wait for my goodie bag.

And I love that giant mixer! Just think of all the cookies you could mix up in that thing.

Attic Rat said...

Wow, Becky! You really know how to mix it up. LOL!


Sherry Martschink said...

Just love that humongous red mixer, but wouldn't want to clean it!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey folks!
Paula, if I were more technologically astute, I'd ad your pic to the blog--that Merry Mixer is cool. But I can't seem to copy that picture you sent. I'll see if Todd can do it later. And I have the same problem. I nearly lost my cookies on the teacup ride at Disney. That's embarrassing.

Jamie,that's scary! Now I'm going to have nightmares. Sometime I'll have to tell you about the time a friend of mine was attacked by a blow drier. Not pretty.

Rosemary, you too!
Pamela, aw shucks! But you're the first person who's ever said that. Everyone says he's a carbon copy of his dad! Thanks!

Hey Louise! I love them too. I go to the artist's site often and pine over them.

Adrienne, that would take a boatload of chips!

Hi Attic Rat and Sherry! Have a good weekend!

Kathryn said...

I have to show my boys the pic of the cement mixers. They are obsessed!
Holy huge Kitchen Aid Mixer, Batman!!!!

Jojo said...

I am ALL mixed up! We haven't slept much this week and I am so behind on my blog reads but I will eventually join the birthday blog "mixer" and visit all the party goers.

CC said...

Your post made me cry.

Not only because I didn't win :(

But also, because it reminded me of this post

Betty C. said...

What a creative mind you have! I loved the "mix" of photos.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

LOL--it's a mixed up world.

Barb said...

Hi Becky,

Congrats, congrats to the lucky winners. Yayy!!

I used to lick beaters. That doesn't sound good at all. Glad I no longer do that.

Have a great weekend.

hugs, Barb

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Hi Becky ..
oh thats a fun filled post..mixers and all the cute pics especially that giant mixer(:)
..glad you came by .. have a great Sunday..
hugs Patty

TattingChic said...

What a fun post, as always! Congrats to the lucky winners!

Sandra Evertson said...

Great post! You crack me up! I Love it!
Sandra Evertson

cityfarmer said...

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and your love notes to me and my family....I am slowly eking my way back to some of my favorite things like staying connected to all of my wonderful friends here in the blogging world. God bless you for being so faithful.xoxoxoxo

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Love all of the mixers! I am a little bummed that I didn't win....But congrats to the lucky winners!

Alex said...

Hi Rebecca...It was SO GOOD to read your blogs today! I've missed your light-heartedness, smiles and laughter you share with everyone. :)

Thank you also for your continued love, support and prayers...and thank you for my present. I was so over-joyed when I opened the package. You made my day! :)

3rdEyeMuse said...

I'm glad you were able to stop by for a visit ... it really is my pleasure - all those mixers are making me want to bake. :) and I don't know why, but I think I love the two legged mixer pups. :)

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Congrats to all the winners. I also liked the cement mixing trucks, just my color. My job requires mixing (I do Marketing), but when its time to go home, well just leave me alone so I can create! I don't really mix well after hours! Ha! Hugs***Renea