Monday, September 15, 2008

It's A Small World After All

Today's Wonder of the World is...Miniatures!

Flickr photo by Specklet
Sometimes the best things come in small packages. That toad is so cute that I might even kiss it. Except I already have my handsome prince.

Hey! There he is!
He came back from his business trip to Germany Friday night and transferred the Bucket O'Wine to a huge, airlocked bottle, so now my fruit flies are all dressed in black, moaning and weeping and beating their little fruit fly breasts.
Fear not, fruit flies.
Todd's decided to make another batch next weekend, since we still have grapes coming out our ears.
(Sorry, but we're now at the point in our grape harvest when I question why we need so many grapes. And why they smell so strong. And why my husband only loves to cook things that you can't eat for dinner. And that are extremely sticky and attract fruit flies.)
I'm sure he's just going to love that I posted that photo. Sorry honey, but I had to! It's perfect for the theme. You know why?
Because it was taken at Parc Mini-Château!

Flickr photo by gegepics
Visiting Parc Mini-Château was a trés touristy thing to do, but some French friends had told us about how much their kids loved it, and hey, we enjoyed it too! (And not just because it was right next to Le Fou d’Âne, Donkey Madness, a park all about what else? Donkeys! Even "the hairiest of the asinine species." If you live for weird parks, how could you not visit either of those?)
For the record, we visited many of the real Loire châteaux during our four years in France--not just their miniature versions.
By the way, do you know which château that is in the photo above? I'll tell if no one guesses it.

While you're thinking, do you know why I posted on miniatures today?
I've been thinking about them ever since the monkey post, when I fell in love with this tiny guy.

Photo by MUFFA
He's a member of MUFFA, Mariella's Unusual Fantasy Funny Animals. Mariella crochets them herself in her home in Italy and sells them at her etsy shop, www., HERE.
I thought this one was just a doll.

Photo by MUFFA
And here's my own little tiny baby.

(Sorry it's not a better picture.)
It's Baby Jesus, and it came inside a French Galette des Rois, the traditional King's Cake to celebrate Epiphany. It's called a fève , and the lucky person who gets the piece with the fève inside is crowned king! (They're lucky unless they crack a tooth!)
We have an embarrassingly huge collection of fèves. It's because the Galette des Rois is out of this world delicious, (think puff pastry with a buttery almond filling) and sometimes in December and January we ate them every day. (Stop making faces, you out there. We walked a lot in our French life, okay? We could eat cake every day back then and still stay skinny.)

And now I am craving Galette des Rois. Why do I do this to myself? Let's change the subject.

I love miniature horses.

Flickr photo by bonnernicholas
Sorry, horse, but you look like My Little Pony to me. I hope that doesn't insult you.

And of course bonsai makes the miniature list.

Flickr photo by Eric in SF
If I were a Borrower, I'd take a nap under its branches.

Remember The Borrowers? I loved those books.
The Borrowers would be small enough to see the flowers in little bubbles.

Flickr photo by Atilla1000
And an ear of baby corn would feed a whole family.

Flickr photo by Andrew Hyatt
And so would a single petit fours.

Flickr photo by Mad Baker
Aren't those beautiful? There's even a mini crème brulée!

If you were a Borrower, you could even wear a dollar bill! Except I guess it might be big on you.

Flickr photo by lauterhaus
Cool origami.
But not as tiny as this one!

Flickr photo by mathiasmaul
Fly away, crane! Be free! But watch out for weeping fruit flies on your way.
As you go, enjoy my favorite kind of miniature poem, the haiku.
This one is by Issa.

How sadly the bird in his cage
Watches the butterflies.

Oh, that is indeed sad.
I know how to make you happy again. Either that, or drive you into madness.
Be warned.
(You know I had to include it, given today's title. But it might not be what you're thinking. After the first part, the rest is in Chinese!)

Have a Wonder-full Monday, y'all!
And tell me what miniature wonders you'd add to the list!
Love, Becky


Alex said...

Howdy ho, neighbor! Happy Monday! :) I liked the mini pony!!!

Paula Clare said...

Hi Becky,
THANKS A LOT! NOW that song will be in my HEAD ALL DAY LONG! And in Chinese! I won't have a CLUE what my brain is singing! I digress...

My personal favorite was the mini sock monkey! How darling! I'm on a sock monkey kick of late...perhaps I'll get one and get over it?

I love mini muffins (the blueberry variety) and mini me from Austin Powers. I also love mini bikes and chocolate chips! (you've already covered "chips" in another post, tho, yes?)

Anyhoo, thanks for the miniature thoughts on big fun!

LW said...

I adore miniatures…………..
In fact I read your blog everyday after I come in from feeding my
miniature donkeys..

still love that mini sock monkey...


Suzie said...

Are you sure your safe there. What if you encounter a fruit fly uprising. be safe and carry a large swatter.

Barb said...

Hi Becky,

I have that song in my head too!
What a fun video.

I like mini's too. Many years ago, I visited a mini city in the Netherlands. I think it was called Madurodam (too lazy to pull it up to check on the spelling). It was incredible.

Have a fruit fly free day.


Jamie said...

I love the miniature sock monkey! The Galette des Rois sound delicious! YUM! I'd write more but it's Monday.

Rosemary said...

Love the tiny things!!!
Hope you are having a great Monday Rebecca!!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

I want that mini pony! So cute!

I've always liked the mini tents and sleeping bags that stores use to show what the full-size version looks like.

Thanks for a wonder-full Monday,

TattingChic said...

Oh, I love the mini monkey, too! There was a man in Vegas who carved sculptures out of grains of rice and you had to look into a magnifying glass to see them. I thought they were really beautiful, but I wasn't going to pay the price he was asking! LOL! I wonder if he's still in business. It was at the Stratosphere tower.

Susan said...

Oh Becky, I always love your blog, but what is wrong with me lately? First it's pods, and now it little frogs that could jump into my ears. I have to tell you this, miniature things freak me out. Where we live we used to have a crazy tourist attraction called Mini-Graceland, and I never got around to seeing it before it closed,because...shudder, cringe, yikes...I just don't know why. How about cakes, can you post about cake?. I really love cake. Just kidding, hugs..Susan

Anonymous said...

I think mini work days would be good. You know - come in for an hour and go home. Especially on Mondays. MiniMondays. That would work for me. Kerry

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hi Alex. I love your new dancing avatar. I hope you're feeling well enough soon to get up and dance!

Paula Clare, sorry, but you know I had to do it. I love mini muffins too, and of course, mini chips. But those mini M&M's? Not so much. Give me the big peanut kind instead.

Louise, you have miniature donkeys? Oh my goodness. I'd love to see them. I'm going to post on donkeys one of these days--I love them so.

Suzie, what words to live by. Be safe and carry a big swatter. Ha!
The fruit flies are dispersing, now that BOW is gone. I have a few hangers on who've taken to worshiping my bananas instead, but hopefully Ben will eat those when he gets home, and they'll get bored and leave. Until next weekend.

Barb, I think I've heard of that place. And mini coopers just popped into my head as well.

Hi Jamie, you should taste it. It's almost too good to be true. I'll do a post just on that tradition around Christmas and will include a recipe. I might as well turn more people on to my galette addiction.

Hi Rosemary. You too!

Sara Cox, I LOVE THOSE THINGS! I had forgotten all about those, but every time I see them I just want to find my old Skipper doll and tuck her in a sleeping bag inside it. They are so cool!

Tattingchic, how in the world does he do that? I'm going to have to google him tonight when I have time.

Hi Susan! A Mini Graceland? My heart is jumping up and down. So sad it closed. I want to see the real thing one day.
It sounds like you feel about mini toads the way I feel sometimes about birds--I always have the urge to cover my ears anytime they come near.

Kerry, mini Mondays sound perfect! I wonder who we talk with to arrange that?

a Tonggu Momma said...

I LOVE the video! I can't wait to try learning it with the Tongginator. Thanks for sharing it.

Mary said...

Mariella’s shop is wonderful. I’ll contact her about a special order on the mini sock monkey, as it’s not listed on the site.

One of the best things in the world is a miniature foal.

adrienne said...

So much cuteness all in one place! We used to play with tiny frogs just like that when I was growing up.

the Amateur Book Blogger said...

At 5'1 I feel so at home here. What a lovely post - I LOVE that frog!

And your French castle? Well, I won't lift 'the curtain' on that one yet, in case others are still puzzling... tres bien mes amies!

jenniferw said...

I love minis! Everything was so cute, especially the tiny toad and the tiny crochet monkey ... but I love the baby Jesus and I love the tiny pony. I don't think he minds looking like My Little Pony, Becky. He's just glad you invited him to the party. I would add something that has always fascinated me: a miniature ship in a bottle.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I'm always so impressed by perfect little miniatures ... love those pics - that tiny sock monkey ... holy smokes! ... I sat here for ages (a full 30+ seconds), but my brain is full of static, so no mini's to add to your list ... :(

Sherry Martschink said...

I'm passing along to you the "I Love Your Blog Award." You certainly deserve it. Details on my site on the 9/15/08 post.
You're great!

CC said...

awwwww! They are all. so. cute!

Debbie Egizio said...

Tee, hee, hee! What cute little petite finds! Love that little pony!