Friday, September 12, 2008

Attack of the Pod People

Today's Wonder of the World is...the Pod!

Flickr photo by jay chef
Is there anything in nature more lovely than fresh green peas in the pod?
Okay, so nature is full of lovely things, but I just love looking at unshelled peas. Why is that?
(But you stopped by to see today's wonder, not to give me free therapy. Sorry.)
Maybe it's their neatness, their orderliness, in this crazy world of wine gone wild and sleepwalking children who set off burglar alarms and then go back to a deep sleep, leaving me sitting up wide awake, waiting up for the police. (Don't worry. I'm over it. I just like reliving the moment. )
I also like eggs in their cartons.

Flickr photo by davisayer
Egg cartons are like pods for eggs, right?

And I love a cat pod, don't you?

Flickr photo by kimhas6cats
Where are the cats? Maybe they took the picture.

How about this pod for people? How I'd love to snuggle in.

Flickr photo by transport perceptual pod 2
Those peas in the pod and eggs in the carton and the sleeping pods for cats and people--they look so cozy. So comfy. It's Friday and I'm tired.
I bet you are too.

Tonight I'm helping host a dinner for our cross country team. Around sixty hungry teenagers are racing tomorrow and our job is to load them up on carbs. I've got mucho lasagna to make, but I'd really love to snuggle in that pod and take a little nap first. Just a short one.
I'd even settle for this

Flickr photo by Rollins410
But I think I'd take that hanger out first.
Although if you hung that sleeper up on the wall, it would remind me of this.

Flickr photo by marc50
Another pod! A mimosa one.

Pods are beautiful! Like these maple flyers. (Ever see them twirling in the breeze?)

Flickr photo by clickclique
And poppy pods, that come with a miniature flower on top.

Flickr photo by spiffytumbleweed
And these sweetgum ball pods, that look like ball fringe. Or big earrings for women with big ears.

Flickr photo by awynhaus

And one of my favorite pods of all time.
Do you recognize it?

Flickr photo by gijski
A pod of cocoa beans!
Oh chocolate, how I love you!
Now that I've got chocolate, how about some flowers?

Flickr photo by MarieLynn
Why thank you, sweetheart! A bouquet of lotus pods!
Their pretty heads remind me of this.

Flickr photo by t4showpics
Not a pod, but it could be in a pod.
Like this one.

Flickr photo by Greg Burkett
I feel so much better now! Chocolate, flowers, a hot bath.

All I need is a little music to jump start me. How about an ipod?

Flickr photo by MarsW
Well, almost! Those people pods are on the London Eye, giving tourists a bird's eye view of the city. It might be fun, once someone medicated me and scraped me off the floor. (I don't especially love heights.)
Actually I meant this kind of an ipod.

Flickr photo by valgonzarp
Sort of.
How about we put that ipod in a pod?

Flickr photo by Sassygeek
Perfect! So snuggly!

Have a wonder-full Friday, everybody! And a great weekend!
To start you off, enjoy a little music thanks to this fun ipod commercial!

And before I run to the kitchen, several of you have asked about the Bucket O'Wine fermenting in there on my counter top. It's still hissing and spitting and preparing to take over the world--that is, when it's not calling in fruit flies from all over South Carolina to come worship it. (Oh mighty Bucket O'Wine, we fruit flies adore you and will take over the kitchen as our sanctuary and sing fruit fly hymns and do fruit fly dances and be a general menace to all of humankind! ) Really people, they're driving me insane! I'm like Charo, (Cuchi-cuchi) clapping left and right to kill the little beasts until my hands hurt!

(But don't worry, any of you Department of Sanitation and Kitchen Cleanliness workers out there. I'm moving the B.O.W. (Bucket O'Wine) to the garage before I start cooking, and the fruit flies will follow it out of my house. They're not very smart, and they're under its trance.)

Here's a photo from my latest stirring session. (I keep it covered between stirrings.)

Unless the B.O.W. and its faithful followers carry me off, I'll see you next Monday!
Love, Becky


Paula Clare said...

Hi Becky!
YES! Pods! What about Milk Weed Pods?! Do you have those in South Carolina? They burst open and leave little white fluffies floating about in the air...(like little fairies who have lost their sense of direction!) Of course they are the bane of my existence during allergy season, but I cannot help but stand amidst the snowy white cloud (often sneezing my head off) and marvel at them as they float by.

Thanks for the reminder of all things pod-dy! (HA! Potty?)

Paula Clare

Tara said...

Love the pods! Wow that bucket of wine looks scarey! Hope it tastes better than it looks. LOL


Suzie said...

Ok that is scary looking. Quick take it to the garage before it takes over. I am scared for you

Jamie said...

How do you think of all of the things to list? YOu're so creative! Have a wonderful weekend! Making lasagna to feed a bunch of hungry teenagers sounds a lot more fun than being at work right now! :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh my goodness--the wine does look like the centerpiece of some kind of pagan worship!
I love the seed pods I see in the fields--such a great design!

Rosemary said...

Hi Rebecca,
Love the pod post!!!
How do you come up with these?
I love my ipod!!!
I bet you can't wait to try a glass of wine.
Have a great weekend!

Liz said...

Those pods on the London Eye totally freak me out. No idea why. And have I told you how much I adore your blog header?

Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm picturing the fruit fly adoration in progress. Don't worry if a few get into the Lasagna - just a little extra protein.

Felicity said...

I loved the iPod in a pod! lol

I dressed my first baby in pea pod costume for Halloween. THAT was the cutest pod ever!

Happy Weekend, new friend!

LW said...

I have this image of you sitting there thinking of pods as you wait for the police..

Fun pod post…

The wine bucket looks like it could get up walk around..


Sherry Martschink said...

You continue to amaze me.

May Vanderbilt said...


I LOVE orderly things. For instance, the reason I love my current apartment is that there's enough space to put! all! my! appliances! away!

Ahhh...clear counter tops.

And so I love peas in a pod too! Plus, they're delicious.

kari and kijsa said...

Tee hee- great photos!! We are celebrating our one year anniversary and wanted to thank you for being a special part of the past year!

kari & kijsa

lotusloq said...

So could we call this your special "pod" cast. Just popping over from Nathan Branford's website and wow! I'm enjoying yours too. The monkeys! The tape measures! the pods! France and SC! You crack me up! I'll definitely be coming back.

I grew up in SC, and I lived for almost a year in France. Now that I know about it, I'm going to have to go pick up your book and read it. It sounds hilarious, and I know I am going to be able to relate.

As for the carbo loading jocks, my mama always made us pancakes with lots of syrup the morning of the games/meets.

Have a great weekend!

Alex said...

Pods..oh yeah. And I LOVE the pod shower! ahhhhhh! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky
I certainly do remember my dad trying to make wine with his muscadine grapes. He never completed it because we got really aggravated with the fruit flies it attracted to our porch where he decided to ferment it. Our main entrance to our house was through the porch, so it was "the attack of the fruit flies" on the Swann home. I hope you have more patience and get further than my dad did on the project! Tammy Whitley

TattingChic said...

I'm hungry for sweet peas, now!

CC said...

Dinner for 60????

We used to have a Papasan chair and always called it "the pod". ;)

vicki archer said...

Love a green pea in a pod- too cute for words.

Mya said...

Love your post today. I totally understand your love of the peapod. I feel the same way. My son has always wanted a pod chair.
I want to thank you for sending me to your agents blog. I have learned a lot and it's a fun read. Love his witty posts. I am fine- tuning my book and attempting a synopsis and query letter. Enjoy your wine!

Susan said...

What an interesting post and the comments, also. I must be the only one that wouldn't like to be in a pod. I don't want to be cocooned, I get too claustrophobic. Human pods? No way. Scary. I actually think peas want out, help me out, out of the confines of this pod! Just kidding. Love the pictures, you have such an imagination. Take care. Hugs. Susan

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey pod lovers--and Pod-phobic Susan. :)
Your comments are wonderful!
I'll try to answer questions...(Sorry it's taken me a while--between the cross country pasta party and Sarah coming home from college, I'm just getting to your comments.)
Yes, paula clare, I do love milk weed pods. They're really fun. Good thinking!

Liz, its all the work of Susan Tuttle--I emailed her photos that my friend Susie took of some of my flea market treasures and she designed it. I love it too! (I've got her listed on my fav links)

Lotusloq, how could I have missed out on using the word podcast? Great job! And Welcome to the Blog!

Tammy, I can sympathize! But thank goodness Todd just transferred the wine in progress to an airlocked big glass bottle for more fermenting. Maybe without the bucket, they'll stop their adoration and go back where they came from!

CC, yup, dinner for 60. But there was lots of help. It was definitely a team effort amongst the moms and dads! I was just the lasagna person.

Mya, I'm glad you're enjoying Nathan's blog. He really is as good as he sounds!

Betty Atkins Dominguez said...

I love your posts. They never let me down and always cheer me up.

cindy said...

Love the cat pods..but not the people pod. I share your aversion of heights as well as a tiny touch of claustraphobia...that people pod looks a little too cozy! LOL.

When will the wine be ready?


Alex said...

Just stopping by to say hello. :)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey Cindy. It should be ready to drink in 5 or 6 months before it's ready. The fermentation will be done in about a week and then it takes several months to age a little and let all the yeast settle out.

Todd is already talking about his next batch. Hopefully the fruit flies won't wait around for it.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hi Alex! I hope you are continuing to feel better!

dana said...

Did you know that my husband and I were actually two of the dancers in that I-Pod commerical. It was because of our advanced age, but yet amazing dance skills they decided to use the effect of darkening the dancers--you know, so they couldn't see our wrinkles! Pretty clever, don't you think?

Seriously. . . . .

I GOT YOUR PACKAGE YESTERDAY!!!! It's so dark here (from monsoon like rain) I am waiting until today to open it and take photos!! I can hardly wait! My husband thinks I'm really over into the deep end of the pool now!

Hope your weekend was good. Now go smack some more of those pesky little fruit flies! dana

Jessica said...

The iPod socks crack me up. I have a friend that has a few of them and there is always a different one on his iPhone when I see him.

Love anything podish, great blog choice!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Dana, I'm glad it got to you safe and sound! I hope you enjoy it!
And your last post is amazing. You are a genius with dentures.
(Not that you wear dentures. You're just great at using them!)

Hey Jessica, Ipod socks/pods were a new thing to me. Who knew that other people had several. To be color coordinated? :)

Barb said...

Hi Becky,

I didn't know there were so many pods! Cooking for 60 teenagers- OMG!
I hope it went well.

The wine looks scary right now.