Monday, September 29, 2008

Practicing Scales

Today's Wonder of the World is...Scales!

Flickr photo by denicatt
Shimmery scales are so beautiful! Like the golden scales on that koi.
Or these mosaic scales.

Flickr photo by Capt' Gorgeous
Or these scales on the rooftop and walls ofAntoni Gaudi's Casa Batllo in Barcelona, Spain.

Flickr photo by NatashaP
Isn't that house amazing?
Whenever I see seats in a theater or opera house, I think of fish scales.

Flickr photo by nyah74
I've never been to an opera, but I'd like to one day.
My husband and I could make a real night of it!
I could wear a dress of shimmery scales.

Flickr photo by lightsight
(Do people wear sequins anymore?)

And I'd take a beaded purse.

Flickr photo by EcoSnake
Wait! Those aren't beads. They're iguana scales.
Relax, iguana! I wouldn't wear you.

Todd would have to pick me up in this scaly car.

Flickr photo by onionbreath
We'd go out to dinner first, of course.
There would be flowers on the table.

Flickr photo by 1bluecanoe
Dahlia scales. I mean petals.

And we'd start off with the exotic fruit monstera, because it's so scaly.

Flickr photo by vic9000
I've never had monstera. Have you?
Hopefully it would be more tender than this scaly thing!

Flickr photo by sylvan.
We'd go to the opera house early and sneak backstage, to listen to the performers warming up.
What would we hear?
They'd be doing their scales, of course!

Flickr photo by chaosfish1
Tell me, what scales did I leave out?
And if you've ever worn sequins, did it make you feel like you were wearing scales? Or is it just me that loves to imagine myself as a fish?
Oh! I almost forgot! One of my favorite books--and I liked the movie too.

Have you read or seen it? What did you think?
Have a wonder-full Monday, everyone!
Love, Becky


Susan said...

I loved the movie Big Fish. I have an evening bag that is metal mesh that reminds me of fish scales. Great post. You always find the best pictures. Well, I'll swim on out of here. See you on the flip-flop.

Suzie said...

Thank so much for your kind thoughts during little B's illness it was much appreciated.He's at school today and doing great.

I love the movie although I barey rememeber it now

Paula Clare said...

Hi Becky!
I loved Big Fish and declare that it is the ONLY Tim Burton movie I can tolerate...very sweet.

What about MERMAID scales??? I think of the movie with Darryl Hannah Splash! Or the cartoon movie (one of my childhood faves) with Don Knotts as the voice of "The Incredible Mr. Limpit." I had a silver purse with oval sequins...and I always thought it looked "fishy"...however, I would "shed" my "scales" everytime I used it, so it is now "beached" in my closet.

Thanks for the morning "kick start" for my brain!

Rosemary said...

I never saw that movie Becky.
Love the pinecone photo!!
Have a great day!

Candy said...

ya REALLY IS amazing to see the way God puts together a fish.

the patterns are so perfect and PLANNED.


a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm just grateful you omitted the whole "weighing" scales. Because those are not wonderful. And sometimes - if you smack them hard enough - they do cease to work.

TattingChic said...

You asked, "tell me, what scales have I left out." LOL! Becky, I have to say THANK YOU for leaving out the scales that make me depressed every time I stand on them LOL!
Those were some fabulous photos, BTW!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That movie ROCKS. Scales, did you mention the kind that measure? Then I thought of the Merchant of Venice. Oh my the places you take me!

JaxPop said...

On a 'scale' of 1 to 10 I continually rate your creative blog an 11.

cindy said...

Loved that movie...course can't watch without boohooing at the end. sigh. Great photo's too btw.


Kim said...

I love the photos.

Have a great day.

adrienne said...

You were kind to leave out the scales that remind us we're eating too many brownies.
What a pretty collection of photos - I love the mosaic.


I am glad that you left out that mean old bathroom scale LOL! (actually, it has been a little kinder lately)

Have a wonderful week!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Are you kidding, people?
Of course I meant to leave out that mean old bathroom scale!
It is not a wonder. At least in my book!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

WOW! I LOVED that mosaic house!! I think my husband thinks that I might do that to our house someday-lol.

lotusloq said...

I love the dahlia and the house in Spain. You find the best pictures.

Kathryn said...

I never knew scales could be so pretty! Beautiful!

CC said...

Lovely!! I like the opera seats the best ;)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi, I just did a tour through your blog and wow!!! You have an amazing eye and curiosity!! wonder and a search for details!!!
I love that!!!


Susan Sandmore said...

People still wear sequins. I wish they didn't. But they do. Also, I've seen a lot of what looks like oversized sequins on purses?