Wednesday, January 20, 2010

China Bound! And Shipping Containers.

No, not me. But I have two lucky friends who are about to make the move!
First, there's Julie, my friend from France. She and her Michelin Man are headed to Shenyang. Next there's Linda Crispell, my blogging buddy, who's moving over with her two kids and her husband. What fun awaits them! What interesting food! What opportunities for cultural enlightenment! What opportunities for humiliating yourself in a brand new language!
Or maybe that's just my family.
Can't I come too? If I hold my breath and make myself tiny?
I'm absolutely thrilled for them. We got the chance to live our expat dream and loved every minute of it. Now I know how life changing a move like that can be. How precious the time.

Isn't it funny how life works? Now that I've tamed my fridge and planted the blueberry bushes of my dreams, I've got the traveling bug again.
Too bad for me. Tant pis.

And how funny that my husband is about to make a trip back to Clermont Ferrand for a week's worth of good eating without me. He says he's going to work too, but the food! The puys! The lovely but unsmiling people! MY FRENCH HOMELAND! I'll be here in Greer, pining away.

Todd promises he won't eat any pains aux raisins or confit de canard while he's in France. Nor will he drink a single café au lait. Sure, sure. What shall we bet that he'll have slurped down two grands before he even leaves Charles de Gaulle? I told him, "Go ahead! Live it up!"
I'd want to, if I had the chance to go.

Let's change the sujet just un peu.
While we're talking moving, let's talk containers.
No, not the Tupperware kind. The kind they put all your stuff in before you fly across the ocean and start your life anew. This kind.

Ah yes. There they are, loading our container with all our worldly possessions before our big move.
Thanks for letting me get nostalgic for a moment. All this moving talk has me reminiscing about the days before we waved goodbye to South Carolina. Days when my college girl looked like this.

And my 11 year old was eight months old, apparently drunk on love.

Anyway, back to containers.
Look at what ingenious folks in Mexico have made with them...

Photo by
Housing out of shipping containers. It's a container city!

Photo by
I've read that there's a container city in London, too.
London. Hmm. Now that would be fun.

What do you think? I'd give container living a try, especially if it was some place interesting. Would you?
Have a great Wednesday, y'all!
Love, Becky

PS. I still would love to go to China, Michelin people, if you're listening.
Who wouldn't want to see this?


Linda Crispell said...

You don't need the fine peeps from Michelin to send you to China, you are welcome anytime in the Crispell home!
Your Pal,

Renee said...

Living the life Becky. Living the life.

I love the picture of your daughter and son, look how adorable they are.

I haven't travelled in so long. I need to get away from myself.


Susan said...

I'm not adventuresome enough to travel the world, or live in a container. I'll leave that to the youngsters. Fun and interesting post and what a cute picture.

puna said...

I'm very jealous. And the chairs in the container house are cool. I would love a couple for my porch.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I have wanderlust in a bad way too, right now. It is torture.
Those container houses make me think of the guy who made a house out of a farm silo--I think it's in N. Dakota.
Whatever works, right?

lotusgirl said...

I'd love to visit China, but I wouldn't want to live there. You can send me back to France any time. The problem is that my husband isn't interested in living there. The week we spent in Paris was enough for him. Alas. He just doesn't get the French. Oh well.

Kat said...

Ahhh. To travel again. What might that be like? Someday. ;)

Living in a container. Hmmm. That might not be such a great idea in WI. It gets mighty cold here. ;)

Ronnie said...

I thought of you when I saw this today. While Todd is away take a look...

Marilyn said...

It seems like the more we travel the more we want to travel. I loved France last fall, but now I want to see Asia too. I hope you have your opportunity to go to China and write another story.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Gorgeous kiddies!
wnder if I would need to fill a container to move..more like a wheel barrow.

Rosemary said...

That is a faraway place to move.
Don't think I could do it.
Maybe France though.

CC said...

well, I really don' t want to MOVE to China but I sooooooooo want to go visit. It's been my husband's dream too as everyone in his family (up until his sister and himself) were born in China. With his chronic condition, however, we're having to re-think our life dreams. I do hope that this one can come true. One day.

Renee said...

I wonder if the mirrors had something to do with the dead being scared by not seeing their reflections.


Federica said...

Thank you for entered my giveaway.
Good luck!

R and L said...

I don't think France ever leaves the heart once it's in there. Oh how I would love to go back for more and more ... so much to do and see and eat! An old friend from N.C. is going to pick up his business and move it to Lyon, France in a few months. And not doing it necessarily for more business, but because he loves it there, and of course is bringing his family with him to share the fun. He told me he would stay for 1 or 2 years or possibly the rest of his life. It truly is a place you can fall in love with forever.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

So true, Randy!

Anonymous said...

I've been to that container city! It was in my lovely Mexican city of Puebla, right down from my house. I do miss it!