Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Time Is It? Time to Sing!

Today's Wonder of the World is...Freaking People Out By Unexpectedly Breaking into Song!

Let me tell you, I've taught in five different high schools and not once did I ever see the students grab their cafeteria trays and spontaneously break into a song and dance. But I usually avoided the cafeteria at all costs, so maybe I missed it!

At Christmas time I forced my students to sing Chemistry Carols, at which most of the kids just stared at me open-mouthed, or slunk down in their chairs with sheepish grins on their faces, mouthing the words to "Oh Chemistry O Chemistry," "Deck the Labs," or "We Wish You a Happy Halogen." It was fun, but it wasn't spontaneous. And it wasn't loud.
The one time I wanted my students to be loud, and they were shy as bunny rabbits!
(Wait. Are bunny rabbits shy?)

I keep hoping for the mail lady to sing to me, or the check-out clerk at the Bi-Lo, but so far, no luck. That's why I like Macaroni Grill. Have you been? Some of the servers sing beautifully! Right at your table. Or maybe even on it! That, and they write their names on the paper tablecloths upside down. That takes talent.

But I would have traded in a dinner at Macaroni Grill to sit in the food court at the mall if I could have witnessed what these folks did in this Youtube video! You''ve got to watch it! It's amazing!

The whole thing was put on by Improv Everywhere (click on the name to read about more of their crazy shenanigans.) And I guess I must be an official old person now after using the word shenanigans. By the way, I discovered the video thanks to Busy Mom and Thanks Busy Mom!

Love, Becky

PS. Don't forget to swing by on Saturday, when I'll be joining Vanessa in her Mad Tea Party with my own little celebration! I'm going to have another give- away! Not sure what yet, but it'll be French. Ooh la la!


Susan Sandmore said...

Ha! Is this the same group that did the freezing in Grand Central video? I loved watching this, but it made me squirm to see the people reacting. The part with the security guy was the best!

Now I feel like watching the "That's How You Know" number from Enchanted again.

Barb said...

Oh Becky, That was hysterical! I was drinking a cup of coffee while watching the video and almost spit it out!

Many years ago I would break out in song at home (poor kids). That could explain a lot-hehe.

Love the new pic.

Happy Thursday,

Dana said...

What a way to start the day--that video was a real treat. I was wondering the same thing Susan was--is it the same group as in Grand Central? Anyway, it was terrific! You always come up with some "good stuff".

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey you three. I believe they are the ones that did that freezing in Grand Central thing. They do all kinds of crazy things. Like send hundreds of people in blue polo shirts and khakis into Best Buy, where all the salespeople wear blue polos and khakis. But my favorite is the mock protest thing they did with a hundred (?) redheads in New York, in which all the redheads took the subway together to a Wendy's and stood outside protesting the mascot, Wendy, holding up signs that said, "Your mascot hurts my feelings" and "Bottle Redheads have feelings too!" Hilarious!

TattingChic said...

The first time I went to Macaroni Grill in was in Vegas and my friends neglected to tell me about the singing waiters and one of them broke out in a very LOUD operatic voice RIGHT BEHIND ME!!! I was not expecting it and about choked on my pasta!!! LOL! I learned to take a good look around me before I take a bite of food there!

P.S. I'm enjoying your book immensely, BTW!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Love your new profile photo! By far the best choice! The Gaffney peach! I haven't seen that in ages! Bravo!

Julee Ann said...

This video made my day! My son performed at both IO and 2nd city in Chicago and my daughter is in The Young Americans and does quite a bit of broadway. So this was right up my creative alley---wonders never cease. The looks on patrons faces made me so wish I'd a been there.
I love your blog!

Now let's both get back to writing =)

Rosemary said...

Hilarious Rebecca!!
The looks on the faces is classic.
Sometimes I even say you should sing your whole day like a musical.
Thanks, for that. I am taking a break from painting right now, and it made my day.

liquidambar said...

Monty Python made a great joke of the "bursting into song" thing in the Holy Grail movie.

May Vanderbilt said...

At my high school, we always celebrated Mole Day. But it was, you know, the chemistry mole! Did you do this too? It was so weird...but kind of fun. Yes, I was a geek.

Also, I love bursting into song. I do it every day. My fiance is always like, What are you singing!

And HSM2 RULES! Um, can I say that if I'm thirty???

Amy said...

hey Becky girl, thanks for your comment at my blog :-)
btw my daughter LOVES high school musical LOL

JoJo said...

I stopped by your blog to tell you something but was so distracted by the video. The video is hilarious and what was even funnier was you having a bunch of high schoolers joining together to sing Chemistry Carols!

Your posting about your husband growing grapevines coincided with Cottage Living having an article on growing them. This is definitely something to consider for next growing season. Just one more something new to study and consider.

TStan said...
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Rebecca Ramsey said...

Tattingchic, that's hilarious. I think diners should be warned for safety reasons--and it would build suspense.

Pamela, thank you! I'm glad you like it. I like it too, in all its weirdness!

Julee Ann, you do come from a creative family! I can also tell that from all the bloggers in your family.

Rosemary, I do that sometimes. In private. With my children. It makes them crazy and gives me the shallow satisfaction of revenge.

Jenn, yes, a few years ago we tried to make a clean version of Monty Python for Ben to watch (after we started letting him watch the real thing and realized "uh oh. We forgot about that...and that...and that." So anyway he loved it, and now clip clops around on his imaginary horse whenever he's feeling silly. I love the singing part.

May, OF COURSE I know about Mole Day! Yey Mole Day, October 23-- in honor of Avogadro's Number, 6.02x10 to the 23rd! I couldn't be a self respecting former chemistry teacher and not celebrate Mole Day! (I like to call it Avocado's Number, ever since one of my students called it that!) Yey geekdom!

Hey Amy! Yes, my 9 yr old says he hates it. But I catch him singing it in the shower. Don't tell anyone.

Hey Jojo, yeah, you wouldn't really want to watch a video of my students singing Chemistry Carols. Unless you like watching teenagers feeling uncomfortable. I'll tell Todd about that article. And I need to put together a blog post on our miniature vineyard of muscadines. Maybe next week. Thanks!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Loved this video! Years ago I used to perform in community theater - mostly musicals. Even though I can't sing very well...I could dance - lol

We just went to see Meet Me in Saint Louis at the Flat Rock playhouse. Afterwords I told my husband - that's what the world needs now - more singing!

Busy Mom said...

Isn't that hilarious?

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hi Busy Mom!
And hey Penny! I've always wanted to see something at the Flat Rock Playhouse. We used to drive up there all the time to walk around Carl Sandburg's house and farm and get inspired. It's a wonderful place.

Susie Q said...

That was so funny!!
We are so HSMed out here. Grace is all about High School musical 1 and 2 and can not wait for 3. Breathless is she! : )
Now, I grew up in a family that walked around singing all the time.
Now *I* do it and Grace is often heard to be shushing me. Dan never asked me to stop but begged me NOT to do it in public!

I sing show tines and made up songs and old name it.

Gee? You did not go to/teach in a high school that spontaniously erupted into singing and dancing?
I thought everyone did! *grin*
This brings back memories of me taking my brother to see "Grease" when it was turned into a movie. he was about 9 I think (We are 10 years apart). On the way hom I asked him if he liked it. "Uh huh. It was good expcet for all that singing and dancing!"


Sherry/Cherie said...

Love this post -- one of the biggest problems I've had with musicals is just this face -- WHO breaks out into song at critical or crucial moments?! I've yet to see a high school student do that and if some man was going to kiss me but burst into song first?!? I'd be laughing hysterically -- and running for my life!!

Chris said...