Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Get Ready To Drool!

Today's Wonder of the World is...the Krispy Kreme Doughnut!

Just look at them, in all their heavenly goodness.
Speaking of heavenly goodness, you can thank/blame Sunday School for this post.
It was the Ramsey family's turn to provide the Krispy Kremes for the children's game room this past Sunday, so on the way to church I stopped and bought three dozen.

We have a Krispy Kreme shop right on my way. It tempts me like the devil whenever I go to church. Get thee behind me, Krispy Kreme!
(Actually, if I do eat too many Krispy Kremes, it does get behind me. And it stays there, right on my behind.)

Anyway, the children's game room is where the parents drop the children off before Sunday school so that the kids can eat doughnuts and get excited and chase each other with ping pong paddles and stick each other with pool cues.
Then the children march into my Sunday school class hyped up on sugar and have to behave.

Anyway, back to Krispy Kreme.
Here's the one from my childhood in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Oh, I can just smell the sweetness. If you're addicted to Krispy Kreme, thank North Carolina.
See? We're not just good for cigarettes and sweet potatoes.

When I was in high school, we'd raise money by selling boxes of Krispy Kreme from door to door. Now that was a brilliant idea. How could anyone say no to a high school kid knocking at their door at 9am Saturday morning with a box of Krispy Kremes still hot from the fryer, the glaze still drippy, the doughnutty perfume swirling out of the box?

I can honestly say that while we were in France, the only American food we really missed (besides a good steak) was a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Or two. Or six.
Here's a picture Todd took of the Krispy Kreme in Fayetteville on a summer visit home.

He had planned to get a picture of Sam eating his first Krispy Kreme, but once we walked in, he saw the doughnuts, got all excited, and forgot.

In case you don't know, the inside of a Krispy Kreme store is amazing!
You can watch the whole process.

They even have a glass window, so folks can salivate all over it.
You can watch the dough rise, fry and flip.

Drip, be glazed, and drip some more.

Whenever I see it, the whole yummy process reminds me of this.

Did you ever read it? It's a good one!

Of course if you go, you must wear the hat.

We Carolinians indoctrinate early.

Here's a graduation of my dear alma mater, NCSU.

Wolfpackers love Krispy Kremes.

Hungry yet?

Mmm. I am.
Come on over to my house. I forgot it was summer and there would be fewer kids at church, so I bought too many. We have a dozen leftover doughnuts in our freezer.
I can pop them in the microwave and in a few seconds they'll be...

Have a Wonder-full Tuesday, everybody!
Love, Becky


Elise said...

Ooooh, Becky. That was an evil post! The doughnuts look SO good...and it is my b-day today, so I deserve at least one! I might have to go back out (now that I'm back from camp drop-off) and get a few. When we lived in Hawaii for three years the only "Mainland" food we missed were doughnuts! There was one piddly little Dunkin' Donuts at a mall in Waikiki that served the DRIEST, yuckiest doughnuts ever. It was good to have a real doughnut once we were back on the mainland...
I'll meet you at the KK in a few minutes, ok?


Barb said...

Becky, so your state is to blame. We love our KK doughnuts! A few years ago the franchises here were closed very abruptly. It was major news. We felt so bad for the employees that were suddenly out of work but we also felt sorry for ourselves.

A few weeks ago they announced that KK was back. People drove from all over the state to be there for the opening. Talk about devotion!

I think I may have to get some this morning. Here's to KK.

hugs to you,

Nap Warden said...

I am so glad there isn't one anywhere near me. Sooo good...and sooo bad!

JaxPop said...

Your posts always make me laugh & usually stir up some strange memory - so I'll share one this time.

First of all I'm more of an Oreo fan but doughnuts played a role in my quality of life.

My wife Deb worked at a Dunkin' Donuts when she was a teenager. I didn't know her, but we crossed paths at DD - me as a customer - she behind the counter. My flirting was shameless. Coffee & a doughnut back then was only about a buck, but I would always leave her a $3 or $4 tip. It turned out that I was friends with her brother AND my dad built her parents house (weird). One day her brother introduced us (she remembered me from DD) - I told him afterwards that I was going to marry her (before Deb & I ever dated). And that's what I did - married her 33 years ago this October.

So I guess I should love doughnuts.

Je ne regrette rien said...

I'm so lucky to have moved over an hour from Krsipy Kreme ... until then, I was within 5 minutes and they even had a Drive Thru! thanks to you I am now jonesing for 2 glazed and a coffee. sigh. :P

Rosemary said...

We haven't had them here in Southern California that long.
I have had them once, so I know what you are talking about.
Great yummy post today Becky.

sherri said...


How could you????? I am always craving a "HOT NOW" ...that's what my best friend call them.I absolutely love them and the problem is,we don't have a KK close to us and so have to resort to the ones in the store that have been there all day.

Btw, I went ahead and took the blog off private...I got tired of having to sign in anytime I wanted to tweak something,lol

TattingChic said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Krispy Kremes...the originals melt in your mouth like buttah...you need three to equal what one normal donut would be. There is a Krispy Kreme not far from where I live...unfortunately for me, they have gotten behind me, but I'll be danged if that's where they're gonna stay!!! LOL!

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

I agree with elise //you evil woman you (:) hehe ...they do look good..
Me too Love red and green or red and yellow ..Have a great day ~~
Hugs Patty

May Vanderbilt said...

This is a public service announcement from my dad:

Did you know that if you go to a Krispy Kreme and ask for extra glaze, they'll stick a cup under the little spout and fill it up for you.

Then you can DIP your already-glazed donut in it. Yes, yes you can.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh my heavens. No wonder I love you people. Krispy Kreme lovers all of you!

And May, I can't believe that! You can dip your doughnut in extra glaze?! And I've been going all these years. Imagine the calories I've missed!

Kathryn said...

This is just a mean, mean post. Just evil. Now I want a Krispie Kreme in THE WORST WAY!!!!

Utah Savage said...

Completely sinful and should be kept in the South where all such sinful foods originate.

I was sent to you because you're rumored to be a literary agent. Or is it that you just published a book? Whatever the truth of these rumors, I have just posted a book at my place. Autobiographical Realism or Memoir called "Maggy," I hope you'll stroll on over and have a look. If not, you might want to delete this shameless begging for the unwanted attention of a complete stranger. But just so we don't stay strangers I have blog rolled you.

Randy and Linda said...

Love those Krispy Kremes! Linda just mentioned a few days ago about bringing some to the new fire dept across from our subdivision, when they first open up. I told her to bring them something healthy, too! Two's the limit for me or I really put on the weight.
Catalogs - wish I had some old ones with the very creative covers. I also find it very cool to see the goods available to purchase at that time. For new catalogs I really like "B&H Pro Source" - most electronics and photography - PC's, Laptops, TV's, Stereo's, all Photo, binoculars, telescopes --- 465 pages worth! "Cyberguys" is a very good one for the computer gurus. "Security Cameras Direct" has a lot of what the title suggests, plus covert and police supplies. "Office Depot's Big Book" - 1004 pages from one of Linda's favorites - I like the electronics from this catalog, not so much the Office Supplies.
How did I forget to mention to you about our Faberge Egg we bought in Russia? So, I have a lag between your posts and my responses - hope you don't mind. The egg sits on our mantle and is a very deep blue glass with gold paint on all of the engraving - ours is one of the affordable tourist versions.
Wow - your Dad has logged some pretty remarkable achievements during his many active working and education years. Its great for NCSU to have such talent working for them! To be honored with the highest award from NCSU and also from the UNC school system - what's next, a presidential medal -a nobel award? Who knows. I guess he's about 66 so he's already working beyond retirement - he must really enjoy his work, and I'm sure is quite a leader in his field of Engineering.

A bird in the hand said...

We have them, too. You can watch the little @#$%s moving on the assembly (or whatever it's called) line. I won't go near them!!! No. They give me nightmares of clogged arteries.

Well, maybe just one!

Utah Savage said...

Well, Wonders do never cease. Thank you for your generosity.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Oh you are such a temptress! The only thing that saves me is the nearest Krispy Creme is (REALLY- so sad) in the next state! My favorite part of this beloved donut...the drippy frosting, especially when it is warm!

vintage moon studio said...

This part of New England was a bit behind the rest of the world in our introduction to these little bundles of gooey goodness...mmmmm... move over Dunkin Donuts!

kdottie said...

Love your photos! I quickly put a piece of gum in my mouth so I didn't hop in the car and find a KK - or least some ice cream! I gave up eating KK donuts because they didn't go to my behind, but took up permanent residence in my tummy. Maybe along the love handles a bit too. Now I will probably be thinking about donuts all night long.


Fete et Fleur said...

I wanted to weep when I saw this post. We live in area where Krispy Kreme tried to open some shoppes, but Starbucks ran them out of business. I still dream of the aroma and the delectable taste of those doughnuts.


Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I am drooling now, truly. We don't have a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop here, but we have a couple others.

Oh how evil to serve preschoolers sugar before they have to go to class! I remember being in charge of the 2-3 year old nursery one Easter morning. No telling what all those precious angels consumed before coming to church, but they were like ping pong balls bouncing all over the room! I told the director under no circumstances to EVER put me in there again on Easter Sunday! lol


M.Kate said...

Not sure if they have it here, but I am drooling already !!!1

Katy Lin :) said...

oh man! i started reading hungry, now i'm starving and craving krispy kremes! mmmm . . . sounds like a donut run is in order!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Okay, you did not have to show me those do-nuts--twice!!!! But for the record, they are the best fresh-baked, warm, melt in the mouth instant weight gain.


cindy said...

Becky! You are cruel indeed! LOL. The nearest KK is about 45 minutes away. And the smell. Did you mention the aroma when you walk into a KK....just heavenly. That alone puts poundage on. Thanks for a "sweet" post.

: D


Betty Jo said...

Oh Dear! I should have stayed away. LOL Now I'm drooling for sure. Just finished lunch and one peek at that donut photo and I fell as though I've never eaten in my life!! xoxo

Sherry/Cherie said...

Krispy Kreme did not go over well in Toronto -- at all. Personally I'm not used to a "warm" donut -- I have tried them both in the U.S. and in Canada and I doubt I'll ever be a "fan", but I do ♥ a good donut. I like Tim Horton's here in Canada and I like bakery donuts...there is just "something" about a donut that no other pasty can compare to!