Monday, June 16, 2008


Today's Wonder of the World is...Catalogs!

Yes! I hear you cheering.
Wait a second. Are you being sarcastic?
Come on. Get in the catalog mood.
When you were a kid, didn't you spend hours thumbing through catalogs?
I did.
I wasn't ordering stuff. I was just wishing!

Now I kind of hate catalogs showing up in my mailbox. It makes me think of trees crying in the forest. But lets not think of that now, okey doke? Lets just enjoy our catalog memories. Let's recycle them through our minds.

How I love old catalog covers.

Like ones from the seventies. They look like art to me.

And older ones. With really cool fonts.

I love to thumb through the pages and see what people used to wear.

Sometimes I wish we still dressed like that.
But if we did, I'd probably have to wear something like this.

No siree bob.

Still, I would love to see a whole city of men dressed like this.

Though I might die laughing.

I'll tell you a secret. When I was little, I used to flip to the underwear section of the Sears catalog. Just out of curiosity. I wondered what people looked like underneath their clothes. Did you?

Maybe it was because I never went to a gym like that.

Catalogs are amazing. I especially love to see houses sold in catalogs.

I would so live in that house. I'd even pay the $1543.00 to buy the house complete with bathrooms.

I also love the Sky Mall catalog and all its weird contraptions for sale.

Has anybody out there ever bought any of that stuff? I want stories, people!

And look what I found! A sugar packets catalog from a collector!

Remember my old collection of sugar cube papers that Todd made me throw out? (Well he didn't make me, but he scared me with tales of sugar-loving mice.) No? Hop on over HERE to relive the memory.

Speaking of catalogs, I also love card catalogs. Like the one in my house!

Isn't it great? I found it at a garage sale. At first I didn't see anything I wanted. But behind a lawn mower there it was, unmarked.
"Are you selling that?" I said.
The couple looked at each other.
"You actually want it?" they said.
I restrained myself from jumping over the lawn mower and hugging them.
I brought it right home and loaded it up with office doodads. While I was loading, the children asked me what it was! Ha! I explained. They thought it was so funny, that once upon a time libraries had tons of those.

Here's a pretty metal one.

Love that color.
Speaking of catalogs, I couldn't resist this.

Get it?

Most cats probably don't need catalogs anyway.

They do all their shopping online.

Hey, maybe that is what Tanner was trying to do!

The question is, would he shop from an online catalog or a dogalog?
Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Have a Wonder-full Monday, everyone!
Love, Becky

PS Thanks to my flickr friends for their public photos: Tellstar Logistics, joannaerina, 1vintage1, hannah karina, lwcdnman, tiki girl, rvnix, sugarpacketchad, Helen K, photogirl 7, and ~Sage~.


Susan Sandmore said...

Must. Buy. Hotdog. Toaster.

La Belette Rouge said...

I often find my cat surfing the internet. Well, I think he actually sits on my Mac Book because he knows if he waits for 5 minutes I will show up.

I am a catalog lover. Well, I used to be. Now I force myself to go through them as soon as I get it and if there is nothing I am going to order I force myself to throw it out. Otherwise my house would be filled with catalogs.

JaxPop said...

Your sense of humor is starting to scare me. The picture of 'cat on a log' is like something I would do for cryin' out loud.

Catalogs are taboo at my house. They make you think ya gotta have it - 'specially (in my case) if they're filled with boating equipment & gizmos.

The picture of the 'guys' in their uhm... Garanimal outfits??? The dudes thought they were stylin' I suppose. The bartender in the background looks desperate for a drink. No wonder.

Have a great day.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'd totally buy the old library card catalogs.

The manly outfits? Thanks for the laugh! I remember those baby blue skivvies, too! Ha!

TattingChic said...

Loved the post, as usual...yes, I got the CatonLog joke...arf arf arf! I have an old needlework magazine from 1910 in fab condition that has an ad for a gorgeous Victorian style house (wrap around porch and everything) for $800.00!!! Wow, can't even get a nice teeny tiny apt. in Cali for that per month.

Barb said...

So funny! I love catalogs (dogalogs in our house). I haven't received any for a while,not sure how my name was taken off the list. Now that I think about it, I miss them, a lot!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Remember how the old Sears Christmas catalog smelled?? Like presents?

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey Susan, let me know how that hot dog thing works out for you!

La belette, that's funny. Katie used to sit on the keyboard. I don't know why--maybe to get attention. Now that I think of it, that's kind of pitiful. Or maybe the keys felt good on her furry self. I like that reason better.

Jaxpop, be very afraid. You know, hopefully I'm not scaring people from reading my book. My blog writing is more conversational than my book writing. Plus my editor would have kept me from embarrassing myself by all the bad puns.

Hey greengirl! I remember one time on a very long camping trip in 1976 my dad had to buy underwear and all they had was a multicolor pack. We called him Rainbow Butt for at least a year.

Tattingchic I know! It makes me wonder what my kids will be saying to their grandchildren...I remember when gas was $4 a gallon!

Hi Barb! The only ones I miss are the ones I used to get--I can't remember the name--that sold all kinds of weird stuff for the kitchen and bathroom...they were small catalogs and had lots of gadgets for older people...I do miss those. They were interesting.

Pamela and Edward, I do remember! And yes, I loved that smell. I also loved the smell of that duplicating fluid the teachers would use to make worksheets. Anyone know what I'm talking about? They'd hand us the worksheets still slightly damp from that fluid? Ahh.

Rosemary said...

My mother never catalog shopped, so we never had any cool old catalogs.
I think they are fun to look through.
Great post!!
I do shop online now and again.
Have a great day!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Do you mean mimeograph fluid?? Oh boy, how I'm dating myself with that one! Really, it was just the 60's!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Yes Pamela, mimeograph fluid! And I remember helping to hand out wet worksheets in 8th grade--1978. Maybe our school was behind the times, but our teachers still used it. Thanks for the right word!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I sure did spend hours looking through the catalogs when I was a kid! My mom would hand us the Montgomery Ward catalog before Christmas and we could circle things we wanted and had to put numbers by the ones we wanted in the order of our favorites. Now its fun to look just to see what things cost back then. Too funny to see some of the clothes from back then too!


Cassoulet Cafe said...

Cute post. I, too, looked at the underwear and bra section of the Sears catalogs! haha!
I hate catalogs now, because it makes me WANT WANT WANT.
I try to resist.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Kady, we did that too. Except we didn't put numbers. We circled stuff and put our initials on it. I'd love to see one of those old catalogs now., I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! And I know what you mean about catalogs making me want want want. I avoid them now for the same reason.