Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It Does A Body Good

Today's Wonder of the World is...Milk!

This picture looks like heaven to me. A nice cold glass of milk, a petit beurre cookie and just a lick of nutella.
Oops. Did I just admit I have an occasional spoon of nutella? Don't tell anyone.

We're big milk drinkers at our house. Except for Ben, but I won't over-analyze that. I suppose I should be grateful considering the way that boy guzzles orange juice. Milk is pricey these days.

Of course, some get their milk for free.

I always feel for the mommy cows, having nursed three children myself.
(Don't worry. I won't go any farther down this road. Although I could.)

Ask any kid...it really is a wonder.

This little guy is trying to figure it out.

And here's a different kind of milk altogether.

I'm also interested in milk packaging.
Would you like a baggie of milk?

Or maybe a big bag?

Or perhaps a box?

We tried to get used to the boxed milk in France. It's wonderfully handy since it requires no refrigeration until you open it, so there's no excuse for running out. But we never could seem to train our taste buds to prefer it. So I made the trek to a grocery that had fresh milk. Still, it was handy to have around in a pinch.
Plus there were fun things to do with the boxes. Just like with milk cartons.

See what these creative folks came up with?
A doll house!

And a regular house! Sort of.

And even a lamp! See it HERE.

So milk gives us nutrients, light, and even shelter! Okay, I might be milking this topic just a little. Ha ha.

Have a Wonder-ful Tuesday! And enjoy the commercial! It made me laugh--and want a cold glass of you know what!
Love, Becky

PS. Thanks for the public photos, flickr folks: cakochocolat, tobyotter, dee_gee, Mr. Woo, Sugaryeti, prairieguns, and yamabobobo.


TattingChic said...

Wow, a milk commercial that promotes milk drinking with violence...hmmmm....NEVER would have put those two together and now I will NEVER look at drinking milk the same.
On a lighter note I used to make couches out of milk cartons for my barbies when I was little girl...upholstered and everything.
Thanks for the reminder...I've got to get some today...LOL

our juicy life said...

the first time we went to france i was so freaked out by the milk, first the bottles look like bleach bottles, then it wasn't cold....i felt so strange drinking it, like I was actually drinking bleach. Now we don't drink cows milk, we drink soy milk....not sure I'll be able to find that in rural france.

david santos said...

Excellent post, Rebecca, excellent!
Happy week

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get used to the boxed milk in France either. It tasted weird. Plus there was something about the uber pasteurized stuff that made me nervous. I kept thinking it would be green or something.

Rosemary said...

Interesting Rebecca!!
I should drink more milk. I only use it in my coffee and cereal.
Have a great day!

Elise said...

Our clan loves milk as much as your family does. I panic if we get down to just one gallon of milk. We did the Happy Cow tour this weekend during the local farm tour thingie. We LOVED it and are converts to the fabulous Happy Cow philosophy. Whole milk that doesn't make us fat? That means we could have TWO spoonfuls of Nutella! Ha. Great post on milk...it does our body good.


Liz said...

Oooh... that reminds me of a milk based lotion I found at a shop downtown. Smells lovely! :)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Tattingchic! I made milk carton furniture for my Barbies too! And when my mom wouldn't buy the Barbie camper, I made a cool one out of a box. I still love to think of that thing. I used to take it camping on the bathroom vanity so that my Barbies could go for a dip in the sink. Glad to know we're Barbie furniture sisters.

Hey juicy life! Yeah-I think warm boxed milk is even worse. I'm not sure about finding soy milk in France. But who knows...they always surprise me.

Hi David. Welcome to the blog!

F.O.T, we all thought it tasted cooked. It just wasn't right. It was the only food product our whole time there that I thought was better back home.

Rosemary, milk is a must in my coffee. Preferably with some fat in it.

Hey Elise, I've been wanting to take that tour! Sam has been, but not me. That's a good idea for a summer outing.

Hi Liz. Milk based lotion? Sounds interesting.

joy patrice said...

woman, you are hilarious. i could leave a comment on every post that i've read so far.

thank you for commenting on my "daddy rabbit" piece. i'm so glad it touched you.

by the way, milking cows remind me of my breastfeeding days too. every now and again i find myself over-sharing stories ;)

Sherry/Cherie said...

Cute video!!!
Love my milk...never had it from a box (I don't even like my wine from a box!!)...and I never could get used to powdered milk when my mom would try that when we were kids...I'm with you -- it's gotta come fresh!!

Susie Q said...

You just make me laugh out loud! Every post is a pure delight. Thank you for all the smiles!


Je ne regrette rien said...

milk and gas = the same price per gallon ... wonders never cease!!! (smile)