Thursday, June 19, 2008

Give Me An M...

Today's Wonder of the World is...The School Mascot!

Rah rah rah! Sis boom bah!

This post idea started when I found the NCSU graduation picture for that yummy post on Krispy Kremes. Remember?

All these NCSU memories came flooding back.
And you can't think of NCSU without thinking of Mr. and Mrs. Wuf.
Mr. Wuf is nice

but I like Mrs. Wuf best.

Isn't she cute?
When I was a kid, my parents would take us to NCSU football games. We'd tailgate with two other families, and then the adults would go sit in the stadium seats and the kids would wander around and play in the Wolves' Den, the grassy expanse opposite the scoreboard. (Can you imagine setting kids free to do that today? No way!)

Anyway, one time I got hurt--just scraped from doing gymnastics on the bleachers because I thought I was Wonder Woman, and I had to go to the first aid station. And who did I find in there? MRS. WUF!
I was starstruck! Then right before my eyes she took off her head and there underneath was a slightly sweaty girl with a long ponytail just like mine! And she said in a deep southern accent, "Do you have a safety pin cause I split my pants." It was a memory I'll treasure for ever and ever.

Years later I was a student at NCSU and my good friend and suite-mate came back to the dorm with exciting news. Guess who was the new Mrs. Wuf? MY FRIEND KIM!!
Hey Kim, if you're reading! I'm still excited for you!

The other reason this post came up is because Sarah got her final high school transcript in the mail. I started thinking about her school, and its mascot crept into my brain.
Here it is:

Now I'm sorry, but that is a lame mascot.
The letter R with an arrow through it? Come on.
The team is the Warriors, and they used to have an Indian Warrior.
Don't get me wrong. I completely understand why they took the Indian away. If I was a Native American, I probably wouldn't appreciate people hopping around, pretending to be me, always on the war path.
But couldn't we just switch mascots all together?
There are plenty to choose from.
There are a lot of Clemson fans at her school. We could be the tigers.

Is it my imagination, or does he look a little glassy eyed?

But perhaps I'm sensitive about this subject. See my high school mascot?

Yes, that's really it. We were The Capitals. Because we were near the State Capitol Building.
Yes we did. We had a capitol dome for a mascot. No wonder no one volunteered to dress up like it at basketball games. Where would you put the eye holes?

Another mascot that puzzles me is the Demon Deacon of Wake Forest.

I'm a deacon, and I just can't see the resemblance.
Although it might be fun to wear that hat.

USC's mascot is the Gamecock--you know, roosters bred to fight each other to the death.
I may be biased--I didn't grow up in South Carolina--but I'm not sure an illegal gamecock projects the right image for our state.

Although he does look pretty sweet. Just lay off the birdseed a little, Cocky.
(I'm not calling him arrogant. That's his official name.)

He may look nice, but I still won't get too close. Because you never know what might happen!

Have a Wonder-full Thursday everyone!
Love, Becky

And thanks Flickr for the public photos!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Too funny!!
We had an actual live bear that would drink Dr. Pepper at our University!!

kari & kijsa

steve said...

That video made my morning! Some of those botched stunts looked like entry videos for the Darwin awards. You have to wonder if they practiced them at all beforehand. Or maybe their preparation was merely uttering those fatal last words, "Hey y'all, watch this!"

Rosemary said...

Mascots are a pretty funny thing.
They did the same thing here with one of our High Schools. They were the Westlake Warriors. Same deal with the Indian.
Have a great day!

Barb said...

Hi Becky,

Way too funny. I think our mascot in high school was an acorn-go Oaks!
I need to check that out. It was a longggg time ago.

You have been tagged my friend. stop on by and check it out.

many hugs,

Liz said...

That's funny. Our mascot was a yellowjacket... a little too wierd and leggy for an actual costume. It just looked,wrong.

Terri and Bob said...

Truman the Tiger at the University of Missouri! I think he is Awesome! The school where I am at is the PINTOS. I hear they might be the only one in the USA to have the PINTO horse as a mascot.

TattingChic said...

That was cute. I don't want to talk about our High school mascot...he was scary.
I just came here to tell you that your blog always makes my day so I gave you an award. You are welcome to come on over to my blog and check it out. Love ya!~TattingChic

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

As someone who once wore an Easter Bunny suit for the neighborhood egg hunt, I am firmly on the side of all mascots everywhere! It took me 3 hours to figure out that, when the camera was pointed at me posing with all the kiddos, I did not have to smile. And those 3ft size feet are murder to walk in!

May Vanderbilt said...

Kari & kijsa--YOU MUST MEAN BAYLOR! Sic 'em Bears! I went there too!

There is, really and truly, a live bear pit on campus with SEVERAL black bears.

My fiance went to Stanford (smarty pants). They have this weird tree that tends to be so crazy that refs throw it out of ball games.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

kari & Kijsa& May, real live bears? That drink Dr. Pepper? On command? That's a little scary. But not nearly as scary as a Tree as a mascot. I just googled Stanford's tree, and there's quite a story there. Very strange. But fun! The perfect combination for a mascot!

Steve, glad to oblige. Yes, the four most dangerous words: Hey y'all, watch this. You're funny.

Hi Rosemary! And Barb, the acorns would have been a good mascot for my school--Raleigh is known as the City of Oaks. I should suggest that. Not that anyone asked me.
And thanks for the tag. I'll stop on by.

Hey Liz, we have an area school who are the yellow jackets. I know what you mean about looking wrong. I think it's the skinny legs.

Terri, when I first read your comment I thought, the Pintos? They have pinto beans as their mascot? Duh. I had a good laugh over that one.

Now I'm curious Tattingchic!
And thanks for the award, you sweetie you! I'll come by to check it out.

pamela, that is the funniest thing I've heard today. You were smiling for the camera under that bunny suit! Very sweet! And I imagine very hot under there!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I'm such a dingbat. I finally put the name of your blog and the content together.
I wasnt even getting it and I still loved your blog - now I love it more!

Susan Sandmore said...

I couldn't watch that whole mascot video. Too painful.

I didn't know you went to Broughton! Small world.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

P. farmgirl, you're no dingbat, my dear. Just a very busy person. (That's the excuse I make for myself anyway.)

And Susan, did you go to Broughton too? Or you just know of the school. Because if you did WE MUST GET TOGETHER over the fourth of July and sing the alma mater...Alma mater we salute thee, bounteous giver hear our praise...I'll stop now just in case you're not a Broughtonite.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

My high school mascot was a Pirate....we lived in a rural area and one town's team name was the Dansville Aggies - Aggies being short for agriculturalists! Really...

liquidambar said...

My college mascot was the Blue Devil. I have no idea what a blue devil is.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm an old public school person. One of the high schools where I worked had the mascot Red Bugs. Now bear in mind this in mind, this is the south. The only red bugs I know about are chiggers! Never could figure out why they chose that. Blessings, marlene

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Very funny. I guess I'll be thankful for Bucky Badger when I consider some of the alternatives:)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey Penny! So did the Aggie mascot ride around on a tractor? Texas A&M is the Aggies too, isn't it? (My dad is an Ag Engineer. So I'm familiar with land grant schools--like NCSU.) That reminds me...there is a private high school in SC whose mascot is the Barons. This strikes me as funny, as if they have a rich person as a mascot. Or maybe a dollar bill.

Oh Jenn, we are quite familiar with the Blue Devils in the Carolinas. The Duke Blue Devils that is. Boo. (Sorry Duke fans.) But are you Southern Cal?

Stitchin, that is too funny! The Red Bugs! At least it's not the Fire Ants. Now they'd be hard to beat!

Green girl, Bucky Badger sounds lovable and cute. I'd stick with him if I were you!

liquidambar said...

Hi Becky,

I was very science-oriented, and my college was the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, which has since become the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

(However, my literary impulses could not be quashed. I was the editor of the school's literary magazine!)

But if you're surrounded by Blue Devils, perhaps you know--is a Blue Devil an actual thing (like a Tasmanian devil), or just something someone made up because it sounded like a cool mascot?

Susan Sandmore said...

I didn't go to Broughton, no. But I had friends who did (Governor's School friends) and then later, I lived in N. Raleigh, sorta near it.

The end. It was a fascinating story, wasn't it?