Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cirque Medrano

Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages,
I now present to you Today's Wonder of the World!

I told you it was wacky. And I really can't do without it. Well, I could do without it, but life would be less fun.
This is the circus poster from Cirque Medrano that I wrote about in French By Heart. Back then I was slightly obsessed with acquiring it (no, not stealing it, you smarty pants. The circus was plenty over by the time I started stalking it all over Clermont Ferrand.) Now it hangs in the sun room/den of my house where my whole family can admire it.

Here's a picture of it when it was newly stolen--I mean saved.

Yum. I'm holding a clafoutis, (a cherry flan) I believe.
I'm afraid I don't have that pan anymore. It was one of the few things that broke in the move back across the ocean. I bought it at our village market from the lady who sold seconds of Emile Henri pottery. And look at the peach wallpaper in the stair landing of my French house. How I miss it.
But I digress.

If you examine both of the pictures, you can see how much the poster has faded. That's probably because I was a doofus and hung it in my sun room. Sun room. I should have thought about that. But still, I keep it there because that's where my whole family hangs out, and I want to look at it as much as possible. It spreads a cheery atmosphere across the whole room, even when people are being grumpy.

I guess that gives me a point to this post. (Yey--I hadn't planned on that!)
I want to use my favorite things as much as I can, even though they may get faded or broken (like the hand-painted tiles that were hanging by my back door until someone, who shall remain nameless, slammed the door, sending them crashing to the floor,) may get eaten by the dog (pillows made out of vintage French fabric and buttons, for example--stuffing and all,) and may be broken in the sink by a man who occasionally scrubs things a little too vigorously. (I'm not complaining. I would NEVER complain about someone else washing the dishes!)

In the end they are just THINGS. What good are they if we don't enjoy them?

So I think I'm going to go have a cup of coffee in my favorite flea market cup. Won't you join me?
We can watch this while we sip. It's a cat that sings in French. Remarkable! If you want to sing along and don't know the words, they're here. There's even a translation.
Now sing away!


Kalynne Pudner said...

Just as I hit the "play" button on the cat video, one of ours jumped into my lap. This may not seem particularly wondrous, but all of our cats live in the barn (about a quarter mile away) and are never, EVER permitted in the house. I have no idea how he got in, much less how he knew there was to be cat-ertainment.

May Vanderbilt said...

Oh my goodness. What an amazing post. I read your book and pictured this poster for so long.

And now here it is.

It's like seeing George Clooney in person after all this time.

I loved the story where you stole it, erhm, I mean borrowed it. Repurposed it?

Tres beaux.

Susan Sandmore said...

Blink, kitty! Blink!

French kitties are scary.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Kalynne, that's just spooky! I hope he liked it. Very weird. You'll have to let me know if he comes scratching at the door every day for the blog. I wonder if Katie (our sweet cat we took with us to France) up in cat heaven had anything to do with that.

May, I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing it, though I would never put my poster up against George Clooney.

And Susan, there's an ocean between you. Never fear.

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Becky,
I can see why you had to have that poster - love it!

That cherry flan looks very yummy - I've had flan, but never cherry flan - very interesting.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Thanks Susan T., I bet you'd love clafouti. It's like a pancake batter poured over cherries and baked--very moist and squishy like bread pudding. We used the cherries from our tree. I'm going to have to make one! I'll have to post the recipe some time. It's easy.

Rosemary said...

Nice to meet you Rebecca.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I think you would look fabulous in a chicken wire crown.
I have to show my daughter the cat
video. She loves cats, and has 4 of them.
You wrote a book about France? I have to check that out. I love reading about anything French.
I am going to Amazon.

liquidambar said...

Glad to see that poster at last! It's much bigger and brighter than I had pictured.

Jenn H.

JaxPop said...

Smart cat - Must stay awake longer than mine to be able to learn all that. Oh wait, Nubber is waking up....! Nah, false alarm. He was just adjusting his position by half an inch.

Your circus poster has inspired me to... well, I'll let you know later.

Can you make flan outta oranges? We should be picking oranges here in our yard in about 3 or 4 weeks.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Rosemary, those crowns are incredible.
Hi Jenn and Jaxpop. I don't know about a flan out of oranges, but how heavenly to have an orange tree in your own yard! Mmm, fresh juice.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Cherry flan? Yum.

And that cat was just a wee bit scary.

Happy night (yeah, pain au chocolate in Bora Bora!!!)


Sherry/Cherie said...

LOVE this post Rebecca...and your"poster" from the circus lol!! And the clafoutis...oh please I would love some of that!! I like May Vanderbilt's expression -- "re purposed" the poster!! Brilliant!!

Vintage Moon Studio said...

I had to laugh reading about your poster... we were in Paris in '04 and on our nightly walks back to the hotel from dinner (usually quite late!) we "aquired" several of the fabulous posters tacked to the lamp posts, etc. - usually advertising un upcoming gallery show or event. They remain lovingly rolled up in my cupboard - think I will take them out and enjoy them - lol!! Hopefully the poster police won't come and get me :0) Deb

Annie of SC said...

Greetings from San Clemente:
I just googled to see the
Cirque Medrano poster and voila.
I got best of both cultures.
Thank you for WRITING. I am
enjoying your book, only have
a few more pages. I am relishing
every image, character, meter
and experience.
I was raised Baptist and became
Catholic. so I appreciated your
sharing about Our Mother. The
church I attend (when I got sick)
sent me to Lourdes. It was
a healing experience and faith
builder, for me.
I shall share your book with
our book group, I started here
in our beach town.
Annie of San Clemente