Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Art of Shopping

Today's Wonder of the World is...
The Ability to Shop and Browse Through Incredible Art...In My Pajamas!

I love shopping in my pajamas! Or in my slouchy writer clothes.
(Thanks, random cute children in footie pjs!)

Or I could have titled this post...

In case you're confused like I was at first, this says "I heart etsy."
(The heart is taking a little nap.)

Now you probably know all about Etsy, being as wise and sophisticated (not to mention stunningly attractive) as you are, but I had never heard of it until I started this blog.

I started visiting nice people's sites, and on the sidebar of several of them there was a little sign that said something like My Etsy Shop.
I like shops, so I clicked on it. And oh, how I broadened my horizons!

I entered a universe full of incredible artists with all sorts of amazing art--collages, paintings, really cool jewelry, birds made out of found objects, even clipboards decoupaged with vintage sewing patterns. Can you believe that? I LOVE vintage stuff. I LOVE cool stuff and handmade stuff. I was in heaven.

Computer window shopping was fun. And addictive. Whenever I should have been washing dishes, I would sneak into my office and dart from store to store. The dishes piled up, but they always pile up anyway when I sneak in to watch TV. And Etsy shopping is so much more light-hearted than Hardball with Chris Matthews. I love Hardball with Chris Matthews, but a person can only take so much news.

So I lurked in the dark corners of Etsy stores from sea to shining sea, and even across the seas. It was so satisfying.

But then one day I saw this.

I swooned.

The necklace was featured on one of my favorite blogs, A Bird in the Hand, written by my new friend Colette Copeland. She said she had just added it to her Etsy store. I hopped over to her store to lurk, I mean look.
I couldn't take my eyes off that necklace.

"Look at this," I said to my husband, who had crept up behind me and caught me in the act of swooning.
"That's beautiful," he said.
"I know," I said.
"Let's get it for Mother's Day," said he.

And so we did! It was easy. All Etsy needed was my email address, and the account was set up.

I just realized I sound like an infomercial. But it was easy! As simple as ebay.

I went back to Colette's Etsy store and bought it. I was happy because I was getting a necklace I was thrilled about and because I had bought it from a real live person who writes a cool blog. My husband was happy because he had bought me something that I love, and he didn't even have to go to the mall and wander around aimlessly, which makes him depressed.

A few days later I received a package in the mail.
You'll never guess what was inside.

Isn't it cute? A little purse! With a cute tag! (Sorry if all these exclamation points are giving you a headache, but I get excited about stuff like this.)

And get ready for this...
Inside the purse was this.

Except it looked neater before I got all thrilled and unwrapped it and then tried to wrap it back again for you to see.
A little bird card! And blue tissue paper!
Okay, no more exclamation points. But really, isn't that darling? And I love my necklace. I've worn it almost everyday since I unwrapped that blue tissue paper.

I just may buy all my gifts from Etsy and artists like Colette.

If you haven't ever perused Etsy stores, you could always go to and search their directory for whatever interests you. But there are thousands of stores, so that seems intimidating to me. Allow me to direct you to some of my favorites that have merchandise at this moment. (Or at least they did Wednesday night when I put this post together.)

Colette's shop for my very favorite necklace, paintings, dolls, collages, all sorts of fun artsy stuff
Charlotte's shop for sweet cards, at the moment
Susan's shop for all sorts of artsy stuff--I love her collages. She made my blog banner. I'm a big fan.
Julie's shop the clipboards I was telling you about, and other fun stuff with vintage patterns
Jeanette's shop cool art made from found objects
Alicia's shop artist's aprons-love these
Britt's shop really interesting charms and jewelry
Grace's shop fun charms and handmade miniatures

And one more I just discovered...
Dollface design fascinating collage work

If you have an Etsy store that I don't know about, please leave a comment and tell everybody about it! And if you want to give a plug to a friend's Etsy site, come on and do it! Or tell me about your experience with Etsy. Or just say hello.

I live for your comments. (Did that sound desperate? I don't really LIVE for them. But they do make me happy!)

And before I go, here's an Etsy spot with Rachel Ray. It's delish!
Have a happy Thursday, everybody!
Love, Becky


Bunny B said...

I love etsy too!!

TattingChic said...

I love etsy, also!!!! Note the exclamation points. I've gotten into "trouble" there buying wonderful stuff to tat with. I LOVE IT!!!

Elise said...

Etsy will be my downfall! (Please notice the exclamation point...I love them too!) I shopped there last June for my birthday and bought three bags/purses. Bags and jewelry are my addictions and Etsy always has the perfect ones!

I <3 Etsy, too. Love your necklace, Becky...


A bird in the hand said...

Becky, you've truly done me proud. Thank you so much for the amazing write-up.

Here are some exclamation points for you: You can have a gift sent to any address!!!! All wrapped and pretty!!! Saves you the trouble.

As for the clip -- Etsy on these TV shows, who knew? I didn't. Again, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

F.O.T. said...

Pretty necklace! AAhhh shopping in comfy pants is the best!

La Belette Rouge said...

I am trying not to buy new stuff before we move to France. But, you aren't making that easy.;-) I am going to see if I can put parental block on It is too dangerous for me. LOL!

Jeanette Janson said...

Thanks Rebecca, for mentioning me! Yeah, etsy is great. I have really found a community of wonderful artists there. Love the way you wrote up your post, fun!
Have a great day-
xoxo Jeanette

Anonymous said...


now i'm in trouble

so many nice thingies to shop for!

where do I get my own pair of footie pjs?


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky!
Now I couldn't help myself either and I bought one of Collette's necklaces too.
So lovely!

My husband is in Vermont this week and I should be saving for moving to South Carolina, but this was a VERY fun shopping diversion!
By the way, I have to ask, Becky refers to your website and instead of finding your book, I found a web page with your name that is of a violinist? Are you a violinist too!

Perhaps you should post a U-Tube or video snippet of you playing your music for a future blog post!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey Bobbi,
No, that's not me. That's also why I have to insert my middle initial s in my website and blogspot address, or else you end up at her site.

I used to play the violin when I was in 6th to 8th grade, but I gave it up after that in the name of world peace. (Or at least peace in my childhood home.) It's a lovely instrument and it deserves to be played by someone who can make music come out of it instead of the sound of fighting gangs of alley cats.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

PS. However I did keep my violin and now hang it on my wall as art. At least I can enjoy looking at it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky!
Maybe you could get a snippet of her playing then?

It seems like a wonder of the world, all the fun stuff people with your name seem to get into!


-Bobbi said...

Thanks a lot, Becky!
I have taken the pledge not to buy "stuff" for the month of May, and now you introduce this. Geeeeezzzzz.
Maybe if I wait until June, and it is a necessary gift for someone else.... and it is supporting individual artists, right? There you go - talked myself into it, no problem.

Susie Q said...

I love etsy too. It is just such fun and I have recieved the most glorious treasures from etsy artists!

Your blog is nothing short of pure joy...and yes, I ordered your book from Amazon this week!! I can not wait to get my hot, little hands on it!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Becky! This is a great subject. I have a few ETSY artist I would love to recommend. Here are their links:
First is Kathy, she makes wonderful fabric stuffed hearts and birds, embellished to wonderfully!

Next is Teresa, she is an amazing artist and sells her originals and prints, plus greeting cards, tags and so much more.

And Donna, another artist....sells original paintings and cards...

I know there are many more....

Rosemary said...

OOh Rebecca!!
I love Etsy!! Thanks for all of the new shops for me to check out.
Shopping in your pj's is the best.
Please check out my friend Jamie's Etsy shop sometime. It's called Simply Me Art.
Have a wonderful day!!
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I am still reading, and enjoying the book. I only have a certain amount of time to read in a day, otherwise I would be done.
It's great!! You are the kind of writer that I enjoy!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Penny, I visited the sites you suggested and THANK YOU! Those are great sites--I'll visit them again!

And Rosemary, I love Simply Me Art too! (Google it folks for the address.) Thanks for the suggestion! I'm so glad you're enjoying the book!

liquidambar said...

This is weird. You know that little red purse you showed? I have one almost exactly like it, right down to the yellow snap. The only difference is, the piping on mine is yellow.
A friend brought it back from Asia. I'm blanking on exactly where.
And about those dishes--don't worry. I spend almost no time shopping online, and they still pile up. It's their nature. It's what they do. :-)

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm trying so hard to save and now, look what you've done! A whole new place to shop.... The necklace is really lovely and what a sweet guy to just say, "Buy It!"

Susan Tuttle said...

Thanks so much Becky - it means so much!

I am addicted to Etsy as well - here's to shopping in one's pajamas!


May Vanderbilt said...

You see! Every day I learn something new from you. How did I not know about Etsy?!?

I've been shopping for a chic chunky scarf. Voila! Now I have so many options.

PS Your necklace is awesome.

Sherry/Cherie said...

I love etsy too -- I'm a vendor

Come visit!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Sherry/Cherie, I visited your etsy site and I love your work! Thanks for letting me know! Go sho, everyone!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Go shop, not go sho.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

That reminds me of what Sarah used to say at Christmas when she was learning to talk.
"Merry Go-sho!" Not sure how Christmas translated to Go-sho, but it sure was sweet.

Nakisha said...

Great... shopping is a fun for me when I'm purchasing apparel for me from my favorite store.... HBO.