Friday, May 30, 2008

Up With People

Today's Wonder of the World is...People Movers!
Like elevators and escalators and moving sidewalks.

We used to ride some really cool elevators in France. When you can see the ropes/chains in an elevator, it reminds you what a wonder they really are!

Kids know a good wonder when they see one, and most kids LOVE elevators.
They even like ordinary ones where you can't see the ropes.

Some kids are weird and like to flash their bare stomachs at the security cameras in elevators. And then they flash their stomachs to their dad, who is holding the camera.
Weird children.

Even cooler than an elevator is a dumbwaiter.
Here's one with a person stuffed inside.

That can't be comfortable.

Whenever I hear the word dumbwaiter, I think of this.

Don't you LOVE this book? I do.

Escalators are also amazing.
When we moved back home to the States, I had to retrain my children how to step on one and how to get off.

These look a little evil.

And then there is the wonder of the Moving Sidewalk.
Look. What a cute traveler!

My kids never just stood there on those things. They liked to dance, or walk backward, or jog ahead. (Yes, sorry, those were my children two-stepping past you.)

Moving sidewalks always make me think of this.

I thought I'd be like Daughter Judy by now. But no. I still walk my Astro--I mean Tanner--the normal way. And I like it like that.
But maybe someday.
There's always Tomorrow. Land.

Have a happy weekend everyone!
Love, Becky

PS. All photos except the bare chested one are public flickr photos that I downloaded when I should have been writing my book. Thanks, Arlette, Netters!, loudstyle, and Express Monorail!


Kalynne Pudner said...

The Atlanta airport has those moving sidewalks, and I don't think I've EVER seen anyone standing still on them. I'd always assumed they were for people who needed to get to the next concourse in half the walking time and didn't have the patience to wait 10-60 seconds for the next train.

Tell Ben, "Cute belly button." ;-)

Naturegirl said...

Well I'll never look at these people movers the same after reading this post!LOL
I will be anxious to see the elevators in France when I visit this Aug. I will keep my eyes open wide and search out the rope/chain ones..
Have a beautifull weekend. NG

our juicy life said...

I've been to many airports - espeically Denver with people who get on the moving sidewalks and stand still! Why are you doing lazy!

At least it wasn't your daughter who lifted her shirt in the elevator!

La Belette Rouge said...

European old style elevators with cages and all the scary contraption like paraphernalia always frighten me. If I lived a building with one of those elevators I would always take the stairs.

Oh, and I had a grandfather who worked for Otis elevators. Hmm, I had forgotten that until now.
Have a great weekend!

Pam Aries said...

Hi Rebecca! yeah..people movers are too crazy sometimes! how are things in France??! I a mstill here in Charleston and will be staying through the sumer after all! Spoleto is going on right now and it's a lot of fun!

rochambeau said...

People movers! I've never thought about them as a grouping before. Fun post. Makes me wish I had one to move me right now into gear!!

Happy Weekend Rebecca!

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Hi Becky ..Love the French pics must have been so fun to live there(:) hugs Patty

Paul Sears Photography said...

really cool pics you have here! great concept and well shot. I do a lot of blog surfing for inspiration for my photography. Thanks for posting!

Rosemary said...

Speaking of the Jetson's, when are those flying cars getting here?!
I love fun funny children like yours!!
Keep writing that book, so I can read it.
Have a great weekend!~

Nilz said...

I love busy kids who keep me busy! You are lucky to have such wonderful gift from the God!

RS-from-MARC&NCSU said...

One of my favorites in Europe is in Brussels, Belgium at the National Art Museum. It is the largest elevator we have ever been in, and it has two long sofas in it. It was quite memorable, but once you get used to sitting comfortably, its time to get off on the next floor. Most people just stood while the elevator was working.
Another favorite is in the same city, but there are escalators inside the Atomium (huge atom shaped structure). The cool part about this one are the futuristic designs you pass by when going from one electron to another. I'll have to email you a picture sometime.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Where do you find this stuff???
In France I learner escalator etiquette! IE: Keep to the right if you're not walking! Now it bugs me when people just stand in the middle.

TattingChic said...

I love people movers...I guess I'm pretty lazy...LOL

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey y'all. I love your comments! I've only got a second since I'm typing this on "borrowed" wi-fi--I'm at the beach with Sarah and five of her fellow senior girlfriends. They are having a great time and I'm happy too--writing away! It's amazing how much I can get done when I'm not searching flickr for pictures of the Jetsons! But I would never stop this blogging madness! You people and the blog are too much fun!

No signs of people movers here at Sunset Beach. We're just using our feet.

And hey new-to-the-blog paul sears and rs! Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great weekend folks!

PS. I'll be back home Tuesday, though I've got blog entries scheduled for Mon. and Tues. How I love technology! (Sometimes!)

Sherry/Cherie said...

How we move -- movators in some ways are better than escalators -- both my kids are leery of escalators even at 20 and 16. They love the people mover at the airport and like your offspring, think it's for entertainment value! I love the old fashioned elevators with the cage doors -- alas, none of those left here. And do you remember when elevators used to have operators -- women who wore a suit and white gloves and announced the floor in the department store. I still remember the elevator where the operator would pull the cage across and then the outer doors would close...