Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Look At Our Weekend

Tanner says hi!


Anonymous said...

What a cute boo boo! What is on his tongue?

Rebecca Ramsey said...

That tongue does look a little weird, doesn't it? If I didn't know that he's had those purpley splotches since he was a puppy, I'd think he'd gotten into the magic markers again. (Apparently they're chewy.) The spots are like tongue freckles.

We see that slobbery thing hanging out so much that we hardly notice the spots anymore!

alisa said...

Tanner looks so much like our Dashell....gotta love goldens! Our Dashell has 2 spots (freckles) on his tongue, but they are farther back, you only see them when he has come home from the park and he's really hot. Our 2 could be brothers!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

So Alisa, is Dashell going to France too? I bet he'd love it!

alisa said...

Rebecca - oh yes...all the dogs are going to France. We are taking the Queen Mary II (the big boat) from NYC to Southampton England (no quarantine). The QMII has a state of the art kennel facility on board. I don't think I could stick Dashell in the belly of a plane. Was Tanner a french dog? If so, did you fly with him?

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a great way to travel! That's perfect!
No, we didn't get Tanner until a while after Katie, our sweet kitty died. She did go to France with us (in the cargo hold--scary) and came back too (up top with Todd.)
I think your way is best with animals. And that's great that there's no quarantine!