Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Hear Voices!

Today's Wonder of the World is...The Human Voice and The Crazy Things It Can Do!
At least for a few of us anyway!

Enjoy watching this. The guy's a Wonder himself!
And don't let the first pic scare you. It's clean...and FUNNY!

Love, Becky


Rosemary said...

That was pretty amazing Becky.
Just what I needed first thing this morning!!(In a good way)

Nilz said...

Amazing. I've added that video to my YouTube favorite list. Great.

Susan Sandmore said...

I LOVE that guy. Sometimes he's going too fast to properly jump in and out of the voice, but the first time I heard his Stephen Hawking I was in shock. Amazing!

May Vanderbilt said...

You know, you're not so good at slacking off. If this is you slacking off, I'm a THE LAZIEST PERSON EVER!

You're still posting amazing, clever things every day! I'm so impressed.

Barb said...

WOW! That was definitely amazing.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Glad y'all enjoyed it. I love his Miss Piggy.

Randy and Linda said...

Of the ~1/2 of the voices I would recognize, he was right on the money. He's real good, and must have to practice a lot - otherwise known as spousal/roomate abuse!

somepinkflowers said...

i watched the whole thing

like this ----> :-)