Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ah Corsica!

Today's Wonder of the World is...Corsica!

Are you ready for my blog version of a slide show?
And are you old enough to even know what a real slide show is?

My mom and daddy always took slides. That way, when we were home from a trip, we could put a sheet up, invite people over, and keep them captive while they looked at our pictures!

I'm going on a little vacation from the blog for the rest of the week, so I thought I'd do the same for y'all for the next few days. Prepare for a whole series of Wonder-Full Slide shows!
Today's subject is Corsica!

If you've read French By Heart, you'll know that we had a dear neighbor friend who hailed from this place. In case you don't know, (as I didn't until I met the Corsica Man,) Corsica is an island between France and Italy. It belongs to France--if it belongs to anyone. It's wild and beautiful. Really.
We went there for vacation our last year in France.
Here are some pictures.

Anyone have popcorn?
Here's the hotel we stayed in.

A ninety something lady named Mimi ran the hotel and did the cooking.
We ate dinner there every night. She told us she'd open early for us, since we had kids.
Early meant 8pm.
My children look a bit like zombies.

(Something is wrong with the time stamp on the photos, in case you're wondering.)

Goats were in charge of the transportation system.

Take a look at one of my favorite places in Corsica.
It's a church, supposedly built overnight by angels, out of the green Corsica stone.
We barely made it up the mountain to see it that foggy morning.

We weren't the only ones who loved that church.
Look who kept us company!

A cemetery in Corsica:

Ah, Corsica! I can just smell the wild herbs!

Have a Wonder-full Tuesday, everyone! And come back tomorrow for another slide show feature!
Love, Becky


Tara said...

Lovely slide show! Corsica looks like a fantastic place.


Rosemary said...

It's beautiful Rebecca, just like I imagined from reading your book.
Everyone should read it, it's so entertaining and fun!
Have a wonderful day!

Suzie said...

I wanna go! I wanna go!

TattingChic said...

What a lovely place to visit. I do remember Corsica man from your book. I wondered if you ever heard from him again. I would love to smell the wild herbs in Corsica.

Debbie Egizio said...

Thanks for the wonderful slide show and for sharing your trip with us! It looks like a fabulous time!

Kristin said...

ohhh wow, I must make it a mission in life to visit Corsica now..it looks wonderful..

CC said...

Wow! Another great blog post! Do you sleep????

Susan said...

Beautiful shots! Although in a real slide show, at least one of the pictures needs to be upside down! Just kidding, these are great.

May Vanderbilt said...

Ha! It seems to have San Francisco weather!

I fell in love with La Corse in your book. You really brought it to life.

Have fun on your vacation. Or is it a stay-cation?

Bossamama said...


I am so glad you put these pictures on your blog and glad that I found it! I am currently reading your book and am totally enthralled. I'm excited to have found your blog. I found it today when I was looking for a picture of the Cirque Medrano poster- I was so curious to see what it looked like- and the search led me to your blog! I just wrote about your book on my blog today! (How many times can I write the word blog?) I'm gushing like a fan- which is what I am, I guess!

I relate to the book for so many reasons, but especially the stories of Madame Mallet. I have my very own neighbor/nemesis/dear friend who's from another country and am reminded of her many times in your stories. I know exactly what it feels like! I'm reading the last chapters slowly, so that I can continue to enjoy vicariously La Belle France. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful book and I'll be checking out your blog now!

Best Wishes,
Corrie D.

Alex said...

I loved the photos. I particularly liked the first one of the castle and the cemetary, that looked like a line of petite churched. :)

Thank you for sharing.

Randy and Linda said...

Nice slide show with narration - who cares what time the slides say, we're already in a dreamland when watching. The locals must have created a tale to explain away the randomly placed stones in that church, yet still its charming. Love how the goats and donkeys patrol their land - very casually, almost as if you humans weren't even there. I 2nd "Suzie's" sentiments - I wanna go! I wanna go!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey y'all! I'm supposed to be on a self-imposed blogging break, but I had to say hello for just a sec!

Thanks for sitting through the slide show and not throwing your popcorn all over my living room! What a well behaved group you are!
(Except for you there, with the lampshade on your head!)

Love you guys!