Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunshine on My Shoulders

At last...SUNSHINE!
Lawsie mercy, we've had so much rain. How refreshing to see the sun again!
I do believe it has pulled me out of the miniature funk I was down in the dumps about Rudeness in the World and my endless pile of dirty laundry and how tired I am of eating food that is good for me when what I really want is a half a dozen hot Krispy Kremes. And a café au lait. And a weekend in France. All at the same time.

It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for a person, not to mention fresh air and a walk around the garden.
Care to come along? I know a cheerful guide...

But watch out. He's liable to be naughty when we're not looking.
Don't be fooled by the innocent smile.

First stop?
The grapevines.

Do you hear them groaning? They're heavy with fruit and beg for relief!
If we don't hurry up, they're liable to hire a team of midwives and harvest themselves.

We were supposed to have our annual muscadine vendange on Sunday. Our buckets were ready. My feet were clean and ready to stomp.
Alas, it wouldn't stop raining. We had to postpone 'til next weekend. Boo hoo. One more week of fruit fly free happiness.
Just kidding, maybe.

Let's move on.
Days and days of constant rain might have dampened my spirits, but the figs liked it!

Where's a Keebler elf when you need him?
(They do make fig newtons, don't they?)

Ah. We've made our way to the Pit of Mud and Anguish and Pain.

I'm sure the ground is tired of waiting for my busy husband to put in the blueberry bushes he imagined this summer. (At least my neighbors probably are. Or they're starting to wonder what my man needs to bury.)
You know what? Even the Pit of Mud and Anguish and Pain doesn't look too bad today, as long as You- Know- Who doesn't get his paws in it.

Have a great Wednesday, y'all!
And stop by Tanner's blog to see what put him in such a fine mood! (Hint: it's not just the sunshine!)
Love, Becky


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, what a little sunshine will do to one's spirit! That's a lotta mud, honey. I hope the slobber dog isn't TOO fascinated by it!

LW said...

Oh my how do you keep that dog out of that mud…
Our dog would roll in it…In fact so would our donkey.
He loves mud and will never pass up a chance for a good old mud bath.

Have a wonderful sun filled day,


R and L said...

"I can see clearly now the rain is gone" ... " gonna be a bright bright bright sunshiny day" !!! Or at least no rain.

Don't you miss the clean lyrics of John Denver? Today there are so many double and triple meanings in lyrics. I hope for more retro-music from musicians in the future.

I don't think I could live in the British Isles because of the lack of sun, unless I made a lightbox for myself. I hear they really work, but I still wouldn't wish that weather on anybody.

The grapes look great and ready for trampling, as long as those toesies are clean of all jam. Well I guess the alcohol would later kill off most things, so you automatically have some safety factor built into the winemaking business! How was last year's wine, and is some of it still bottled?

You hub sure is disciplined and neat about his gardening. I'm pullin' with ya for those blueberries to get started.

Thanks for the nice blog this morning.


lotusgirl said...

Maybe the sunshine will be here soon. It was still raining today. I love that song.

judy in ky said...

I would love to take a walk with you and Tanner. Maybe it would pull me out of my own miniature funk.

Unknown said...

The sunshine after a long rain sounds like a wonderful's so much more appreciated at a time like that. The figs and grapes look like they will be delicious. The blueberries sounds like a wonderful thing once they get planted and growing berries for you!

~TattingChic ♥

Adrienne said...

Glad you are enjoying the sunshine! You can send the rain out this way - we could use some.

Unknown said...

Your dog makes me so happy! :) Thanks for always having uplifting, happy posts! :)

Please email me an address to send your prize to (for commenting on my 200th post!) :) you can email it to me @ chantilita at gmail dot com

(don't worry, I don't stalk or spam lol)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Chantile, I'm thrilled!
My address is on the way!

Susie Q said...

A little sunshine issuch a sweet thing! How I loved John Denver years ago. *sigh*
That precious doggie could never be naughty!! *grin*