Friday, September 18, 2009

Let's Spoon

Just so you know, I'm in love with that spoon.
I was over at my dear friend Susie's house the other day and she showed me one just like it. Just a rainbow colored wooden spoon, but we both stood there staring, letting it make us happy.
We probably need to get out more.

What about you? Do everyday things (especially when done in a different way) charm you?

If so, you might enjoy the wondrous spoons I found on Etsy.

Photo by
Get it?
I just love that thing. makes it, along with all sorts of other cool things.
Things that might make a fun Christmas gift for a grandma.

Photo by

Ordinary, yet extraordinary.
Kids are great at finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

See what I mean?

Youngsters aren't the only ones that like playing with spoons!
How about a full grown bald guy in a kilt?
Enjoy, everyone, and have a great weekend!
Love, Becky


susie said...

my spoon is famous! His bowl overflowith with happiness.

lotusgirl said...

That rainbow spoon is so cool.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

My grandma collects spoons--she has hundreds of them from all over the world. Once my grandpa's barber went to Italy and she asked him to bring her back a spoon. It still makes her laugh that he brought her back a regular kitchen spoon instead of a souvenier spoon--she hung it on a rack anyway.

Susie Q said...

That spoon is gorgeous! Truly a work of art!
You always find the best things for us...I am always amazed!
Bill just read your book and loved it! I took it to DC with us and he read it there. *smile*


Susan said...

I used to love the rings made from spoon handles. I never did get one. Take care and enjoy your weekend. Susan

CC said...

love that etsy spoon. so cool!!

Terresa said...

Spoon players are amazing. That was one talent I was sure I was going to master when I was a young girl. Sad to say, now that I'm 37, I'm still all thumbs with spoons.

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

Yes, I love finding beauty, intrigue and wonder in ordinary things.

I've always loved hearing someone play the spoons.

Jen P said...

The colors are mesmerising though, it's understandable.

My Swedish relatives were given wooden wedding spoons on their marriage. They were really simple but deeply hollowed out and very special. I guess wedding spoons probably warrant a whole post all of their own someday.

"Kids are great at finding the extraordinary in the ordinary." Yes. Right now: blown down leaves on pavements, spiders and puddles.

Cary Lee said...

The boy with the spoons on his face is me (some 8-9 years ago)!

Anonymous said...

I recently received the same rainbow spoon not too long ago. It has been so inspiring and motivating. I'm starting a cupcake business and this amazingly wonderful crafted piece of work has helped me create my name! :-)Thanks for talking about it~