Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wild, Whimsical Dr. Seuss

Today's Wonder of the World is...Dr. Seuss!

One hundred five years ago Monday, Dr. Seuss was born into our tiny puffball of a world!
Happy Belated Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Now that we've finished frolicking in the snow (2 days off from school + 1 two hour delay) I'm ready to party! (And then I'll get back to work.)

Flickr photo by UCSC Libs
There were many years in the Ramsey house when we were Dr. Seuss crazy.
I still love his take on the world.
From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.
Amen, Dr. Seuss!
He celebrated the funny things and explored the not so funny things in child friendly ways. Through nonsense.
I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.

Let's have a little party in his honor. We'll celebrate in Dr. Seuss style.
We should gather at a Seuss-ish house.
Shall we meet here, at one of Gaudi's houses in Barcelona, Spain?

Flickr photo by Nuray YUZBASI
Or maybe here, at the Bioscleave house in East Hampton, New York.

Photo by Eric Striffler for the New York Times
(You've got to watch the video HERE, in which the architects describe how its strange architecture could actually help people live longer. FASCINATING!)

On your way in, take a walk through the garden.
Watch out! It's a Dr. Seuss world out there!
Are those flowers or shaggy headed creatures?

Flickr photo by Mike Bass
I'm not sure.
What a wide variety.
Look, there's the small...

Flickr photo by bookishbiker

And the tall.

Flickr photo by eytonz
And something in between.

Flickr photo by barbara.irschick
Oops, sorry!

That's a guest!

Other less plant-like guests are arriving too.
Coming in by land...

Flickr photo by badbart
And by sea!

Flickr photo by eye for beauty2007
This one doesn't want to get out of the car.
Maybe he's shy.

Flickr photo by yuandt
Would you like a piece of birthday cake?

Flickr photo by drb1974
Thanks for stopping by!
Aw, don't be sad. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
Besides, Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.

Have a wonder-full Monday, y'all!
Before you go, tell me, can you think of any other Seuss-ish creatures I left off the invitation list? And what about your favorite Dr. Seuss book? Yertle the Turtle? Horton Hears A Who?

Be sure to take a moment to watch Reverend Jesse Jackson memorialize Dr. Seuss after his death by reading Green Eggs and Ham on Saturday Night Live. The video is a little fuzzy, but it's worth it!

Love, Becky

PS. For more Dr. Seuss fun, be sure to hop over to my pal CC's place, HERE!


Sherry said...

Oh, I simply adore the works of Dr. Seuss.

LW said...

I adore the work of Dr. Seuss; one of my favorite quotes by Dr. Seuss is on my blog…
This quote would be my epitaph.
However, if I buy a house like in the video I will not need an epitaph.

Fascinating video! But all I could think of is how would you wash the floors.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Shh... I cheated yesterday at CC's place. I called my momma.

Suzie said...

I love Jesse doing green eggs and ham. Its funny I had no idea what Dr.Seuss looked like was he really a doctor?

serenity said...

Oh, I love Dr. Suess! My middle son wore his clothes backwards today for Wacky Wednesday of an entire week of celebrating Suess at their school. And you're right. That video was so worth it! What a great way to start my day.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

He definatley had a creative mind....

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Excellent tribute post!

JaxPop said...

I always like to be leave upbeat comments - but not today. My first memory of school (I'd just turned 6 - no kindergarten) was getting smacked, not gently, in the head, with a Dr Seuss book, by my mother. She thought 'Green Eggs', or whatever it was, was stupid & that I was an 'idiot' for selecting it (in my first ever week of school & first library visit!). Guess she thought I should start out with Chaucer. 46 years later - I rarely, if ever, talk about my book or my writing with her. Kind of a bummer. Funny how that works. Sorry to unload.

lotusgirl said...

I love Dr. Seuss' work. Jesse Jackson's reading totally cracked me up, but that Bioscleave house commentary seemed completely nuts. I'd like to see some proof that it actually works. It might be fun for a day to be in a house like that, but all the time... not so much. Maybe fun isn't the point though.

Via Marina- Marina said...

Nice to meet you!, I love Dr. Suess!!!



Ronnie said...

Another thought provoker, Becky.
You kept me linking more and more!
Love Gaudy. Does beg the question are there really any original ideas?
Jaxpop, Don't be sorry. Parents can be so dumb sometimes. It's amazing some of us survived as good as we did.
On that note, I will continue my efforts to live longer by jumping over that pile of laundry to get to that last soup bowl while teetering on that pile of newspapers Joe left around his TV chair-nest.

Renee said...

Becky: I just realized how hard this blog must be to do. You are a genius. I love Dr. Seuss and all of your pictures were exactly what I relate to him.

Thank you sweets. xoxoxo

adrienne said...

That was an amazing reading of Green Eggs and Ham! And I always love discovering those Suess-like plants :)

Kelly H-Y said...

He IS a wonder! LOVE all the pictures you found! Monday was Dr. Seuss day in my son's first grade class ... I've got a picture of my kiddo as Thing 2 on my blog - - too fun! :-)

dana said...

I love the good Dr., too! My all time favorite, besides The Grinch, is The Places You Will Go! That man was a genius and we are so fortunate he left us with so many wonderful books!

So ya had some snow? We did, too, on Sat., but it's almost gone now. We're gonna have 70s tomorrow. I MUST go dig out some shorts! (Just joking. The color of my winter legs could cause snow blindness-like symptoms to unlucky viewers!


rochambeau said...

Happy belated Birthday Dr. Seuss!!
For you I will eat Green Eggs and Ham!! And I will shout "Oh the Places WE GO"!!

Thank you for this wonderful tribute to a unique artist Becky. Hope you are well & all is well in your world!


Jojo said...

I love Dr. Seuss - it is timeless and ageless.

Rosemary said...

Love Dr. Seuss!!!
Great post!
Have a lovely day Rebecca!

Linda Crispell said...

The Dr. Seuss area in Universal Studios in Orlando is very cool.
Jesse's rendition of Green Eggs and Ham is so memorable.

Fete et Fleur said...

Wonderful tribute to Seuss! I was facinated by the death defying house video.


Kat said...

Hey! Where did your comments go? I was trying to comment on your ping pong post but there is no place to do so. :(

Anyway, I used to love ping pong as a kid, but I do remember the table being used for laundry an awful lot. ;)

Gwen Buchanan said...

This is a great salute to The great Dr Seuss!!! My kids loved him and the grandchildren are getting a start too..

TattingChic said...

Hi Becky! I love Dr. Seuss!
Say, I tried to comment on your fun ping pong post, but couldn't. At this time there isn't an option available to post comments. Perhaps you hit the wrong check mark on the post options for comments when editing? Oh, I always have to have the last word, don't you? Now, you finally figured out HOW! LOL! ;)

Jamie @ Baldwin Bungalow said...

I couldn't for the life of me figure out where to comment on today's post! So, I'm leaving the comment here :)

I love ping pong. When I was a girl we rented a house that had a table in the basement. We played with my dad all the time - he was good! The house my husband I and bought came with a pool table so we bought a ping pong table that just lays right on top of it :)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I must have accidentally hit the don't allow comments button! I LOVE your comments! I want to marry them!
It's fixed now--I hope!

paris parfait said...

Who doesn't like the work of Dr. Suess? My favourite (besides the Cat in the Hat series) is "Oh the Places You'll Go."