Friday, March 13, 2009

Stress Busters

Today's Wonder of the World is...Different Ways to De-Stress!

Doesn't this photo just make you feel calm?
Or maybe I'm just riding high on the leftover peace from my mini-beach vacation.
Let me tell you, last week I was a mess. My right eye was twitching, I couldn't sleep at night, and by Friday I had a case of hysterical hiccups. So I ran away from home.
Yes, my husband was totally okay with it. (He was probably sick of the twitching and hiccuping.) I picked my daughter up at college and we stayed for FOUR HEAVENLY DAYS at my parents' beach house. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us mooch!

The weather was perfect--we opened the windows and wore short sleeves. I spent my days writing like a crazy woman, taking breaks to swing on the front porch, walk on the beach, and eat my weight in scallops and Calabash shrimp.
Then it was time to come home.

The whole drive back I considered how much I dislike hiccuping and twitching. Surely there were things I could do at home to keep some of the peace I found at the beach.
So I made a list of Stress-Busters. I'm hoping they'll work for me. See what you think. I'd love to hear your ideas!

1. Stay in touch with Nature.

I LOVED having the windows open at the beach and hearing the birds as I worked. I'm thrilled that Spring is almost here and we'll have a few months of birdsong before the blazing South Carolina heat forces us to hermetically seal our house and live with the hum of the air conditioning.
Maybe then I'll listen to youtube. Or sit outside with an electric fan.

2. Walk outside.

3. Laugh.

Babies are great for de-stressing too--unless you're a new mom, and then you should just take a nap.

4. Pray.

Of course you can connect with God anywhere, but remember the labyrinth? It combines prayer with walking and nature.

Given the economy, you might want to do #6 before you pray.

6. Have violent outbursts when needed.
Sometimes I just need to let off a little steam. Care to join me?
Does the flailing economy make you mad? Tear a leg off of this guy.

Photo by
Did you just have to write a $1300.00 check for work done on your car, and it still smells like guacamole?
Pluck off an eye.
He won't mind. That's what he's there for. Find him here.

Or you could always just mash bubble wrap.

Flickr photo by stuartpilbrow
5. Unplug the TV.

Flickr photo by Maproom Systems
My news addiction has gotten to be a problem. I start listening to it while I'm cooking dinner each night, and sometimes I even leave it on in the background until I go to bed. When I wake up, I even listen to Morning Joe while I drink my morning Joe. No wonder I was twitching! At the beach I left the TV off. I was working and didn't want to be distracted, and it's amazing how much calmer I felt. Yes, I do feel its my civic duty to be informed, but I can't change the world just by working myself into a news tizzy.

7. Good food and drink.

Flickr photo by edgarandron
Because my dears, Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards!
Like the coconut custard pie my sweet husband made to welcome me home! Woo hoo!
(I'm thinking he's afraid I might go back. Be afraid, Todd! Be very afraid!)
(Just kidding. Sort of.)
But I'll try to go easy. Too much of a good thing brings its own stresses. Like an extra five pounds.

8. I'm not into bubble baths, but I do love to work puzzles. I used to do crosswords, but I've switched to Sudoku. It's a nice change from my writing work. I put my brain on autopilot and just play with the numbers.

Sudoku, how I love you.

9. Spend time with a good book.

I forgot my book at home, so I reread The Secret Life of Bees. So, so good.
By the way, is the movie as good as the book? I'm afraid to be disappointed, and I'd hate to have to pull the hair off that doll.

I guess if all else fails and the stress gets too much for me, I might just have to buy a Hawaii Chair.

So tell me, what works for you?
Have a wonder-full Friday and a peaceful weekend!
Love, Becky


cityfarmer said...

feeling less stressed already ... sigh!

Ronnie said...

Oh, Becky! You are a wise one. Thanks for sharing your downs as well as your ups. I began reading your post while listening to the news in the background, talking to the AC/H guy who called to interrupt and then as I got to the cardinal singing just stopped! Turned it all off and just chilled with the bird!
Then, cracking up with the baby, thought how many folks I know would enjoy your post today.
I too have to run from home and Joe at times. Just need it to be better and carry on!
Thanks again, Becky. YOU are a wonder. No expectations mind you! Have a great day, girlie.

CC said...

Love these de-stressing ideas! Especially the new-moms line! ;)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Bubble-wrap popper here!

Susan said...

Here are my favorites.. Listening to the wind chimes my hubby lovingly put up for me and ironing. I love to smooth out wrinkles. It's like smoothing out the kinks in life. Crazy, I know, but it always works. Today, I would include watching it snow.

Kat said...

Oooo! I love bubble wrap! And eating. ;)
I love taking a walk down at the lake when I'm stressed. Or going for a run past the lake. That always works too.

Judy said...

I like Sudoku too. I always take it with me if I have to wait around in an airport then on the plane... it passes the time.
And, I would faint if my husband ever made a pie!

judy in ky said...

That Judy was me! I wasn't signed in.

adrienne said...

Getting away sounds like it would do the trick...I might have to think about that one :)
Love the Hawaii chair.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Or even better, combine some of these. Take a good book, and a coconut pie and head for the hills!

And, you should really try bubble baths. Every night before bedtime. And, I recommend L'aromarine bubble bath in vanilla!!

lotusgirl said...

I almost busted a gut laughing over that Hawaiian Chair.

Anonymous said...

Ah ... the beach.

Good tip--but I could not mutilate that little stress-buster stuffed animal thing. They shouldn't have made it so cute. ;-)

Renee said...

Becky the time alone with your daughter sounds priceless in itself.

Love Renee

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Renee, you're right. It was priceless!

Ronnie said...

Thank you, Becky. What a lame couple of dorks we are hanging out on the computer on a Saturday. Should be out mountain climbing.

TattingChic said...

Oh, I'm all over that bubble wrap for a destresser! Very cool!! I love the beach, too! Sometimes, tho' in So. Cal the beaches are so crowded that it's just stressful to go there, LOL! Other times I've got it all to myself, LOL!
Peace out!

Kelly H-Y said...

Oh, what a wonderful, relaxing, perfect list! I get into a tizzy from the news as well! I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip with your daughter ... sounds absolutely lovely!

Barb said...

Hi Becky,

Boy, have I missed my daily Becky fix. The beach sounds Heavenly. We have the beach here in Az, just not the water to go with it.
I am a bubble wrap gal. Very satisfying to twist it and make it pop!

Stay calm my friend!


Nabeel said...

I love solving sudoko puzzles as well. Such a good exercise for keeping your brain active.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the ocean, a week there is PERFECT
A book
Decor magazine
Wine (sometimes whine!) with friends

Bobbie said...

Coconut custard pie?!? I can taste it just looking at it. My mother used to make that for me growing up and I haven't had it since I was in high school, lo, those many years ago. And although I could make one myself, it's so much better when someone *else* makes it for you. I'm happy now merely thinking of the pie. Thank you.

Anonymous said...