Friday, January 23, 2009

Time for Change

Today's Wonder of the World is...Change!

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Everywhere you go these days people are talking about change.
Even at our neighborhood grocery store, where I accidentally slipped the cashier a euro leftover from a trip to France a year and a half ago. Whoops!
I really need to clean out that purse. I guess that euro was lost amongst all those Abes.

Flickr photo by friend_cuttack
How I love you, Abe!

Anyway... I thought it'd be fun to consider the wonder of coins, and also let you in on another change on its way around here--more to come in a minute about that.

But back to coins...
When my son Ben was three, he thought coins looked delicious, so he swallowed one and then stood up and screamed, "Help! I swallowed money!"
"What kind of money?" we asked. "Was it a quarter, a dime, a silver dollar?" (I was a little paranoid back then. With good reason--Ben was wearing a full leg cast at the time.)
"How do I know? It was the circle kind!"
We took him to the emergency room and sure enough, there it was on an x-ray.
Luckily (or maybe not) Ben was a late potty trainer, so we had the joy of searching for it several days until it finally showed up in his diaper. We named it our three hundred dollar dime and I put it in my jewelry box for safekeeping.

Guess what the Easter bunny brought him in his basket that spring.

Flickr photo by campdavemorecambe
I don't know about your Easter bunny, but mine has a sick sense of humor.

I wouldn't mind some of these ancient Greek coins in my basket.

Flickr photo by smokykater
I'm not sure if they're real, but they sure are pretty.

You know what other coins are beautiful?
Old French francs.

Flickr photo by IONclad
We moved to France in 1999, and about a year and a half later, just about the time I finally didn't have to do math in my head to convert francs to dollars (6.5 francs for each American dollar, ) guess what they did? They made everyone start using euros!
People in my village were NOT excited.
"French francs are beautiful," they would say. (Really, they are!) "Euros are ugly."
But after a couple of years, people stopped grumbling.
"At least the French sides are pretty," they'd say, admiring Marianne.

Flickr photo by luxeurocoins
Do you know Marianne? She's the emblem of the French Republic. Read more about her here.

I'm still finding old French centimes (less valuable than a penny) in dresser drawers and boxes. I should make them into jewelry!

Photo by
Pretty, huh? You can find it here, at etsy of course!

I'd hate to tell my French friends, but some of the other countries' euros are just as amazing.
Take the Greek one euro coin, for example.

Flickr photo by Tiffibunny
I love how they copied the 450BC design.

Flickr photo by karahaz
But maybe I like it so much because I'm partial to owls.
Speaking of being a wise old owl, I need to get to Part Two of this blog: another type of change...

First, let me get some facts established:
1. I'm having so much fun with this blog
2. I live for your comments (yes I'm that desperate,) not to mention your friendship.
3. I've got at least 45,963,862 more Wonders of the World left to yak about.

As our new Prez says, change is healthy!
So it's time for a little change in my corner of the world. Starting next week, I'll be blogging faithfully Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, doing my part as usual to celebrate (blab about) the wonders of musical vegetables and mailboxes and whatever else I pluck out of my life to honor for the day.
I sure hope you'll still join me even if I'm not here every day of the week!

Have a wonder-full Friday and a super weekend y'all!
Love, Becky
PS. Enjoy my pal David Bowie and his ch ch ch changes!

See you Monday!


TattingChic said...

What a very cool post, Becky! I learned about Marianne! I went to the link you had and learned what a beautiful symbol she is for the French Republic.
Thanks for the lesson! ;)

Susan said...

We support you with your change. I had wondered how in the world, you could do the blog everyday. You deserve the break. Take care, Susan

ICQB said...

I just put you on my 'Blogs That I Love To Visit' list. But don't expect a huge upsurge in readership - I'm kind of obscure (in the, "I don't have many visitors," sense).

And hooray for change! Whether it be a pocketful or a mind for.

Happy new posting schedule!

a Tonggu Momma said...

$300 dime?!?!!! BwwwaaaaHaHaHa! But I would NOT have been laughing had I been on the Search and Recover Team.

Liz said...

Loved this post! I just won an etsy giveaway and ordered a necklace with an original roman coin on it. I'm SO excited. And it better be a real roman coin. :)

LW said...

Enjoyed this post…
Love looking at money…

But on another note,
when I read the word change, my first thought was that you were giving up blogging
and my heart stood still..
Three days are better then none, I will be here with coffee in hand..

See you on Monday,

JaxPop said...

Becky - You put a ton of work into your blog. It's no WONDER you need to cut back a bit. On one hand - it's disappointing. On the other - maybe your work following up that awesome book of yours 'French By Heart' will make it to print sooner.

On another note - with the way the banking industry is going - we may all need to ingest our cashola. The sound of jingling change everywhere as we walk ....

Angela K. Nickerson said...

I was sad to say "goodbye" to the Franc, the Deutchemark, and the Lire, but I do like the Euro. When you are traveling in Europe, watch out for the Euros from Vatican City. They are the most rare and are collector's items. I've never seen one, but I keep hoping...

Congrats on your change! :)

Linda Crispell said...

I have marveled at your extraordinary posts everyday with photos and videos! I think we all understand your need to scale back a bit.
When we lived in France you could find old discarded and devalued francs on the street. I believe they were made during WWII, they were light as a feather. My sister and I collected them and when we had a bag full of them we would buy bubble gum cigars. The shopkeeper was not to thrilled to have 200 worthless francs dumped on his counter.
Your Pal,

Renee said...

Oh believe me, I will be here, otherwise how will I learn about things in the world in an interesting way.



lotusgirl said...

Those old French coins were beautiful. When I first got over there, I thought their money was so cool. The different size bills. The art on them. The colors. Everything about it really. I had a particular fondness for the 10 Franc piece. I just thought it was cool!

David Bowie! Wow what an outfit! and that hair!

lotusgirl said...

Those old French coins were beautiful. When I first got over there, I thought their money was so cool. The different size bills. The art on them. The colors. Everything about it really. I had a particular fondness for the 10 Franc piece. I just thought it was cool!

David Bowie! Wow what an outfit! and that hair!

Ronnie said...

I too was afraid you were throwing in the blogger towel. I have gotten used to your Wonders and will take what I can get. If you're blogging daily AND writing a book, now that's a wonder.
Love your book Becky.
Everyone. Get it. You'll be glad you did!

Sherry said...

All those coins? You could be wealthy!!!
We'll miss you're daily wonders but enjoy your thrice weekly ones.

Rosemary said...

Very cool Becky!!!
Have a great weekend!

Jojo said...

I love change. especially those big change jars that we all keep in our homes. Two years ago my next door neighbor decided to cashed in her jar and ended up with more than $600 shopping dollars! No doubt, change is good!

judy in ky said...

I will be seeing you here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Becky. Your posts are well worth waiting for.

Susan Sandmore said...

I love that owl. LOVE him.

And I have been thinking about change, too! Because I have been wanting . . . (wait for it) . . . a metal detector. Because, as My Precious says, I am a female thirty-something with the interests of a male retiree. I don't care! I want to spend hours digging up old pennies!

Flor Larios Art said...

First time on your blog and loving it! That bracelet is gorgeous. I love jewelry with coins.
Those coins you have are very intresting a full of history. Love it!

Fete et Fleur said...

I love old coins and medals. I picked up an extremely unusual French medal years ago of a woman nursing a baby. It is extraordinary. I think it's a good thing to make things work for you better. I look forward to more of your wonders.


Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Heee! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's son swallows money!

Neat post... the francs are pretty!

I enjoyed the turtle post too. Goot thing we don't have any of the Blue Bunny ice cream around with the turtle shapes in it, I could really binge on that right now!

sa said...