Monday, January 12, 2009

Donkey Madness

Today's Wonder of the World is... the Donkey!

Flickr photo by JP.G
Donkeys are such interesting creatures.
I always thought of them as stubborn beasts until old Mr. Wikipedia set me straight. Apparently somebody's been feeding me anti-donkey propaganda when I wasn't paying attention, because they're not naturally stubborn. They just have an extremely well developed sense of self preservation! The donkey's ability to just say no should be admired, not derided, people.

Some people like donkeys so much that they dress up in donkey costumes.

Flickr photo by gnotalex
Others do just fine making donkeys out of themselves without no costume at all.

Do you have a favorite donkey in your life? I do.

No, it's not the cute church- going donkey we met in Corsica. He comes in second place.
It's this one.

Eeyore, the donkey who says, "We can't all and some of us don't. That's all there is to it."
Eeyore, you sound just like someone I know.
How I love you, you pitiful thing.

I also love these two, but they're not my favorites.

Flickr photo by aussiestompy
I've never even met them, though now I wonder if they don't live with me and Todd, and eat at our dinner table every night.
Do you know these donkey facts?
A male donkey is also called a jack and a female is a jenny.
A male donkey + a female horse= a mule.
And...A male horse + a female donkey = a hinny.
Hinny! For some reason this cracks me up.
Maybe I'm over-medicated.

But back to my favorite donkey...
It's this one, also from Corsica.

Flickr photo by oursin
What a gorgeous animal! If I were a donkey, I'd put a photo of him/her (I can't see that well) pin-up size on my stable wall.

You know, if you admire enough donkeys, you start seeing them everywhere.

Flickr photo by jorra
In trees
And in cakes...

Flickr photo by diannahardy
Yikes! It's handsome, but a little too realistic.
I'm having Godfather flashbacks. Quick, let's change the subject.

I know, let's focus on this smiling donkey.

Flickr photo by Gimly
Ah. Much better.

Have a wonder-full Monday, everyone!
And before you go, laugh along with Donkey. You find it refreshing!


Suzie said...

So if your named Jenny your really an ass?

Ronnie said...

Or if your a guy donkey, you're a Jack Ass. Lovin' my morning tea with your wonders. Becky.

lotusgirl said...

Didn't know about the Hinny. That's a great name. I just thought they were all mules. The rest I'm pretty familiar with. We have a horse, and so we've spent a fair amount of time with our four-legged friends. Donkeys are really smart, and they are good at getting out of their enclosures. They figure out how to open the gates. Crafty little guys. They are much better at it than horses.

They really do get a bad rap.

a Tonggu Momma said...

For some reason, this one had me cracking up. Truly. Cracking. Up. And note to self - do not stick MythicalBabyInChina with the names Jack, Jenny or Hinny.

rochambeau said...

Good morning BEcky,
Thank you for showing some respect for the hardworking, no complaining donkey!! They are such sweet, unusual and hard working creatures!

Hope your New Year is going well!


Susan said...

That cake is just too, too much.

Jamie @ Baldwin Bungalow said...

Hah! You crack me up. One thing about donkeys is that they never take a boring picture - they're pretty expressive! :)

LW said...

Oh the wonderful beautiful donkey…

As the proud owner of one spotted jack and four brown jennys I agree that these fantastic animals
have been giving a bad rap. Although I must admit at times, it is
like having five 3 year olds in our back yard.

Not only have we enjoyed the donkeys but also some of the fun conversations about them as well.

Our jack is trained to stay in the yard . At a party a few years ago, we saw a neighbor that lives a wee bit up the road from us. He smiled as I walk up to him and said “Louise I see your little ass
every morning when I drive by your house.” It didn’t dawn on me how all in hearing distance
interpreted this until I saw the surprise look on their faces. My dear hubby came to the rescue and explained that we had miniature donkeys…


Renee said...

Becky I bust a gut at the godfather reference.

har har

Love Renee

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I do enjoy the happy donkey more than the sassy kind--and this made me think of of Sylvester from the children's book who turns into a rock.

adrienne said...

I love donkeys and I love cake, but that donkey cake scared me a little!

JaxPop said...

I can't top Louise (LW) on her comment. Like a jackass, I thought I had somethin' pretty funny up my sleeve for this post. Boy, an early week defeat in blogland.

May Vanderbilt said...

Whoa! The comments section of Wonders Never Cease is rated PG 13 today! Hahaha

I was sort of sad you didn't link to the Christmas donkey. He's my favorite.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh I forgot all about Dominick the Christmas Donkey!
Go to folks and do a search. Or search my blog--it's worth the visit! Jing-ady-Jing!

You people crack me up.
Louise, I'm still laughing!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Dominick is in the blog archives, Dec 18. Enjoy!

Susan Tuttle said...

now that cake is unbelievable!


TattingChic said...

OMGosh! That cake is hilariously amazing!