Friday, January 9, 2009

A Collection of Collections

Today's Wonder of the World is...Collections!

Flickr photo by *Kevegan*
I'm all for living the simple life, paring down my possessions to only the things I really need and love, but sometimes a girl just needs to cuddle up with 500 Pez dispensers!
Ha ha.
I don't collect those, but I've always wanted to. I don't know about you, but just looking at them makes me happy.

During my recent achy cold induced stupor (thanks so much for your get well wishes, by the way,) I sat at the kitchen table for a whole hour coughing into Kleenex (don't worry, I Lysol-ed everything afterward,) staring at the two collections on display in there and pondering this question: If someone coughed up both her lungs, would she die or just want to?

Now that I'm feeling better (I recommend Tussycaps!) I thought I'd blog about collections. Do you collect anything? I'd love to hear about it.

My friend Susie collects globes. I think they're lovely.

Flickr photo by turnsoleluna
I had three of my own until Tanner the Slobber Dog ate one.

If I searched between all our couch cushions, I could probably come up with a few guitar picks, but not nearly a nice a collection as this.

Flickr photo by mrclean
You may remember that I used to collect papers from French sugar cubes, that is, until my husband looked in my drawer of sugar laced paper and reminded me that mice like sugar too.

Flickr photo by Carrie Can
End of collection. I still appreciate them though.

And as you might have noticed in my galette post, I have an embarrassingly large collection of feves.

While I was collecting those, I also collected calories! Woo hoo!

Would you like to see the collections I focused on during my coughing misery?
Here's my collection of clocks.

Whenever I'd go to the flea market in France, I'd make a game out of finding another old clock to add to the group. My only rule was that I wouldn't spend over three dollars, though I did stretch it to five a couple times.
Sadly, I had to quit with the ones you see here. My sneaky children discovered how fun it was to make all the alarms go off, and Todd started asking annoying questions about them, like Why don't any of these darn things work? Plus, they took up a good bit of room, so I switched to something thinner but just as cheap.

May I present collection #2?
My porte serviettes!

A porte serviette is a fabric envelope, usually embroidered for each member of a family. Can you guess what they're used for? Don't feel bad--I had to ask too when I first saw them. Apparently, years ago, at the end of a meal each person would take their napkin and place it inside their porte serviette, (napkin holder) so they could use it again at the next meal.
No, this isn't gross, people!
Have you ever seen how neatly French folks eat? I once watched a four year old child spend an entire minute at a restaurant folding a large lettuce leaf with a knife and fork into a tiny square shaped package, so she could pop it into her mouth without a single drip of vinaigrette! It was astounding! And particularly humiliating, considering I had a child at the time who considered food as a means of facial decoration.
Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed rescuing those from the tables at the flea market.
Here's a few of my favorites.
This one cracks me up.

It's labeled only "me." For a smart aleck, no doubt.
I also like this one with the butcher and the dog.

For a meat lover?

Look, it's the race of the turtle and the hare.

(But means goal or finish line in French.)

Racing animals makes me think about sports, and sports makes me think about my Sam. (I'm trying to segue here.) Collecting seems to run in the family. Sam collects football cards, and one card in his collection recently made it into Sports Illustrated for Kids! They have a column in which kids can send in a football card with a made up caption. We were all so excited for him.

So, I'd love to hear about your collections! Please share!
Have a wonder-full Friday, y'all, and a super weekend!
Love, Becky

PS. Since I'm still in hibernation mode a bit, I picked out this collection of sleepy babies, cats and dogs for you. Enjoy!


a Tonggu Momma said...

I am a minimalist... except when it comes to Christmas ornaments. Also, my grandmother seems to be collecting antique cameras for me. I mentioned one time - JUST ONCE - that I liked them. Now I have a "collection" of four... all gifted by my grandmother.

lotusgirl said...

I love the porte-serviettes! That's a great collection--and so artistic.

That sleeping video is so adorable.

Here's hoping you're all better soon.

Kat said...

I don't do collections. I just can't. I am such a minimalist. The thought of having to dust some kind of collection makes me itchy.

Your collections are very organized though. I like those kind.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Hope you feel better soon! I adore collections, but have never collected anything with any fervor myself... but a napkin that says "Me" is pretty cool!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey y'all, I almost forgot!
She's busy collecting good grades for her divinity degree!

Love you Leah!

Jamie @ Baldwin Bungalow said...

Oh, I love your old clocks!

I collect vintage childrens books and (don't laugh) Starbucks cards. Not on purpose. Just realized that I had myself a collection going of about 10 different cards and decided to keep any others I received. You can imagine I was pretty upset yesterday when I realized that the Starbucks cashier had taken my Christmas one that I used up yesterday. I plan to go back and ask for another. :)

ForCryingOutLoud said...

As a youngster, I never understood why mom collected pitchers. Or dishes. Somewhere along the line, with my collection of hankies (they pack well!), china, convertible Hot Wheels, and numerous other things that I've noticed (in hindsight) have become "collections" - I've developed a greater understanding! (...ooh..did I mention shoes? purses? cameras? crystal bead necklaces? AAARRRGGGHHH!)

TattingChic said...

Hey, I thought I saw some tatting on that scalloped edged hanky!!! YIPPPEEEEE!!! I collect tatting shuttles and vintage hankies with tatted edgings on them.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

I love all your collections and the lesson as well... what a fun post..girl I could be here all day telling you about "all" my collections. I'll have to start posting them and sharing more.. thanks for the inspiration.
hugs ~lynne~

May Vanderbilt said...

Your clocks are bee-yoo-tiful but I can relate. For a while I was collecting tacky coffee mugs from all over the world. Whenever I traveled somewhere, I'd pick one up to remember.

But...I live in San Francisco and I don't have that kind of space!

So I took up collecting cool Christmas ornaments from around the world and it's much, much better. In countries that don't really celebrate Christmas, I just grab a small knick-knack and make it an ornament.

Great post!

Linda Crispell said...

We have littered our home with all sorts of collections including Pez and globes. You have touched a collecting nerve in me with your wonderful collection of feves!!!
A neighbor's grown son goes through our PEZ collection from time to time. He will buy a couple and we go out for a nice steak dinner!
French sugar cubes would look wonderful in old apothecary jars and they would be safe from vermin.
Glad your doing better.

Susan said...

My hubby and I are both collectors. We refer to our home, as the house of 10,000 things. In my Dec. 12 post you can see our collection of glass chickens. I collect lots of art related things and he collects record albums. Remember them? That's just to name a few. The surprising thing is we are both "less is more" types. Go figure!

Fete et Fleur said...

Great post! The porte-serviettes are the best and I don't think it's gross to reuse a napkin. In fact it makes a whole lot of sense. Loved the video, but I got a backache looking at the dog hanging over the couch! Yowza!!


JaxPop said...

Duct tape. I don't know what the deal is either - I was goin' through a garage cabinet recently & counted 31 new rolls of the stuff. I can't even remember the last time I used any!

(I couldn't comment 'til I found a mask & rubber gloves - just in case whatcha got is still 'catchy' - no offense - hope you're better) DE

Kathy2eggs said...

Oh....a collector....I'm such a collector that I've had to go into kidding...I was addicted to ebay sniping..I couldn't begin to list all my collections...but to name a few..Barbie' dishes, Hand painted rose dishes, snowflake ornaments, vintage children photos, especially those with dolls. Mercury items, miniature dishes, pincusion or half dolls.

CC said...

I'm trying to decrease my collections so that I have less to dust!

My brother used to have a Pez collection and it was pretty fun.

Kelly H-Y said...

Oh, the story about the French and their impeccably clean eating habits made me giggle ... especially the part about the kids!

My neighbor has a very similar collection of Pez dispensers ... I'd never met anyone before him that collected those!

Feel better soon!

liquidambar said...

Just had to say "food as a means of facial decoration" especially made me laugh. So funny ... and so right!

Jenn H.

Leah Skaggs, M.Div. '09 said...

Yea for collecting birthdays and good relatives! Thanks for the good wishes today. I love all of the collections from your adventures to the flea markets of the world... I can never make eye contact with you at your house because I am always busy looking at all the beautiful things!! My fav is are the linens... or the clocks. No - the keys. I am not sure. I like it all. It is fun to just drink good coffee and look!!

LW said...

I collect dolls; I do not have them all over my house like some people who collect dolls. Just a few
in my computer room and foyer and the rest I have pack away and rotate out.

I love the porte-serviettes! We always use cloth napkins so I think they would come in handy
in my house…


Rebecca Ramsey said...

People, I LOVE hearing about all your collections.
Dave, have you seen the amazing clothes you can make with duct tape? Google duct tape prom and prepare to be amazed. Think of the things you could make with all that tape!

Alex said...

Hi this post. I collect TURTLES!! :) Hope you have a good weekend.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I collect old copies of A Christmas Carol, pink transferware, weller forest pottery, ...

Love the sleepy video! Apple sleeps on her back and Edward curls up with his toys!

JaxPop said...

Becky - I checked out the duct tape clothes & tried it out - nothing challenging, I can't sew. It worked out pretty cool, but I should have shaved my legs before I put those socks on.

Silicon Valley Diva said...

Wow looking at the PEZ display makes me happy too.

I used to be a collector--I collected those tiny porcelain animals and model horses when I was younger, but now our house is just way too tiny to collect anything other than books.

Well, actually my husband does collect the corks leftover from wine bottles. He refuses to throw them away lol

Querulous Squirrel said...

Books and stationary supplies.

TattingChic said...

Hi Becky! I have a little award for you on my blog! :)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Thanks for swinging by today.. I not only won the spoon, I gained a friendhship.. Isn't blogland great? I hope you're having a super Sunday..hugs ~lynne~