Friday, August 29, 2008

Invasion of the Coneheads

Today's Wonder of the World is...the Cone!

Flickr photo by knitterj
Who can resist a dog in a cone? Especially a sleepy one.
Can you guess what started me thinking about the wonder of cones?
This conehead.

Flickr photo by rebelxtned
No offense, bird.
Actually it was yesterday's post on feathers.
Feathers reminded me of this.

Flickr photo by platinum 4977
Did you catch any of the Olympic badminton games? They used shuttlecocks with real feathers. Read more about them HERE.
Feather cones!

If I had seen the games in person, refreshments might have been nice.

Flickr photo by Axion Photo

I wonder if he serves sno cones.

Flickr photo by
No, not that kind.

More like this.

Flickr photo by gary 649

Or maybe an ice cream cone!

Flickr photo by dudette 1986
Hey! There's Robert Plant on tour back in 1977!

Here's another conehead that likes to tour around.

Flickr photo by esthermokka
You hardly see a gnome without a suitcase anymore.
Did anyone Amélie? (Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain)
Gnomes seem to like Paris. (Maybe it's the coneheads.)

Flickr photo by enemywithin 2000

If you're ever in Paris, I suggest that you hop on a train and take a three and a half hour ride down to the Auvergne, our old stomping grounds, to see the wonders of Clermont. There are ancient volcano cones!

Flickr photo by Dominique Robert

Cones in nature are amazing.
Like this coneflower.

Flickr photo by tp99z

And this romanesco.

Flickr photo by Cap'n Surly
Have you ever tried it? I'd love to know how it tastes.

But some cones just aren't natural. Like Madonna's.
Which reminds me of this.

Flickr photo by dadadreams
It's Cup or Cone, a collage by my friend Michelle at dadadreams.

There. Now you're abreast of the World of Cones!
What is your favorite cone? And which cones have I left out?

Have a Wonder-Full Friday, y'all! And a great weekend! Wonders Across the World Wednesday is coming up soon! Join in!

And enjoy this song from Honey Cone. It's sweet!

Love, Becky


Suzie said...

That is one big shuttle cock (hee hee)

Attic Rat said...

The picture of Robert Plant scared me just a little bit.

Rosemary said...

Hi Rebecca,
Wasn't that conehead guy from a small town in France?
Hope you have a great weekend!!

LarryG said...

you are of simply amazing...
have you always been an 'overacheiver?"

a Tonggu Momma said...

I hereby dub you The Queen Of Flickr.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Suzie, you are bad. Bad bad bad. :)
Attic rat, I'm with you. I had to include it for its weirdness.
Rosemary, tu as raison. (You're right, not you're a raisin.)
Larryg, you are the king of nice.
And tonggu momma, I've always wanted to be queen! But as an exercise of discipline, I'm going to try to post my wonders Mon. and Tues. without the help of flickr! How will I cope? I may crumble and end up scrapping the whole idea, but I'm going to try.

Paula Clare said...

Hi Becky,
Ah yes. The beloved coneheads of Saturday night live fame. Appropriate they were from france, don't you think? And YES! I've seen Amelie! LOVE the movie...the color, the scenery...the subtitles! WOOT!

What about Get Smart's infamous CONE OF SILENCE? (how could you EVER forget?!?!)

Anonymous said...

the dog cones will ALWAYS be a laugher!!! (btw: I wrote my September post last night....and I can't wait to read the others....he...he....)

Kristin said...

aahh..I love this post..It made me laugh, I love the cone head status, and the adorable dog with the cone on his head..haha wonderful post!!

Our Juicy Life said...

ah, this makes me want a vanilla soft serve dipped in chocolate cone. Yummy.

Barb said...

Hi Becky,

I needed this post tonight! I seem to be saying that daily-hehe.

I love the dog with the cone around his neck. Too cute.

How is Sarah doing?


TattingChic said...

Cute! I never gave so much thought to the mighty cone. My life has changed forever...

Randy and Linda said...

I like your way of tying geometry into the man-made and natural occurences of some of the basic shapes - you really have a wealth of knowledge and the desire to keep learning, Rebecca. And I must say that "Wonders Never Cease" must be the best blogsite ever!!! Would you believe I am halfway watching CONAN on NBC as I drifted towards your site! CONAN as in CONE. Very nice coincidence. Led Zeppelin (reminder from your R.Plant photo), will always be my favorite even if I can double my age to 100. Hope you got to watch Jimmy Page burn-up the guitar during the Olympic Closing Ceremony when they played "Whole Lotta Love" in the bird nest. Linda and I will drive day and night to see Led Zeppelin wherever we can get tickets for their upcoming tour.
-Loved the coneheads from SNL, and yes they were from France
-Domes in Auverne are so beautiful and that's a wonderful photo you picked. Must be the biggest cones on Earth! I mean volcanoes in general.
-LarryG >> there is no such thing as an OVERacheiver!!!! No matter how much this word is used, it nullifies itself by it's own definition. "OVER" implies you're doing TOO much of something good. You cannot OVERacheive because there is not and should never be a limit to how much a human can acheive. Larry, absolutely no offense at all to you, in fact I'm really glad you have such a nice comment for Rebecca! It's just that one word that's not accurate enough for her. You got it totally right to when you say - "you are simply amazing". I'm think she's very intelligent, gifted in many ways, has great attention to detail, and knows double and triple meanings of words, ties them together (words and concepts), and gets energized by doing challenging projects and seeing results. And by sharing information with people like us who find her blog topics very fun, interesting, too. Since I've been following her blogs for a few months, I know that everbody is really amazed with Rebecca's talents.
Rebecca - careful walking out of your computer room, I'm afraid I may have swelled your head temporarily! Keep up the great work.
Take care, Randy

Fete et Fleur said...

I've missed visiting you. I'm emerging momentarily from the bubblewrap to catch up!


Nancy D'Inzillo said...

Don't forget my favorite hat come Halloween-time: the cone-shaped witches hat. It's a classic! There are also traffic cones. . . and, because I was being a geek, I Googled images of cones and found out that Leicester in the UK proposed an art concept for Millenium cones!
I must admit, I'm happy they passed on that idea. *lol*
Finally, also definitely worth mentioning, the cones in your retina that help you to see.

Nancy D'Inzillo said...

Hmm. The link didn't work! Try Googling it; it's worth a look.

Denise said...

Hey - those bra cones looked freaky! :o)You do so good with Flckr! :o)
Have a great holiday weekend!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Got to love this line following the bra pic "and now you're abreast of the world of cones! Hehe. It just amazes me what you come up with. The only cone I was missing was of the Coneheads from Saturday Night Live, but you sort of had that with the guy selling peanuts.

Loved the Amelie movie! Sending the gnome out for travels was so funny. My favorite Audrey Tatou movie however was A Very Long Engagement. What a beautiful story and so visually stunning!

I laughed so hard at the video and the bad lip synching. I remember the song well though. I guess that dates me.


Gina2424 said...

Your posts are just a riot. You are a riot. I may need you for my personal tour guide when I finally get to cross France off my list, and since it is at the top....oh, and if you really loved the book, you may want to get "Strawberry Fields" too. I don't have it, or I'd send it.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Paula Clare, I LOVED the cone of silence! How could I have forgotten it? Even though it never worked.

Candy, can't wait to see it!

Kristin, glad it got your funny bone. I hope things with your mom are better!

Our juicy life, you've got me wanting a dipped cone too! You'll be eating French vanilla soon!

Hi Barb! Sarah is fine! She's home for the weekend to celebrate my b-day. It's been so nice having her around, but she loves school!

Tatting chic, that's what I'm here change lives. Ha ha.

Randy, you are too kind. And I always enjoy your comments!

Nancy, I hope the moving/house selling is going well!

Nancy D'Inzillo, I did Google it! It's wonderfully weird--huge green cones at round abouts. And yep, thank goodness for those eye-cones!

Hi Denise, remember those Jane Russell cones? Strange!

Kady, Audrey Tatou is amazing. I started to watch the Very Long Engagement, but I just couldn't do it--it looked too sad for that particular night. I will try again. I've heard it's a great one.

Gina, I would LOVE to be your tour guide. And I will see about Strawberry Fields. I'm really enjoying the tractor one.

Susan Tuttle said...

Tomorrow I will be on the lookout for cones in my environment, for sure! I could go for one of those ices -- yummy!