Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun With Needles! (An Ouch-Free Post)

Today's Wonder of the World is...Needles! But Only the Fun Kind!

Flickr photo by Shade McVay
Hedgehogs have always looked needly to me, but aren't those three babies cute?! You know, in an out of this world way?

One of my three babies had a needle encounter on Friday. Right as I was soaking in all your wonderful suggestions and sweet empathy over my Sarah flying the coop, (thank you again, so very much!) I got a phone call that my Ben had gotten in a fight with a gate at Cross Country practice, and the gate won. (A teammate decided to open the gate pole just as he was ducking under it. The force of it hitting him caused the gash.)

Right about then my left eye started twitching. (Overwhelmed me is not a pretty sight.)

See that beautiful, unmarred left shoulder of his? Right now that shoulder has what appears to be a hairy black caterpillar crawling up it, thanks to six brand new stitches.

They asked him about it at church on Sunday and he got to take off his shirt and show the youth group. I don't think he minded.
"At least I'll have a scar to show for it," he said.
Maybe it will match the scar he got in France, the one that I wrote about in French By Heart.
My boy is such a he-man.

Enough about the ouchy kind of needles.
Let's have some needle fun!

Ben has had his driver's license now for less than a week, but if I let him, he'd love to take a long drive. Maybe to see the Needles Highway in South Dakota!

Flickr photo by picturethepromises
And hey! there are pine needles in the picture!

I love pine needles. Especially against the snow.

Flickr photo by deepintheforestcat
We don't get a lot of that in South Carolina.

Hopefully Ben would take along a compass on his trip, and read its needle occasionally.

Flickr photo by Jonathan W

If he didn't pay close attention to the map, he might end up at Seattle's Space Needle.

Flickr photo by eightylbs
Which could be fun! Can't you just imagine George Jetson landing on that thing?

Now I've got the song "Here's George Jetson" in my head. "Jane, his wife! Daughter Judy.."
Maybe I'll find a record and play it! I hope the needle is still good.

Flickr photo by marshmallowpillow

Whenever I think of needles, I also think of these little guys.

Flickr photo by dukkillr

And porcupines remind me of sea urchins, with their needles/spikes.

Flickr photo by gekimo
And sea urchins remind me of sweet gum balls, with their sticky spikes.

Flickr photo by Jim-AR
And sweet gum balls remind me of pom pom fringe which have no needles at all...

Flickr photo by aaaandreaaaa
But you can sew them on with a needle!

Hopefully, we'll have no more sewing in our family that involves skin anytime soon.

Have a Wonder-Full Monday, everyone!
And watch this hedgehog eat a carrot. It's hilarious!
Love, Becky


Susan said...

...his boy Elroy...Ok, thanks a lot for that going through my head all day. Here's hoping the he-man isn't too sore. Hang in there, Mom. Have a great week.

Tara said...

Needles are fun and can be quite wondrous! I loved your post! Hope Ben continues to improve.


Suzie said...

IM glad this was ouch free I usually hate needles

Jamie said...

I saw the Space Needle and I thought "Hey! Home!" :) Ugh, sorry about Ben. I can't stand stitches. Just looking at a Band-Aid on someone makes my stomach turn - imagine what seeing stitches does. I'd rather see someone's gash than see a Band-Aid or stitches. Ok, going to put my head between my legs now...

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Thanks Susan and Tara!
Suzie and Jamie, I usually hate needles too. In fact I was a complete wimp and left the room while they sewed him up. I've sat through many sets of stitches with this boy, as well as broken bones but I still felt like a bad mommy. I just thought it'd be better than the doc having to scoop me off the floor! The last time I fainted was in the middle of a mammogram.
Take my word for it--not a good time to get queasy!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I don't believe I've seen a hedgehog from that angle before...

Rosemary said...

Poor guy!
I hate needles!
Those hedgehogs are adorable.
Thanks for all the great photos!!
Have a wonderful week!

May Vanderbilt said...

Wow! Now I sort of want to run out and adopt a hedgehog. I had no idea they were so adorable.

Throw me in the camp with the needle haters!

Alex said...

Your posts are always enjoyable. I love the blue sea urchin. :)

LarryG said...

anyone that picks on you after this lovely post is just "needling" you for no reason -
this is one topic that you have "sewn up"
thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Why do these things always happen when I am out of town? I remember being in Mexico when I got the call that he had stitches in his foot from stepping into the broken underwater pool light. Good thing there were no sharks in the neighborhood pool.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story! I tagged you come by and pick up your award..plenty of pine needles in NE!!
xxoo Denise

Anonymous said...

VERY CREATIVE! if I were to think of "needles"...I think the only thing that would come to mind would be the air needle that I need to air up my boys basketball.....I know....I'm braindead today...

StitchinByTheLake said...

So glad your son is ok - a mother's heart takes a beating when her child is hurt. Blessings, marlene

TattingChic said...

So sorry to hear that Ben got an owie! Those baby hedgehogs are adorable!!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Okay now, I have got to get me a hedgehog! How unbelievably cute is that?? Do you think Edward would let me? yeah well, me neither.

Feel better, Ben! And, Mom!

Naturegirl said...

This was a funny pricly kind of post!
Not when your Ben got his gash..
hope your Ben is on the mend.