Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birds of a Feather...

Today's Wonder of the World is...the Feather!

Flickr photo by redow
Feathers are amazing, don't you think?
The way they insulate a bird from heat or cold, the way the individual strands of a feather interlock.

Flickr photo by killersnowman
But most of all, the way they allow birds to lift themselves off the ground and soar!

My dear hubby loves to talk about flight (he was an aerospace engineer before he became a Michelin man) but I still can't understand how birds can do that! I mean I get the science, but it just doesn't seem possible!

Todd may know more about plane wings than bird ones, but the man used to be an expert on feathers.
At least he was back in 1980.
Don't you like his feathered hair?

Sorry sweetie to surprise you by posting your senior picture, but your feathered hair is AWESOME! What a handsome guy!
It was the style for boys and girls!
Remember feathered bangs?
Remember Farrah?

Ever since that hair dryer commercial Tuesday, I can't stop thinking about her.
My hair never would feather like hers did.

I bet Farrah doesn't know how to do the feather stitch.
But what do I know? Maybe she does!
First the chain stitch, and now the feather stitch. Next thing you know we'll be talking about French knots!

Flickr photo by Kay Susan

Some plants look all feathery.

Flickr photo by multicoloured arc (taking a break)
Are those seed pods, with feathery ends to help distribute the seeds?

Feathers are everywhere.
On land.
In the sea.
(Here's a marine Feather Duster.)

Flickr photo by p@ragon

And even in the sky!

Flickr photo by *~Dawn~*

I love a wintry morning when they show up on my windshield!

Flickr photo by roddh
Well sometimes I love it. Other times I just wish I didn't have to stand there scraping the windshield with an old credit card. (I never can find my scraper.)
But if I'm in a good mood and have had my coffee, I usually love looking at the ice feathers. Before I scrape them into oblivion.
Let's move on.

Maybe we're a little like birds. After all, feathers can keep us cool when we're hot.

Flickr photo by Osvaldo Zoom
That's a vendor in New Dehli selling peacock feather fans. Those fans have been around for a very long time. According to the Flickr photographer, Osvaldo Zoom, the peacock fans are first mentioned in a Sanskrit text in 5000 BC!

I could use these as fans, but I've always thought they look more like feather dusters.

Flickr photo by smithspix
It's pampas grass and it's really popular in South Carolina.

It looks like I'm not the only one that likes feather dusters!

Flickr photo by thrillhouse1980
I wonder if that cat does windows.

Have a Wonder-Full Thursday, y'all!
And enjoy this beautiful youtube video. It reminds me of the opening to Forest Gump, with the feather falling.

Love, Becky
PS. I'm thrilled that so many of you will be blog hopping with Miss Globe-head and me next week!
Thanks for spreading the word!
(And I haven't forgotten the drawing...I'll drop in around noon to draw the name!)
PS. again: I'm back early! Scroll down to the next post for the results!


Suzie said...

I had a farah. I wonder why feathered hair never came back in style

Attic Rat said...

Gorgeous post! Hey, I want a cat that does housework. Where can I get one of those?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

So THAT'S a feather stitch...I'd often wondered.

Rosemary said...

Hi Rebecca,
I remember in High School, everyone wanted that do!!
I love watching birds, but I don't like touching feathers. It's some weird thing I have.
Have a wonderful day,

LarryG said...

read Jonathan Livingston Seagull lately?
this is a lovely post...
i love your exploration of the many uses of a word...
and all without "ruffling any feathers" :) or was that "feathering any ruffles" lol
love and blessings to y'all!

LW said...

Feathered bangs, my daughter wore her hair like that, my dh called her the flying nun...


Susan said...

I still can feather my hair and now that it's "dark against light", it looks more bizarre than ever. Your hubs was (and still is, probably) a cutie. BTW, have you been "checked" recently? Sometimes you are just too much. Take care and keep us laughing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I've had a week decidedly tinted with the color grey (Blue is my favorite color, so 'having the blues' means something entirely different) and I love being reminded of how much around me is wonderful.

Kathryn said...

I love the opening and closing scenes of Forrest Gump. :) Great video too.



Lynne said...

Great site, funny comments. I have no idea what I could send you to top all those pictures. We once had a puppy who carried a scrub brush around and I wished she would figure out a pail and water, but she didn't. Nice to be here!

CC said...

Feathers are awesome. BUT, I always think they are so dirty that I refuse to touch them!

Now feathered hair on the other hand.....

Love the senior picture!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey folks. I'm just getting to read your comments. It's been one of those days!

Welcome to the blog, uppington, Janet, and Lynne!

Barb said...

I had a Farrah for a very short time.
Todd was a hottie in high school, love those wings.

If that cat is available, I'd like to book her/him.

thank you for another very entertaining post.