Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hi, and thanks for finding me! Welcome to my very first blog. I'm a little nervous...but maybe before I bite all my fingernails off I should tell you why I want to blog. Here's one reason...

This is my desk. See how messy it is? I've been writing like crazy lately, and when I'm working really hard sometimes I forget to have fun. It shows as the piles on my desk get higher and higher, and it shows in my writing too. Lately I've been slaving away on my latest work in progress-- push push push-- and my writing was getting wilted and droopy. So I looked at my favorite blogs out there (probably yours--I read it all the time when I should be doing laundry) and you motivated me!
So here I am.
I'm ready for fun.
I write mostly memoir, so of course I love to collect oddities and wonders of life--things that make me want to laugh or shudder or both--things that goose my creative spirit and make me want to write. So I thought I would share them with you. I hope you'll join in and add your two cents!

Now, this is not a wonder of life:

It might be in your house, but it's not in mine. It does not make me want to write. It makes me want to throttle someone. My middle child is a 15 year old boy who comes home from track practice every day and rummages through the kitchen cabinets like a bear, tearing into anything he can find. Notice how he has no respect for the top of the bag. And the embarrassing thing is that this picture was taken just a minute ago when I went to answer the phone. I put that bag away yesterday, so you know what this means? Ben had Doritos for breakfast. Don't tell anyone.

I will try to find a better wonder of the world for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here's one last picture of who's under my desk when I blog. I thought you should know.

This is Tanner The Slobber Dog. He looks kind of beaten down in this photo, but I assure you he has a healthy will of his own. He sits with me when I write and follows me around every time I get up. Actually, Tanner's quite a good example of a wonder of the world. He once ate half a container of spackling paste, and we had to stand him up on his hind legs and give him doses of hydrogen peroxide until he threw up. It's amazing that he survived, but more amazing that his regurgitated paste set up in the perfect shape of a bunny rabbit. Anyway, he's good company and keeps my feet warm.

Time to get back to work! (Me, not you!)
Please introduce yourself, and thanks for stopping by!


Adaora A. said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! I only started blogging from January so I'm quite new myself.

My desk looks exactly like yours only my laptop is on the left and piles upon piles of school books and loose papers liter the right. I think we're desk mates.

Your dog is beautiful. I've always wanted a dog. Can I steal him? Just promise you won't have me arrested when I run over the border with him.

I have an exam on Thrusday I should be studying for and my WIPs. But sometimes I have to surf.

I am Adaora by the way (as my username implies).

Yoli said...

Hello and welcome. Lovely place you got here. I will be looking forward to your posts.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Thank you adaora and yoli, my very first guests! I wish I could offer you something. Some tea, coffee? You're very kind to say hello.

And adaora, good luck on the exam!

debbie peterson said...

Hi,Found you on Pioneer Woman.Will bookmark your site and check in often.Also live outside Greenville,SC.Happy Blogging........Debbie

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Thanks Debbie!
Don't you love Pioneer woman? She's incredible, and my family cheers whenever they know I'm fixing one of her recipes for dinner.
For the rest of you, check out the site:

Good to meet another South Carolinian Debbie!

Adaora A. said...

No problem Rebecca! Thanks for the well wishes on my exam. ^_'

I'll take some herbal tea thanks!

debbie peterson said...

Rebecca,Have you checked out blog"Chickens in the Road" by Suzanne McMinn...she has a site on her blog on blogging Looks very informative.Debbie

Dream Keyper said...

I am Suzy- a creative spirit living in sunny Arizona. Very close to my sister and best friend, Polly. I love your style of writing, very amusing indeed. you make me smile and I shall be checking in on you every week! My sis and I have a blog, too. Please join us, as we are having a very beautiful giveaway! Suzy

Stephanie said...

Well welcome! Fun to see a glimpse into your world.

thanks for the visit, I'll be back...

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Thanks Dream Keyper and Stephanie! And Debbie, I visited the blog you mentioned. Fun! I appreciate the recommendation.

Rebecca Ramsey said...
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Rebecca Ramsey said...
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Rebecca Ramsey said...
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Rebecca Ramsey said...

Okay people, in case you're wondering, this delete button is possessed.

Susan Tuttle said...

Congratulations on establishing your new blog!! I know you will enjoy the adventures of blogging.

I can't wait to hear more about what you are working on.

Thank you so much for your kind words about my book.

It was great to meet you! You were superb to work with on the banner.


May Vanderbilt said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute. When you start blogging, you tell May Vanderbilt.

This is a rule!!!

I love it! It's gorgeous. I'll be seeing you around the information super highway.

PS I can't believe your son is 15 now!!!

Susan Sandmore said...

Gosh, I'm glad your dog has that expression, too. We have a golden and she always looks so . . . morose. I thought it was that we were depressing her!

Anonymous said...

My pet once ate a small box of detergent. I was worried but she was all right after that. I absolutely love her and can't live without her. It is good to have a dog in the house. They are amazing.

Yet to read your book. Though read excerpts. I don't live in the States and couldn't find your book. and Amazon shipping charges are way too high. sigh.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Susan T., Thanks for your comment. I'm absolutely in love with the banner that you made for me. I keep looking at it when I should be writing.

May, your blog inspires me. It's part of the reason I wanted to share in the fun! So thanks! And yes, I can't believe Ben is 15 either...until I stand next to him and wonder, who is this man?

Susan S., yes, I see that same expression all the time on Tanner. It's puzzling--but then I see the tail wagging and stop my worrying.

Kaajal, it is good to have a dog in the house. Growing up my dog was always outside, so it's taken some getting used to. And when I see him napping in my bed with his doggy head on my pillow, I often wonder if I hit my head at some point and lost all my good sense.
He's definitely part of the family.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, I have a dog, actually two, who sit with me while I write. Plus two cats that feel its their duty to sit on my desk and edit. Then there are two boys who give me lots to write on. LOL I love your blog I'm adding it to my favs. BTW I'm Joy Locke and you can find my blog on Word Press under JoyLocke2000. Hope to see you I'll be back. Joy

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I wish I had a cat who edits! Good to meet you!

Rebecca Ramsey said...
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