Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm back and I've missed you!

Hey there, stranger!
It's been so long that you probably don't even know me anymore. I feel like I should offer you something for being so nice to stop by. How about some brownies and sweet tea in a classy plastic Doctor Pepper glass? There's no ice in there but I got it right out of the fridge so it's still nice and cold. Don't mind the bird there sitting on some dead-ish moss. I just like him there no matter what anybody says.

See the birthday napkin? We celebrated my Sweetie's 50th birthday yesterday (I know! I can't believe it either!) but since you're here, we can pretend it's your birthday. I was going to serve you some of the left over banana pudding and even put a candle in it, but I'm afraid you just can't make banana pudding look appetizing on film so we'll stay with the brownies. If you come over in real life I will give you two big dollops and more to take home because I've got way too much in my fridge and only three of us here to eat it.

So I hope you'll tell me how you're doing and what you've been up to lately!
I've missed my blogging friends and blogging too. Life got uncomfortably crazy and I got bloated and grouchy so I took a break for more than a year, and now I'm glad to start back again, blogging on faith and family and the wonders/curiosities/weirdness of life. I'm not sure how often I'll post. When I started the blog (back in 2008!) I posted every day and I loved it. And then I switched to three times a week and that was fun. But now I'm feeling so at ease with life and its nuttiness that I'll just say I'll post when I feel like it. How about that?! :) I hope you'll come by when you feel like it too. 

So when you last left me back in February of 2011 (or I guess I left you--sorry!) I was making stew and writing for Reflections. So shall I catch you up a little on what's happened between then and now?
I'll make it quick. Sort of.
First I got a job working with these fine teenager people.
That's the youth group at my church. They needed someone to help part time, and they're a lot of fun.The job involved a sweaty hot mission trip, a sweaty hot youth camp, and a sweaty hot retreat, but I can still truthfully say that I really enjoyed it! (Just not the sweating part.) The kids made me feel good about the future and humanity and let me keep tabs on my youngest as well, so what more do you want?

Meanwhile, my middle baby was getting ready to graduate from high school.
I will always think of him like this.
No one ever told me that when your middle child (who was your baby for many years, during a time when you had exceptionally big hair and no thought of a third child) gets ready to graduate, you do crazy things like deciding to put down engineered hardwood in the sun room before all the family comes for graduation.
What poor posture. Don't look. Instead, focus on Tanner. What a lazy bones. He wasn't any help at all with the vacuum.

Sometimes I worked to the tune of tuba music.
Oh, and Ben finally decided what school to go to. It's in Durham, North Carolina and it rhymes with Puke.
Sorry, but I'm an NCSU fan at heart, and anyway, it's hard to cheer for the Devil.  But I'm really happy for him and I will still love him just as much as long as he doesn't become obnoxious. :) He's promised me he won't and he hasn't so far.

So graduation came and went and we all survived.                              Then in June (on Flag Day, as usual!) I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary with this lovely man. Do not fear, he has shaved since the photo was taken.
And in July, guess what movie the whole family went to see?
And yes, we took the broom.

You still there? 
It will be over soon.

Then, on the very hottest record breaking day of the year, we granted my mother's birthday wish (for which she had pined and hinted way too many years) and had a professional photo shoot of our whole family. It was 99 sweltering degrees, but Ashley Stephenson at Story Photographers actually made it fun! (And no one had expected that! At least I hadn't!) And Mom brought Popsicles so that helped.

Okay, speeding things along here...

School started again. Sarah went off for her senior year, Ben started his freshman year, Sam started 7th grade at a new school, and a couple months later, I got my dream job! Really!

As Minister to Children at my church, I get to do all the things I love the most.  I work with children ages 1st through 5th grade, directing their Sunday school experience and working with a faculty of awesome teachers. I get to write a lot--new Godly Play lessons for them to enjoy, a Godly Play blog The Wonder Circle for their teachers, and a weekly newsletter for families. I work with the Children's Committee to plan monthly fun activities for the kids, and I do whatever it takes to support their families and the church in building their faith. This summer I'll co-direct 2 sessions of Children's Mission Week, take a group to Camp Prism for 4 days, and lead Excellent Adventure, a VBS experience for elementary kids. I couldn't be happier and I never ever want to leave. No matter what.
Really. Don't fight me for my job. I might have to smite you.

I could go on and on about my job (and I will I'm sure) but what else happened while you were away?
My sweet Sarah got accepted into an Occupational Therapy program for grad school and got in some early practice on her grandma when my mom had her hip replaced over the winter.

Christmas came and my Sam got a prank kit.
How that boy loves to freak people out.

Ben started racing with the cycling team at school. He loves it, and only has flown over the handlebars once or twice. (Yey for helmets.)
Then yesterday, my honey turned 50 and we had a party. Oh yeah, I told you about that. It reminded me how much I love having a house full of people, as long as Tanner the Slobber Dog is at the Doggy Motel where he can't eat off your plate and sneak a lick of your hands whenever you aren't expecting it. Maybe that's part of what I miss about blogging--having a house full of people ready to chat whenever they have a moment. And getting to stop by your place too. No trips to the kennel or cleaning and cooking required.

Won't you say hi and tell me what's new in your life?
Much love,


Kari said...

Glad you are back! I was on maternity leave when you last posted but now my baby is 15 months old. I am working at a different school this year and loving it.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It's nice you are back... of course you did not leave... it's just now we can see what's kept you busy, and I like that.
We built a shed, and call it a barn. And other stuff, too.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I can't tell you how happy I was to see this post!! So great to see you again.

Life's been different for us since January when our third son was in a serious car accident. He's doing rehab here with us, which is great. He's doing well and life is easier than it was in January, I can tell you that! Take care.

Kim said...

Welcome back. Glad to hear all is well with you.

Heidi Mann said...

What a JOY to see your blog title pop up in my inbox! I've missed you, and your inspirational reflections on life! But it's always good to know when to take a breather, so I'm glad you did.

I have a 7th-grader as well (I'm sure Logan and Sam would get along great!), and a 1st-grader with mild/moderate ADHD (diagnosis since your last blog post, I think). We are finding out what works, and mostly we're good.

My editing business is growing, and more of the work is faith-related now, which is awesome! I look forward to when I have ALL faith-based projects!

Take care--

Rebecca Ramsey said...
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Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh, how wonderful to hear from you all!
Kari, I'm so happy for you! Fifteen months is such a great age!

Natalie, my husband has been talking about doing the same thing and even drew up plans for it. But then he discovered that he could clean up a large-ish closet in our garage and made that his man cave. :) Does your barn have chickens?

Hey Laura! Your book is in our church library and I love seeing people with it! I'm so sorry about your son's accident. I'll be praying for him.

Hey Kim! Nice to see you!

Heidi! It's great to see you too! With kids it's so good to know what you're dealing with so you know what to try. I'll be thinking about your youngest. Wish we could get Sam and Logan together! How great that your business is growing. :)

How great to see you all.

Ronnie said...

Woooooo! (Hoot Holler) You're back! So glad to have you in my life again. As for us...Joe and I are packing up the last of our belongings and making our move to St. Marys, GA official.
LOVE YOU, Becky!!!

Anonymous said...

You know, I JUST cleaned out my blog reader A WEEK AGO and thought, "Hm, just cannot delete her right now...I wonder how she's doing..." ANd here you are with lovely updates! Glad to read you and your family AND Tanner the Slobber Dog are all fine and thriving. And especially pleased to read about your new job!

Jenny said...

Yay Rebecca! I have kept you on my blog roll cause I didn't want to miss it if you came by for a visit. I must have caught the bug too because I have been off the bloggie "grid" since June but I may join you in making a "comeback" too. Yet the blogging style you purpose you will keep this time around is one I have posted by all along: as I can find the time. In the last year two of our three girls are "teens" and along with the great comes some ick. Ya know, boy/girl issues, that pesky texting, and some "drama". what a new adventures you certainly have had going on and I am glad you brought the brownies.

Karen said...

Whew, Becky, your year really was full! But I see nothing but fun, fellowship, family and joy. So welcome back.

PS-I have a slobbery dog too.

Cathy said...

so glad to see you back posting on your blog!

Kat said...

See??? This is why I refuse to clean out my blog reader of my favorite bloggers. Even if they haven't blogged in forever. What if they come back? And you've come back!!!!! YAY!!!
So glad to hear that everything is going so well. Congrats on your dream job! And the anniversary! And the birthdays! And the smart, wonderful children! Life sounds busy, and crazy, and wonderful, just as it should be! :)
So glad you are back!!!!!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I love you too, Ronnie! Congratulations on the move! Wow!

Hey Green Girl,so glad you didn't delete me! It's great to hear from you.

Hi Jenny. Oh yes, I know the drama well. Living right in the drama as we speak. Roller coaster teenhood can be wild and furious. I'm thankful that we all survive and that it's peppered with great moments of laughter and closeness (between the times I'm pulling my hair out. :)

Hi Karen, it has been good, but it's not been all roses and sunshine--as it never is with anybody. I've also undergone a serious illness of one of my kids, a suicide of a dear, dear friend, and normal up and down moments we all live through. But there have been great times too. Right now I'm just thankful for my family and friends and grace--and generally at ease with what comes next. Maybe it's age? I don't know, but I'm glad to be here. :)

Hey Cathy, thank you! I love keeping up with you on facebook!

It's great to see you Kat! I've thought about you and your kids and wondered how you're doing. I hope to make the rounds soon to visit!

sheila said...

I've found your blog through Wonder circle. I am wondering what ages you provide Godly Play for. Specifically do you offer Godly Play to preschoolers?

Adrienne said...

What a nice surprise to see this post! I'm so glad you and your family are doing well, and that you landed your dream job :)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hi Sheila, yes we do offer Godly Play to preschoolers. I don't work with them though, so I don't include that group in my blog. They love it and do so well with Godly Play!

Hi Adrienne, it's so good to hear from you. I hope you're well!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Sheila, one more thing...I think you've brought up something important. I'll work on adding a preschool page to my blog and will share a little about how our preschoolers do Godly Play. It might take me a few weeks though. Thank you!

Unknown said...

I've missed you and am so glad you are back! I thought for sure my blogger dashboard was messed up when I saw your name!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

It's nice to see you too, Dawn!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

It's nice to see you too, Dawn!

Daricia said...

hi becky! i don't know how i missed your jumping back into the blog world, but i did until now. i went back to find where you first started up again and - wait...let me check that date again...yep - your husband and i turned 50 on the same day! happy belated bday to your husband! now to catch up on the rest of the posts. glad you're back!