I enjoy speaking to groups about culture and mothering, finding God in the least of these and right in the middle of the carpool run.

For booking, contact me at rebecca.ramsey1(at)gmail(dot)com.

Possible Topics include:

French Dip: A Baptism into Beatitudes and Chocolate

Jesus in Disguise: Surprise Encounters with the God of Wonders

An Accidental Pilgrimage:  How My Spiritual Life Won a French Makeover and Discovered Peace Along the Way.

Brave Mothering: Bring Up Christ's Kids in the Land of the Free

Letting Go of Miss Perfect to Be God's Beloved

Speaking and Interview Experience
I love speaking at churches and book clubs, but I've also spoken to groups at these institutions:

I'm a chatty guest author, too. Especially if there's coffee!

Church and Synagogue Library Association

Want to gab with me on live radio? Fine!
I bring chocolate for courage. (Don't worry, I share.)

Here are Mo Gaffney and Shana Wride, the lovely ladies of the nationally syndicated radio program "Women Aloud."  It's too bad that no recording exists of our delightful interview, because you may have missed my story of the day I found a pig in my in-laws' bathtub. Sad, but you'll survive.

Give a listen to my interview with Karen Ross, of Connect with Karen
Part One

Part Two

(If I had ever thought that one day I'd be blasting home photos all over the internet, I guarantee you I would have put away that ironing board!)