What do I believe?

I believe in God as revealed in Jesus Christ. I believe that everyone is invited and welcomed into the kingdom of God and that the priesthood of all believers is an amazing gift--that all human beings have the freedom and responsibility to relate directly to God, without  the intervention or control of anyone else. 

With the help and inspiration and power of the Holy Spirit, I try my best to follow the Way of Jesus the Christ and share the Good News through my life. I know I'm not so great at this, but I won't give up. I'm thankful for the generous way God doles out grace because I need it so much. 

I'm in awe of the relentless way God loves me and the way God loves you, just as we are, and that even if we had a chance at being perfect, God couldn't love us anymore than God does right now. To show my gratitude, I want to be the whole, healthy person God created me to be.

I believe that God continually speaks to each of us daily through the people that we meet and the places in which we find ourselves. It is my hope and privilege to remind others (and myself) to turn away from the toxic busyness of our culture and listen for what God has to say at this very moment.