Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Use Your Noodle

Today's Wonder of the World is...the Art of the Noodle! And Noodle Art!

My baby Sam loves his noodles. There he is, a few weeks before we moved to France, slightly noodle drunk. Suck it in, Sammy. People are looking.

Nine years later, he's still noodle crazy. So when I hopped over to see what The Pioneer Woman was up to this weekend, and found her ka-noodling with a preacher, (making noodles and sauce, you naughty thing you) I thought we might try it ourselves.

It wasn't as hard as I expected. After all, all you do is mix eggs with flour, knead it around, roll it out while watching the Disney Channel until your mom has a little fit and makes you turn it off ...

cut it in strips...

Boil it 2 minutes, and voila!

We made her sauce recipe too, and let me tell you, it was divine!

How about a little noodle factoid?
Old Mr. Wikipedia says that the oldest noodles ever discovered were found along the Yellow River in China. They were 4000 years old!
I wonder if they looked like Ramen noodles. Those always look petrified to me.

Speaking of Ramen noodles, take a gander at this Tower of Noodleness.

Flickr photo by Munguent
The flavor packet circles are quite a nice touch.

I also like this noodle art on display at Art Beijing, an international art fair.

Flickr photo by Jef Aerosol

Take a closer look at those noodles he's eating.

Flickr photo by Jef Aerosol
Cool, huh?

Artist Jason Mecier might have eaten from that cup o'soup. At least the freedom noodle part.
Look what he did with a few boxes of noodles!

Photo by
Tammy Faye! Done completely in noodles! Even her eyelashes!
Jason's crazy collages amaze me. Take a look for yourself. It just might inspire you to get out the Elmers and a box of macaroni.

Have a wonder-full Wednesday, y'all!
Love, Becky


Ellen said...

Becky, my hat's off to you! You always find the most interesting blog topics. My son is also an avid noodle lover---and now that he's busily counting down the days until the end of our school year, he's got a new summer project to try :) Thanks so much!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

You're quite welcome, Ellen!
I'm happy to oblige. At our house we need all the summer project ideas we can get!

Randy and Linda said...

A very delicious topic for today! They're so simple yet so necessary as a foundation to lay the main course on top of. Just think of all the 1000's of recipes they are a part of. I like the noodle art with the words, and the one of ramen, which was once almost a food staple for me. Thanks for alway using your "noodle" for always coming up with new and interesting topics for us readers, and for putting in the extra effort and thoughtfulness into every blog you post. You are amazing!

adrienne said...

Wow, that's a far cry from the macaroni projects we did in school. I want to know what kind of glue he uses.

Those homemade noodles look great! My grandmother taught is how to make cavatelli when we were little - you roll little pieces of dough against a cheese grater. That kept us busy for an afternoon.

jama said...

Fun noodlin' around with you today :9. . .

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Now I can't get Seinfeld's noodle Suuperman out of my head...

Rosemary said...

That's using your noodle!!
I remember noodle art in school.
I think my daughter made a wreath and they spray painted it gold.
Those last forever!
Hope you are having a great day,

T. Anne said...

I was hungry till I saw Tammy Faye.

Sherry said...

I got hungry just looking at some of the photos.
Amazing noodle art in the Tammy Faye Baker "portrait."

Suzie said...

IM a noodle fan had them for lunch in soup. Noodles are good for the noodle

Silicon Valley Diva said...

What a darling picture! Such a cutie. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I am totally tempted to try it. Looks so delicious. Yum!!!

Kelly H-Y said...

Wow ... your homemade noodles and sauce made my mouth water! They look delicious!

Paris said... the first pic. You never cease to amaze me with what you come with. I was just telling another good friend about your blog! =)

rochambeau said...

A very Noodleishes post Becky! You always think of the most creative topics to think about. Nothing better than a home made noodle!!!


TattingChic said...

I loved making noodle art when I was little. Well, it was more like macaroni that was painted, LOL!
I remember being in total AWE of noodles spray painted with gold, LOL! I thought they were priceless works of art!

(notice that the word "thought" is very much past tense, LOL!)

Susie Q said...

You are such fun Becky! I love it here with you! Oh Sammy!! How cute is that picture!!
We are big noodle lovers here...noodles of all sorts! Can you imagine how excited we were when we got two Noodle Company restaurants here! : )
Grace and Dan could live by noodles alone! Even Tammy Faye noodlely eyelashes!


ChefDruck said...

What an amazing post! I love making homemade noodles and it is a great project to make with kids. I am so psyched to have stumbled upon your blog from Silicon Valley Diva's comments. I love finding fellow Francophiles in the blogworld.

CC said...

Yummy noodles! I think we could live off of those!

Jojo said...

The noodle art is impressive but somehow I feel more attached to bean art. Remember all those Bible school projects with beans and noodles?

Linda Crispell said...

Sam, the cutest baby in the world? Yup!

JaxPop said...

Thanks for including the 'suck it in' phrase. I instintively inhaled to hide my gut. Deb makes her own ravioli - so I hafta go around suckin' it in frequently these days. I hate gettin' old.