Friday, May 29, 2009

Meals on Wheels

Today's Wonder of the World is...Meals on Wheels!

Flickr photo by artcphoto
No, not the nationwide program to bring meals to the homebound, though it certainly deserves its own special post as a Wonder of the World. I've done a Meals on Wheels route for years and love my clients dearly. I must blog about that one of these days.
But today I'm honoring the other kind of Meals on Wheels: the chuckwagon! Just call me Cookie.
(Technically that's the name for the chef, but I like to pretend.)

We can fix you up with the slightly bored hot dog man above, or go vegetarian if you like.

Flickr photo by allaboutgeorge

How about an eggroll?

Flickr photo by Marie (Austin)

Or a taco?

Flickr photo by josewolff

I bet their tamales are out of this world.

Flickr photo by cheezemaster
One of my favorite bakeries sells its tamales at construction sites all over Greer via a vending truck. How I wish it would drive through my neighborhood! If they'd just ring a little bell, I'd come running!
Just like we did in France.

Flickr photo by aschmitt
Technically they didn't ring a bell. Neither did they drive through my quartier. Nor did we come running. (What a liar I am!) We drove to the pizza trucks parked all over Clermont Ferrand.

Can you believe it? A wood burning oven in a truck?

Flickr photo by
dogs bark at night
It's true. And the pizza was REMARKABLE!
Here's a seafood one. Yum.

Flickr photo by ijspence
Maybe I need to put on my readers, but that one looks to be just shrimp and mushroom, hold the octopus and squid, hold the traditional egg in the middle. My friend Silicon Valley Diva recently got me thinking about French pizza, and how leftovers from the seafood version smelled up the fridge. But it's so, so good when it's hot!
Notice the slightly burned edges. That's a must from a wood fired pizza truck oven. Crispy, yet chewy. Yum.

And for dessert?

Flickr photo by bettybl

Mister Softee, of course!

Flickr photo by Mandy~Gill

Have a wonder-full Friday and a super weekend everyone!
Get your dimes (dollars?) ready! Summer's coming soon!
Love, Becky


a Tonggu Momma said...

Ah, street food... the husband's favorite.

TattingChic said...

Today's Wonder of the World: "The Roach Coach!" Thank you, Becky! (At least that's what they call 'em 'round here, LOL!)

Ellen said...

Food! I love food!!! Wonderful posting, Becky. I love living in the country, but oh what I wouldn't give for even a pizza delivery some time :)

LW said...

I keep telling my hubby that he should get a hot dog cart when he retires …

He just rolls his eye at me.


Stacy Nyikos said...

Some of the best food comes from the smallest hole in the wall kind of restaurants. Ones on wheels even!

LW said...

that is eyes, not eye.....he really has two...


Silicon Valley Diva said...

You know, that French pizza does look yummy. I think I WILL try it one time lol.

Thanks for the mention! You are too sweet. Have a great weekend.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

All ice cream treats taste better when they come straight off a little white truck.

Suzie said...

Those tamalies looked so GOOD!!!

Barb said...

I love roach coaches! In Az they truly are roach coaches. i have a funny joke about meals on wheels in Heaven. When I can I will email it to you. It's so funny (I think).

Have a fantastic weekend.


adrienne said...

Now I have to grab a snack!
Oh, how I wish we had Sabrett's around here.

Kelly H-Y said...

Those vendors are all over downtown Portland ... there was a soup vendor I was particularly fond of when I worked downtown ... I was addicted to their tomato-basil ... the BEST!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Renee said...

Becky I would love to hear about the meals on wheels you are involved in too.

Is your daughter back yet.

Thanks for the best wishes.

Love Renee xoxo

JaxPop said...

... like the soft pretzel guys in Philly sweating in the hot summer sun... They stick the pretzels under their arm (right up to their armpits!) to free up their hands to make change. No street vendors, no roach coaches & no hot dog stands for me.

I don't even allow roach coaches on my jobsites. Guess I'm evil.

One of these days I'll post about how my youngest son harrassed the ice cream dude in our neighborhood 'til the guy jumped outta the truck to give chase (without 1st engaging the parking brake.) Alas, no more ice cream dude after that.

rochambeau said...

Great one Becky!
I love street food!
My favorite was tamales in Guatemala.
I liked them so much, that I ate them for dinner 3 nights in a row.
The photo you chose with the kids eating Mr. Softie, is so cute.
Happy Weekend!


R&L said...

Even after a close-up look at that seafood pizza photo, I'd have to say this is one of the few French meals that looks nauseating. But I bet its delicious! I remember some French pizza in Cannes and Strasbourg, and its wonderfully healthy and tasty, once you get used to the thinner crust. I'm guessing you've paid a visit to at least a vendor or two at Freedom Weekend. Love NYC pretzels, but couldn't convince the wife and two young lady teens with us to get one, so food had to come from a restaurant - I think they missed out! Meals on Wheels is a very respectable business with such a great cause. The elderly and incapacitated have so much to share, and are so greatful for those meals that arrive regularly. My mother did some of that in CH/NC - will email you newspaper photo. Also have a photo I took in Russia of a chuckwagon / stagecoach style one. Nice topic Becky, mmmmmmm ...... getting hungry!

Susan said...

Fun post, but no street food for me. I prefer to eat in a restaurant. I'm a bit stand-offish when it comes to mobile foods.

Sherry said...

A shrimp and mushroom pizza, perhaps loaded with cheese? YUM!!!!

And double yum for ice cream, whether from a truck, a car, a hand-cranked churn, an ice cream parlor or anywhere else.