Monday, November 22, 2010

Hop in the Birdbath

I certainly didn't expect anything extraordinary from last week's trip to the dentist.
A thorough cleaning, of course. Maybe some gentle hints about flossing more. An explanation of that new little ridge my tongue had discovered on top of one of my molars.

So I was a bit surprised to find my normally attentive hygienist, Jo Carol, staring out the window as I sat down in her chair.
"Would you look at that," she whispered.
I wasn't sure if she was talking to me, so I said, ""Hey Jo Carol. How are you doing today?"
"Come get a look at this," she whispered again.

I put down my purse and joined her at the window. What was she staring at? The view wasn't great, just a tree and some grass and the parking lot of the orthodontist next door.

"See the birds?" she said, pointing at four or five little wrens splashing around in the water on the pavement.
"It rained last night, and every time it rains, that little corner there makes a puddle that stays around for a little while. It's funny, no matter what time of year it is, as soon as that puddle appears there's a half dozen birds swooping down to play in it. Look at them splashing around. They must be babies. And look, there's their mama, the big one there."

We stood there a minute and watched the birds flicking their feathers around in the water, wading in it, drinking and splashing, stepping on the fallen leaves with their little twig legs.

"Birds know the secret," she said as I sat down in the chair and she clipped the bib around my neck. "When something good lands on your lap, you gotta put down your busyness. Enjoy it while you can."

I nodded.

"Of course, birds are better at that than we are. There's so much we think we have to do."

Amen, Jo Carol, my hygienist/sage.
I needed to hear that. Don't we all, as we get ready to celebrate a day of thanks-- a day with so many To Do lists attached?

And just so you know, Jo Carol isn't just a dispenser of wisdom.
That new little ridge on my molar?
"It's just a broken filling, Hun. An easy fix. Happens to all of us as we get to a certain age."
If you need me, I'll be the old woman out shopping for a cane along with the turkey and cranberries.

Have a wonder-full Monday, y'all!
Love, Becky

Photo by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) through creative commons


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Becky, oh, but it's hard getting old. That said, I love that we'll always have things like birds in puddles to gaze upon, no matter our age, so long as we have eyes to see. :) Blessings in your week!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Even Jesus knew to point out the birds to us mere mortals. A good reminder of so many things.

Karen said...

Rebecca, I like that, "put down your stuff and enjoy." Thanks for sharing that moment in time. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. (I've already had several fillings, refilled!

Ann said...

A good reminder for me to fill the bird bath! Happy Thanksgiving!

Kat said...

Well I definitely needed this reminder as I am all about my huge to do list lately. ;)
Great post!

Locusts and Wild Honey said...

Oh I want to hug Jo Carol! I love, love, love people who take the time to stop and notice nature--and more importantly what nature is telling us.

Laura said...

This spoke to me in a couple of ways today, Becky. I love the idea of gazing on the birds in puddles, and I'm fresh from the dentist today, too!

Great reminder. (except I could have gone without that getting old part... :0)

Graceful said...

I love that your dental hygenist is also your sage. You never know who will bestow a blessing on you.

I first read the title of this post as "Hope in a Birdbath." I think that title is certainly appropriate, too.

Blessings this Thanksgiving to you and your dear family, Becky.

Mompriest said...

sweet story. When I lived in AZ we would relish in the birds at our birdbath and in the puddles on the rare occasion it rained. Here in Chicago it is more difficult to see birds on the ground...

Barb said...

Well said Becky. Put down that list barb....

Happy Thanksgiving my friend.


Silicon Valley Diva said...

Have a wonderful wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Birds have so much to teach us. I can watch them for hours. We mostly have crows in our yard which always make me think of Edgar Allan Poe!

Angie Muresan said...

Jo Carol is a wise woman, indeed.

Happy Thanksgiving, Becky.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Love to you all, and happy Thanksgiving!
I'm so thankful for my online friends. You add so much to my life!

Daisy said...

What a wonderful thought. My dentist's office has birdfeeders outside the exam room windows. I'll remind myself to watch them and relax.

Susan said...

Great post. Such sweet birdies. AND welcome to the world of aging. It starts with the teeth and moves onward. We'll be calling you Granny before you know it. Have a great week!

Douglas Dahl said...

Ahh yes...Birds live simple lives with no worry. I suppose much like the life God intends for us. Thanks for the post.