Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blooming Blendship

We sat together at a little table in the coffee shop of a bookstore, practically strangers.
I liked her art and her heart for the homeless, and she liked a story I'd written, so we took a chance and met.
A year ago I might have worried if it might be awkward. If there might be long silent pauses, minds racing for something to say. But not now. Maybe it's the wild ride I seem to find myself on, but now when somebody new suddenly pops her head into my life, I press the brakes to my busyness to see what might happen next.
This time what happened was friendship!
We sat at the table, surrounded by books, and told our own stories, one after another.
I could feel friendship's tiny rosebuds sprouting between us, my roots shifting, making room for someone new.

What a joy!
It amazes me that in the craziest of times, old friends appear, new friends materialize, and close day-by-day friends loop their arms through mine, letting me lean or hold tight or just feel their presence. You all are counted in that web of locked arms. Thank you!

You know what your friendship reminds me of? Something I encountered on Monday.
Let me share the story.
Friday I got some scary news. Someone very near and dear to me discovered a lump in her breast. I went with her to the ultrasound Monday, and watched the nurse lead her to an examining table, take a blanket out of the warming drawer, and spread it over my dear one, wrapping her in its comforting heat. Within minutes we received the report that the lump was benign, nothing to worry about, and we nearly cried with relief.
I think of my friends and that blanket reappears. That's part of what friendship is. A comforting, protecting blanket of warmth when the world is scary, wrapping us close in the middle of it all.

We told the story of Ruth with our fourth graders on Sunday. What a pleasure, that at the same time that I've felt carried along by my friends, I could share Ruth's story and celebrate friendship! I've always loved the story, the daughter and her mother in law caring for each other, clinging to each other, supporting each other. Sharing each other's stories, weaving their stories together. I love that friendship is another way of experiencing God and accomplishing God's work.

I'm so thankful for you, my friends, and for God's gift of friendship!
Have a wonder-full Wednesday, y'all!

Love, Becky

Photo courtesy of Pensiero, licensed through creative commons


lotusgirl said...

I love finding new friends. Kindred spirits. I'm rereading French by Heart for my book club this week. So nice. I'm supposed to take the treats. Any suggestions?

Alise said...

What a beautiful post. There is nothing quite as invigorating to me as a new friend. And yes, virtual friends totally count. (Though real live hugs are super awesome.)

Jenny said...

You know I think I need to reread French my Heart again too. New friendships are wonderful...and yet living in the sticks as I do it most certainly requires my intentional reaching out. And I just haven't been doing that. Here's hoping and praying that there would be a new found friend 'round these parts....I gotta put on the brakes too. My online friends though are such an encouraging bunch, and for that I am dearly thankful.

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Becky, I count you among my new friends, even though from afar. Like you, I am always amazed how God works in His putting people on our paths at different essential points in our lives. Friends wax and wane through the years, but I really do believe God supplies us with what we need, even if we have to be proactive about it during certain seasons. By far, the most faithful friend of all, and one that will never disappoint, ever, is God himself. :) But nice that while we are waiting to meet Him face to face, He gives us others to enjoy. Super nice post!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I love your comments.
Lois, how nice that y'all are doing FBH! I'm sending you a bisou! As for the treats, hmmm...maybe a cheese plate with some crusty baguettes...or French-ish pastries? Chocolate mousse and fruit?

Alise, I'll return the hug, and yes, I completely agree. I'm so glad to count you as one of my new sweet friends!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Jenny, I too have always found it hard to make time and effort to reach out. It takes making an effort in our busy lives, and it can be hard to keep our heads above water, let alone take time to make new friends. And Amen on being thankful for my online buddies. Friendships with you and others add so much to my life. I appreciate you!

Roxane, what a great point. God is the most faithful friend. I'm so thankful for his constant love. I feel it often through the hands of friends like you!

Laura said...

I love these stories you share here. So much richness, just right here! I'm glad you are drinking deep, Becky. You inspire me to do it too.

Mompriest said...

to friendships near and dear far and wide in-real-life and in cyber-life! a couple of awesome stories here. I often tell my friends, when they are far and have a pendng "something" that I send my prayers - may be like a mantle upon their shoulders wrapping them in a cloak of prayer and love.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Such a great tribute to friendship.

lotusgirl said...

I figured I'd do some baking. Some french dessert. Wasn't there a cake that you went nuts for? I'm going to go check your blog log.

Ronnie said...

You expressed this beautifully and I so enjoyed reading it. You make me smile. Hugs to you, blogger buddy.

Laura said...

SO glad to hear your great news!

I love your definition of friendship: A comforting, protecting blanket of warmth when the world is scary, wrapping us close in the middle of it all.

I'm thankful, too!