Monday, August 31, 2009

A Little Quiet

Ever feel you need a little weekend after your weekend?
We had a wonderful time celebrating my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary. (Hurray for Mary and Kerry, my favorite couple with rhyming names!)
But between the big party Saturday and Friday's book thing at the Upstate Women's Show (where I made two new author buddies--Hey John and Bobbie!) I'm wishing I was less I and more E. (Confused? See the previous post.)

I'm feeling a little zonked. Care to join me in watching the fishes?
Have a wonderful Monday, y'all!
Love, Becky


EllenP said...

Stunning. Wishing you a slow and peaceful day.

T. Anne said...

I realy need a weekend after my weekend. Have a great :)

R and L said...

Glad you were able to go to the women's show this past weekend. I didn't go for obvious reasons, and L neither because we're still so busy settling into our new abode. We too had a slow morning - didn't get up until 9:30 !
I looked a little further online to find a free M-B test, and ended up using the one provided by I am an INTG with I=78% N=50% T=38% J=56%. They reported that famous people most like me are Stephen Hawking, Hillary Clinton, and 3 or 4 others that I didn't know of. Very interesting this test you have mentioned. I guess further analysis, and how to apply the results to your life is where the extra costs begin.
Liked the peaceful video - I would love to pull up a recliner to one of those aquarium windows and watch and rest for hours. If you ever get to the Opry Mill or Mall in Nashville, they have a one of a kind reastaurant that goes all the way around a large aquarium. Very, very cool!
Have great Monday!

adrienne said...

The aquarium is breathtaking, but the people in the video are almost as amusing to watch!

Enjoy your quiet time.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Love the fishes!!
My mother- in -law was named Mary Terry. I have always loved that!
Wishing you a restful Monday!

lotusgirl said...

Watching fish is so calming. I love going to aquariums. I hope your week is very weekendish.

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

Hey, Becky! Nothing wrong with some quiet time. Even lots of quiet time.

Have a great week.

Attic Rat said...

Wow! 50 years is a real accomplishment. We are sitting on 28 years.

Go make yourself some tea and enjoy some quiet time. :D

Great big smiles,

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is relaxing. Here's to down time!

ToddR said...

I love the fish... I just sat and watched and watched.