Monday, August 10, 2009

Can You Come Out to Play?

Today's Wonder of the World is...Making Time to Play!

Are you good about taking time for play? Take my word for it: these two silly boys (and their imaginary friend, I suppose) are excellent at it. See my coffee on the checkerboard? It's required if you want to keep up with those two!

During Cousin Luke's visit, we found a very cool new playground beside the Greenville Zoo, and I found myself wishing I could be a kid again, like Tom Hanks in Big.

I watched my nephew try to drink my soda ("Look Aunt Becky! I can suck it up without even touching my lips to the straw!")

and saw Sam moonwalk across a crowded bridge, and I wanted to try it too! Kids are so ready to go for it. I love that!

So I've made a resolution for the new school year: I'm going to make an effort to play more in my life.

If I need any teachers, I know just who to ask!
What about you? Are you good about taking time to play? What's fun for you?

Have a wonder-full Monday, y'all!
Love, Becky


Kat said...

I think it is so important to keep a young attitude. Always try and keep that playful attitude.
And thanks for the Big clip. Man, I loved that movie. :)

TattingChic said...

"Their imaginary friend"...ha ha! Their "imaginary friend" wouldn't happen to be YOU would it!?! ;)

LW said...

I had a long comment that I was going to leave.
But then I read TattingChic comment and laughed so hard that I forgot what
I was going to say…

Enjoy your day and enjoy your play,


Susan said...

I am a strong proponent of play. I will play with any kid that asks. I will draw and play dolls or transformers and even swing that big bubble wand around until I'm woozy. Maybe it's because I know that these sweet kids are going home with someone else. Great post, enjoy the week and hug an imaginary friend!

Anonymous said...

I love to play, but sometimes I embarrasss my teenagers when I do! For instance, it was all I could do to not boogie to the tunes my son was playing out in the backyard for his belated 16th birthday bash with all of his friends. And they think we spoil all their fun?! Tammy Whitley

Kelly H-Y said...

What fun pictures! I'll do it if I'm on vacation, but I'm horrible at taking time to play when going about my normal routine! I need to get better at that!

writerjenn said...

I've been playing all week! (Vacation) And secretly, I think of writing as play, in a way, though it is work too.

Jenn H.

Barb said...

Hi Becky,

Boy, did I have a lot of reading to do-hehe. Happy belated birthday to Sam. The boys look like they are enjoying themselves.

Your family reunion's look like they were filled with fun. My family is so small that we can fit in one little room. We do have fun though.

I take time to play. I think that is why I haven't been doing too much visiting. With the girls leaving, I have been playing,etc. like a mad woman. It sure is keeping me young (not in looks but spirit).


JaxPop said...

Buncha chuckleheads is what I say! Play? They should have full-time jobs mining iron ore. Ice Cream? Bah! How 'bout some raw eggplant slivers dipped in fish scales! And that one on the left - he looks like real trouble if ya ask me. Can't get too kindly there Rebecca - get them some scissors & make them cut the lawn! Humbug!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Funny you should post this--we just had a massive play fest yesterday in the pool. I laughed SO hard.
That playground is incredible.
One of the best benefits of kids is they remind you to play.

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a great resolution! I'm going to follow your example. That's what is missing in my life right now... playtime! :) Great pictures, wonderful post. -tammy

DW Quilt Art said...

Hi Rebecca, your friend Angela at Gypsy's Guide suggested I pay a visit, and I am glad I did. Really enjoyed browsing around, especially love all your French posts :-)

Speaking of playing and being young at heart, here's a post of mine that shows we have some kindred spirit (be sure to get to the end :-)

I also look forward to reading your book!