Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Them Bones, Them Bones...Outside For All To See!

Today's Wonder of the World is...Wacko Creatures Who Wear Their Skeletons On the Outside!

Like my buddy Leah! Hey Leah!
No, sorry my friend, but you don't really qualify. Although you can be wonderfully wacko at times. And your cool costume does show the idea I'm going for.

If fact, it was you, Leah, and a team of costumed crabs who gave me the idea for this post! I was searching my photos for my post on Halloween costumes when I ran across you and this crazy threesome.

Hey Ben, Hey Ben's buddies! There you are doing your play in France. What awesome crabs you were!
Wait a sec. That's not right. You weren't crabs. You were aliens!
Whoops! Sorry!
So that's why you have eyeballs on your foreheads! (Uh... I think crabs have those too.)
Let's ignore the facts, shall we? Because aliens don't have exoskeletons. Or maybe they do. Who knows? Let's stick to the theme.

You crabby aliens remind me of this gorgeous guy.

Flickr photo by squirrelattakk
Get a load of that exoskeleton! (I'd whistle if I could!)

And what about this one?

Flickr photo by avaDarlene
Have you ever met a horseshoe crab? We used to see them on the beach all the time.
They always made me think of this.

Flickr photo by Kronix33
See what I mean? That horseshoe crab is a fearsome beast, wearing its armor as it tracks across the sand.
Armor is really what an exoskeleton is all about. It's there to give a creature support and protection from the outside.
Kind of like this.

Flickr photo by THoog
Or this!

Flickr photo by andrei.foto
Next time Sam puts on a football helmet, I'm going to call it an exoskeleton!
He'll probably roll his eyes and tell me I'm being crazy and I'm not a teacher anymore.
Yes, I am. I'm his very own personal teacher, ready to spew out weird terminology whenever he least expects it! Bwa ha ha!

This also looks like an exoskeleton to me.

Flickr photo by ewjz31
And to ewjz31, who took the picture. See the face?

Here's another one.

Flickr photo by level1kobold
It should look like an exoskeleton. That's its whole purpose!

Of course, if something scary was chasing me, I wouldn't dress up like the Terminator.
I'd just go hide in a building.
Preferably one with an exoskeleton!

Flickr photo by F.X.Enderby
I wonder if that building has a nice quiet room where I could watch a movie?
Sorry to be off subject, but I just watched this video.

See for yourself and tell me if that Halloween Crab (his real name!) doesn't look like he's watching a video and eating popcorn! (Try to ignore the jelly. Eew.)
I wonder if its Finding Nemo? Or The Little Mermaid?
Have a Wonder-full Wednesday, y'all!

Love, Becky
PS. Can you think of other things that wear exoskeletons?
Have you ever worn one? Please share!


TattingChic said...

What a cute post, I had no idea there was a Halloween Crab, thanks for teaching me something new. I wonder if potato bugs (pill bugs or roly-poly's) count?

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Good morning, love all the exoskeletons. You always leave me the sweetest comments! Thanks for always visiting! Hugs***Renea

Susan said...

Dear Me, this post reminds me of how quickly our thought processes work. The exoskeleton for some reason, reminds me of strawberries, their seeds are on the outside. Oh, and how some of us wear our hearts on our sleeves. Yikes, I think I misfired somewhere. Fun post, though. Take care, Susan

Suzie said...

Jelly yum

Rosemary said...

Cool post Becky!!
Love it, a Halloween Crab!!!
Have a great day!!

CC said...

cool exoskeletons!

all over the map said...

you are such a creative creature.
doesn't an armadillo wear an outside shell-like skeleton?

rochambeau said...

Hi Becky,
You are always thinking of the most interesting topics.

What it makes me think about is people, how they can shield themselves sometimes! Perhaps more than they need to.

Thinking of you.
Sending you happiness.