Friday, January 7, 2011

Meet Our New Addition!

Isn't she a sweet girl?
Libby looks so dainty and demure in that photo, but don't let her fool you.

Innocent she's not.
That's a look that says, "Yes, I will wear this ridiculous bow to give you a false sense of ownership, but just wait. You shall look into my eyes and I shall hypnotize you. Serve me, human."

Yes, Libby. We will obey.

Here she is, hypnotizing Tanner. (After he got his first full snort of her behind. Some pictures are best not shown.)

After the introductions were over, Libby commanded Tanner to play Jingle Bells.

He did his best.

Then she made Tanner watch while she played chess.

The pieces are wonderfully rolly on a hardwood floor.

Playing so hard tuckers them out, so they take lots of naps.

Libby loves, loves, loves to sleep.
Especially if it's on top of people.

Sam loves it.
Me? I'm not so sure.
She slept on my back one night. That was weird.

She probably sleeps so much because of all the running she does. And the hopping.

And the leaping tall buildings.

Zombie eyes!
Look away!
She won't come down until we make her a landing pad of pillows.
(I guess she does have us trained.)

Libby also trains us to dangle string.

It's just about her favorite thing.

Tanner tried it too...

But then he got distracted by Libby's zombie eyes again.

Maybe she's hypnotizing herself.

He just doesn't get her fascination with boxes.

He investigated, but there wasn't anything edible in there.

No hummus. No bones. Not even a stale tortilla.
Why bother.

The whole box business was very tiring, so it was nap time again.

At least I think that's what she's doing. Of course, it could be some kind of trick.

You know, I suddenly feel a strange compulsion to go buy string.
Maybe I'll stop at the U-Haul place and pick up some extra boxes while I'm out.

Have a delightful weekend, y'all!
Before you scoot, tell me, are you a cat person? Dog lover? I'd love to hear about the pets at your house.
Love, Becky


Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

So sweet! I would love a kitty cat, but Stuart just walks by one and his eyes start swelling! We've thought about a Siberian (hypoallergenic). Lallie really wants a cat and she's actually not a big fan of UK. Sadly, he's getting old.

Laura said...

What a FUN series of pictures! She is so pretty, and your pup looks most interested. How old is she?

I guess I'm a dog person, but I'm pretty much a sucker for any animal. I might not go pick out a kitten, but I sure wouldn't turn one away from the front door.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

You clever writer you.

Kat said...

Oh my gosh! What a sweet kitty! Very pretty.

I never was much of a cat person (and I'm allergic too) until I met a friend's cat. It was so sweet and cuddly that he kind of warmed me to cats. He was very sweet. Every other cat I'd known (we had cats when I was very little) just ignored humans unless they wanted something.

Tanner looks like a darling too. I hope the two become fast friends.
That pic of him at the piano with kitty watching is just too cute! :)

Terri said...

Well....I have photos of my love of animals on my blog...dogs, cats, and more. We have had a houseful, including for awhile, dogs/cats/finches/canaries/frog/fish

Some day though I think I will be (just) a cat person.

adrienne said...

She's beautiful! I love cats, but doubt our bird or dog would get along with one. The tortoise probably wouldn't care or even notice...

adrienne said...

She's beautiful! I love cats, but doubt our bird or dog would get along with one. The tortoise probably wouldn't care or even notice...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

She does heave hypnotic eyes! Congrats on your new cat. I prefer cats to dogs--they're less needy and more useful in my view.

Jenny said...

5 Cats and a dog in these here parts. All kooky. Love 'em all. It is utterly adorable in the winter months to catch some of the cats cozily stacked on or near our big sleeping catahoula dog, Buddy for warmth....and he accommodates them all easily. Your pair appear to be a hoot too.

Kelly H-Y said...

She's a beautiful cat! Looks like Tanner is going to get a run for his money from that little kitty! :-)

Silicon Valley Diva said...

Dogs, cats, horses, goats, pigs, I love 'em all :-0

I loved seeing your new kitty pop up in my google reader this morning. Congratulations. I love all the pics showing the interaction between Tanner and his new cat pal. It looks like they instantly bonded. That is awesome. It doesn't always happen that easily.

Ah, how I miss not having a kitty to jump on my back and cuddle and purr at my feet. We discovered a few years back my daughter had suddenly developed an allergy to cats. We were heartbroken since we had to return our newest member. Give new kitty an extra hug for me!

Karen said...

Laughing....I loved that post. You are too funny. Great pics! I'm a dog lover, but like cats-just allergic to them. :(

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

That was a lot of fun!

We have a cat, Scout, aka His Royal Highness, who deigns to live with us.

jama said...

Talk about the cat's meow. This is a purrfect post! Welcome, Libby. *waves to Tanner*

We have neither cats nor dogs in our house. Just hundreds of bears.:)

Geekwif said...

With four cats and a dog who outweighs all four of them put together, I'm definitely both. Unfortunately, the cats aren't dog people, and the dog just thinks the cats are toys which doesn't help the situation. I think my dog could use a few tips from Tanner in getting along better with the feline members of the family.

Locusts and Wild Honey said...

Congrats on your new baby! I think she's hypnotizing me through the screen!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Oh Becky, I LOVE this for so many reasons. One, we had a sweet cat that looked just like that and I miss him. His name was Geddy and he was a honey. Second, you do such a great job of telling photo stories. The dog and cat at the piano is priceless. Even the ones of her scampering around the floor. Our cats prefer ponytail holders, but marbles are good too.

Thanks for the smile!

Taryn said...

We have one beloved Beagle in our home. There was a cat as well, but he passed away 2 years ago (sniff). So, I can't say one way or the other which person I am because I am a little of both: I love the loyalty and the outdoor activity companionship of a dog and I love the quiet ways and soothing purrs of a cat!

PS-I've been lurking on your blog for quite a while and I must tell you I really do enjoy your writing...thank you!

Graceful said...

Awwwwwww, super cute. I admit, though, I am not a cat person...or really a dog person either. We have two beta fish around here and two snails (you can see what kind of pet person I am -- highly low-maintenance!).

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Taryn, thanks for delurking! Nice to meet you! And I agree about the cat/dog comparison. Both are so great in different ways. I wasn't sure about getting another cat...I loved our Katie, but I couldn't picture how a cat and Slobber Dog could live in peace. I'm so glad Todd decided to take a chance with Libby. She's the best present ever!

I LOVE hearing about everybody's animals! (Or even lack thereof!) It's always fun to find out more about you wonderful people.
Love you!

Susan said...

What a sweet kitty. She reminds me of the animated kitty gif that paws at your mouse when you scroll over her. We are cat people at my house, although ours are now gone. I currently have a picture of my sister's cat as my profile pic. We had three gray cats that lived to 16 years old. What fun they are. You will have a blast with Libby.

Julie Gillies said...

Oh, they're SO adorable! You will NOT believe this, but it's absolutely true. We have a black kitty (a boy named Shadow) and for 15 years we had a golden retriever (Ginger!) who now lives in doggy heaven. Your pictures brought back a lot of memories of bringing home our 1 pound kitty--and Ginger taking him right in.

Thanks for the smile. :)

Sue said...

I can hardly stand to look at your photos for the Golden Retriever envy it stirs up in me! I want one so badly!! Our whole family wants a dog, but we live in an apartment complex that technically doesn't allow them (though some people have them anyway). We're not so sure we want to join the rule breakers, so we will probably put it off until we can move.

At the moment we have two house bunnies that are really a lot of fun. We have found that they are like cats in a way. They don't play in the same way, but the "serve me, you human" personality is similar! They can also be trained to use a litter box - very convenient.

I have never had a cat (my mom could not abide them at all), but I like them, as do my kids. My husband used to hate them, but has softened up with all the animal lovers we have around here. We took care of a stray over the summer up north at our cabin, and that little sweet girl softened him a bit, I think. We do have close friends with very bad cat allergies, though, so I don't know if we would ever get one.

I love all of your photos!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Sue, house bunnies? How fun! The family that lived next door growing up had a rabbit and a dog and they were best of friends! I remember seeing the two of them running around in the backyard together.

Julie, that's funny! How about that, we match. I bet you miss your golden. They're such sweet dogs.

Susan, your cat-niece is adorable. :)

Ronnie said...

Tanner's life has changed! I hope he's not too set in his ways.
I love cats, but they make my eyes water and itch. Currently, we have a 10 month old dachshund boy and love him dearly.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey Ronnie, lucky for him, Tanner's a pretty flexible pooch. As long as he gets plenty of loving, food to eat and sneak, and a portion of our bed to sleep on, he's a happy guy. He seems to like licking on Libby. She's good entertainment!