Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big News

Big news, y'all. I couldn't wait until Friday to share.
Do you remember Miss Minnie? The lady on my Meals on Wheels route that I wrote about here and here and here, the tough old bird who was nearly blind, who couldn't see the grime she lived in or the bugs infesting her house and her clothes, her bed, even her stack of bills?

When I pulled up to her house today, I noticed her front door was closed. Miss Minnie always keeps her door open with the screen door locked, so as to have one less door to fiddle with while leaning on her walker. Her wheelchair was on the porch and a sign was taped to the door.
What in the world?

I got her meal and gathered my courage like I always do at her house, hoping she didn't need me to write her bills today. My stomach just wasn't up to it. I knocked and tried to read the sign through the darkness of my sunglasses.
The house had been condemned!

"She ain't there no more," called a neighbor from across the street. "Two cop cars and an ambulance came this morning and carried her off. She was fighting mad."
I could only imagine.
"You shoulda seen those four guys after the ambulance left. They stood out here for at least ten minutes, trying to shake the bugs off themself. It's like they were dancing."
Yep, I've done that dance myself.

I called the social worker and got the word that yes, they'd finally done it. Months and months after we started complaining, making pests of ourselves, the state had finally seen fit to take her out of her home.
"She'll probably spend a week at the hospital," the social worker told me, "getting cleaned up and examined from head to toe, and then we'll get her placed somewhere else. You can go see her then. Right now, believe me, she's in no state for a visit."

I bet not.
She's probably terrified and angry, lost and confused. It's tragic and heartbreaking, but she'll finally be cared for and safe.
Still, would you ask God to comfort her? That the people interacting with her will see through her anger and give her what she needs? She could certainly use the prayers.

Love, Becky

Photo by takomabibelot, Some rights reserved


Natalie said...

Good for her for putting up a fight... vitality is a blessing!
Good for them for taking care of business.
Good for you for opening your heart so wide, and caring that she be cared for.
Change can be hard, but I pray that everyone gets what they need.

Alise said...

Will absolutely be praying for all involved. Thank you for caring for her.

Dawn said...

So sad that she couldn't see her circumstances and sad that she had to leave the comfort (to her) of her home. I hope she finds a happy settling spot.

Kat said...

Oh thank the good Lord! I am so happy to hear it. I know she will be mighty mad for a long time, but hopefully she will come to be grateful for it. I will definitely keep her in my prayers.
Thank you for this update! :)

And by the way, your new background is just LOVELY!

Barb said...

Oh Becky,
I will pray for Miss Minnie. This post hit a nerve (not a bad nerve).
God Bless you for caring about her and what is needed.


Leah Skaggs said...

Thank Goodness.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Love you all!
Thanks for the prayers. I'm sure it's helping her!

Kathy said...

Thanks for giving us this update. I said an immediate prayer (because I find my good intentions get lost if I wait until "prayer time").

May God bless you for being a true neighbor by the Biblical definition.

Graceful said...

Oh Miss Minnie -- right when I read the name I remember the post you wrote about delivering MOW to her in her terribly run-down home. I'm so glad she will be living in a better, cleaner, healthier place -- although I'm sorry that she has to suffer and grieve the loss of her home. I will pray for dear Miss Minnie.

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Rebecca, will do. I pray she finds peace and hope and healing.

Laura said...

Your compassion evokes it in your readers, Becky. I'll be praying for her and for those who are around her.

Ronnie said...

God took his sweet time for reasons that aren't clear, but it seems Miss Minnie is headed in the ABSOLUTE right direction. Good work, Becky! Good work, God!
It must be one of the more difficult transitions as we become too old to care for ourselves. Joe and I are dealing with this pivotal point in our mother's lives, right now. It's not easy!
FYI: Dave Ebright is a 2010 Finalist - Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards YA Fiction. He thinks it's not important to show up at the award ceremony. What do YOU THINK!!!!??

Susie said...

So glad that you were instrumental in getting Miss Minnie to a better situation!hugs!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm glad you were pesty enough to get her away from the pests. Am praying for her peace of mind--keep us updated! I think of her often and do pray for her.

Amy Sullivan said...

Oh Miss Minnie,
I'm praying for comfort for you now.

Sarah @From Tolstoy to Tinkerbell said...

Praying for healing for both the physical and emotional wounds. Grace works miracles.

Heidi Mann said...

Ever since I used your previous Miss Minnie post as the core of my sermon in July (I think), my 5-yr-old has asked about her periodically. I have told him several times, I'm sure Becky will let us know if anything changes for Miss Minnie. Now I can give him the update.

BTW, he also LOVES many of the videos you've uploaded. I made a folder of bookmarks for him to get him to the posts with the specific videos he loves, and every so often he goes through them! (incl. your son w/ the remote control "machine," the Barber of Seville, the little girl dancing on the vanity, and the song "The Way I Am."

So, on behalf of Gabriel and me, thank you!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

You and Gabriel are quite welcome!