Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Color Is Your Parachute?

Today's Wonder of the World is...the Parachute!

Flickr photo by Rolye
Ever since I did Monday's post on dandelions, I've had parachutes on the brain.
You know, this kind.

Flickr photo by Trev Grant
Do you know where the word parachute comes from?
It's French, mes amis.
Para (against) + chute (French for fall) = parachute (against the fall)
I just LOVE it when the world makes sense.

I like the non-dandelion fluff parachutes too, though I sure hope I never have to use one.
Yep. I'll go skydiving when pigs fly!

Photo by
I guess I better get ready.
Given my fear of heights, you might be surprised by the number of parachutes I've encountered in my life. And not just the felted pig on etsy kind.

I don't suppose this parachute trio counts as a true encounter, but I remember the splashdowns just the same. Are you old enough to remember them too?

Public domain photo
No? Maybe you remember this parachute instead. Perhaps in reruns?

Those parachutes always remind me of the jellyfish I'd find washed up on the beach.

Flickr photo by thebrockmeister
See what I mean?
They're much prettier drifting through the water than as beach globs.

You can't do this with a beach glob.

Flickr photo by TomFlikrPhotos
Have you ever run underneath a parachute? You should try it. When I was little, my mom had a real parachute for us to play with. No, she wasn't a skydiver either, although I would call her a daredevil. She used the parachute with her preschool classes for years and years. (What? You say preschool teachers aren't daredevils? You've obviously never spent much time with a dozen three year olds.)

My mom sews too. Come to think of it, she could have made my wedding dress out of that white parachute.

Flickr photo by stlouiemeg
(If you've got time, click on that photo and read the story behind that dress.)

Speaking of weddings, see the parachute I wore a couple of months before my big day?

Look at those young lovebirds! Where are my crow's feet? That photo was taken back in the dark ages, when Todd was in the Air Force in Texas and I came for a visit. I got to ride around in a T-37 with a parachute on my back. I'm afraid all we did was taxi around the runway. They made me wear the parachute in case I had to eject, but we never even took off.
Want to know a secret? Staying on the ground was fine with me. I couldn't breathe with that oxygen mask on my face.

It's a good think I didn't have to taxi around with da Vinci's parachute on my back. It wouldn't have fit in the plane.

Flickr photo by StovadinovicP
So those are my only parachute memories. Do you have any more exciting ones?

These days, the only parachutes I see are the ones in the dentist's treasure box.

Flickr photo by be-kk-ie
Ahh. Much less anxiety. As long as we brush and floss!
Have a wonder-full Wednesday, y'all!
Love, Becky


Susan said...

Great post. The wedding dress is beautiful, so glad it's here in my home state. Parachutes remind me of hot air balloons, have you done a post on them?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Fun topic!
Each 4th of July Mr. D and a friend blast off fireworks--at dusk they blast off a couple stuffed with parachutes so the kids have a distraction until the Big Show.

JaxPop said...

Does Todd have an eject button for the passenger seat in the car? I find it a helpful option when lost, like when Deb says "pull over & ask directions" Just kiddin'

adrienne said...

I was expecting to see MC Hammer at the end of this post - remember parachute pants?
Love the parachuting pig!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Aw man! Adrienne, I can't believe I forgot those pants!
And Green Girl, you reminded me that I also left out the parachutes on the rockets that Sam shoots off with Todd.
Susan, I haven't done that wonder. Hmm.
JaxPop, ha ha. Very funny. I don't even make that suggestion anymore. I've given up.

Fresh Water Mermaids said...

Hi Rebecca!

What an inspiring post!!

I have a set of three amazing fairy twirling dolls
that go up way high and then parachute down.

So fun!

Thanks always for your enjoyable wonders to read!


lotusgirl said...

Parachutes! Whoa! My daddy used to be a paratrooper.

There's some great shots today! Whew!

Kelly H-Y said...

Love this post ... and love the great picture of you and hubby! I've jumped out of plane ... and was quite thankful for a working parachute. That was back in the day before marriage and kids ... when I apparently felt immortal! It was a blast! These days ... I don't think I could bring myself to do it ... not with kiddos, etc.!

Sherry said...

One of my daughters parachuted out of a plane "just for fun." Not my idea of fun but I love looking a parachutes.

lakeviewer said...

What great pictures and commentaries. I dropped in from Meredith's blog and got caught in the chute. I think I'll return for more streams of fantasy and functions.

May Vanderbilt said...

Some of my happiest memories are from vacation bible school playing games with the parachute.

I have never jumped out of plane but I kind of want to. I'm not sure I have the nerve though.

Sandy Mastroni said...

great post ! I loved seeing you and your husband
Love that pig parachute from Etsy too !

ParisBreakfasts said...

A wonderful collection of tropes!
I love all your connections..

MandyMaria said...

HaHa I love that your mom was a daredevil because she was a pre-school teacher. I've been in a classroom full of 3 yr olds before, that does take some courage!

CC said...

What a cool wonder! The piggy is a little silly though. ;)

LW said...

Great post, I love the picture of the two of you…


Barb said...

Hi Becky,

I think it was very brave of you to get in a T-37. I prefer my feet on the ground.

That little felted pig is too cute.
The pictures of the splashdown brought back some memories. Always scary to watch.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.


Susie Q said...

I have loved playing catch up with you today! LOVED the dandelion post...: )

This post was such fun to read and see. With Bill being a flyer for 27 years, I always worried that he would have to USE his parachute! Now it sits on a shelf in our garage...neglested. Poor thing!

That PIG parachite is adorable!!

The little parachute men were something that our son LOVED. Bill's dad used to get them at the AF Museum here and send them to us. Dan lost many a man to a tall tree or rooftop.
When we went to China to get Dan's sister, he suggested we tak some as an ice breaker. So, out ot the AF Museum we ran and bought about 25. We shared them with teh other families and the kids had a grand time. We were all on the 21st floor of our hotel and the windows opened at the top. Grace loved sending the troops out on missions and we would watch them until they hit land. We were able to retrieve a few but some are probably still stuck on rooftops and tall trees...
*smile* jus like Dan's...


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Okay, where's MC Hammer and his parachute pants?!?!?

Catching up on your posts! Always fun.