Friday, November 21, 2008

Pencil Pushing

Today's Wonder of the World is...the Pencil!

Flickr photo by luigi.carrieri
How I love a bunch of brand new pencils!
So much possibility!
I tell you, it's just eye-popping!

Flickr photo by The Dogs Blogs
Uh oh!
Somebody went a little crazy with Mommy's eye pencil!
Either that or the cutie must be Groucho's grandbaby.

Colored pencils also make me happy.

Flickr photo by Sofia Katar1ina
Even their shavings are pretty.

Flickr photo by myruby
I hate to throw them away!

I also hate to throw away pencils when they get too small to hold.
If I lived near Jennifer Maestre, I'd give them all to her. Do you know Jennifer? No?
She's an amazing artist who makes incredible things out of pencils.
Like sea urchins, her first pencil projects.

Flickr photo by jenbutt
And then more complicated creatures.

Flickr photo by jenbutt
Hi Jen! I'm in awe of you.
See more of her incredible work here.
Prepare to be spellbound.
Make sure you have a comfortable chair.

Flickr photo by nick on
Maybe not that one!

Tell me, what's your favorite kind of pencil? Number Two or mechanical, colored, charcoal or grease? Or do you even use them anymore, preferring to tappity tap tap on your magic keys?

Have a wonder-full Friday, y'all! And a fabulous weekend!

And before you go, enjoy this tour of a pencil factory in the French countryside.
If you've ever wondered how they make les crayons (pencils, not crayons,) it'll leave you feeling smart. Or should I say sharp?

Love, Becky


Debbie said...

I thought those sea urchins were real! Amazing. As were the eyebrows.

LW said...

Right now, I am using a mechanical pencil but color pencils are my preference.
Years ago I went on a class field trip to the Eagle Pencil factory for a tour.
Thousands and thousands of yellow pencils running along on conveyor belts like little steadfast soldiers.
I remember thinking about the homework, notes and doodling each one would do during it’s lifetime.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Rosemary said...

Wow that pencil art is amazing!
I couldn't do my art without pencils.
Have a great weekend!

TattingChic said...

Another winner of a post! I've always found pencils to be fascinating until of late I have a thing for pens, LOL! The pencil factory flick was fun to watch! I have a stash of colored pencils somewhere! The lady who does pencil art is quite talented, however that chair looks like something out of a torture chamber! OUCH!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love me some #2 Ticondarogas, but also adore that pencil moustache that Clark Gable favored:)

Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

What fun! I have an entire collection of colored pencils I hardly use, but just love to looks at!

CC said...

Those colored pencils make me happy too!

Suzie said...

I love the chair

Angela K. Nickerson said...

When I was younger I hated pencils, but we were only allowed to use them. I didn't like the smudges and the messiness of them (and I was a rather fastidious child). But one day I fell in love with a #2 pencil, and I've never looked back. In fact, there are about 15 of them in my pencil cup right here. I am still very particular about office supplies in general, and I like pens for most tasks, but there are times when only a pencil will do -- that soft lead and the scritchy-scratch of the point across the paper. It is the epitome of a simple pleasure.

lotusloq said...

I love colored pencils. I especially love how they look all lined up in the order of the rainbow.

Those sea urchins etc. are amazing. How creative is that?!

Liz said...

Look at those eyebrows! So hilarious.

dana said...

I get "the point"! (sorry)

That was a good one---it makes me glad I don't have to work at a pencil factory. hmmmmm, if we lose much more in our retirement account I might need to find that place. :(

Check out my post tomorrow. I will have a photo that shows YOUR book---hey, girl, it's free advertising!


rochambeau said...

Great Post Becky!
AND Jennifer Maestre Pencil art is absolutely amazing!
Yes to the possibility of pencils!

Jojo said...

That pencil chair could make sitting in the corner a whole new form of punishment! I love pencil art!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I ALWAYS have loved pencil shavings. As a child I hated to throw out the shavings from my colored pencils. I hate to sit in that chair too!

Fete et Fleur said...

I used to love the beginning of every school year, because it always meant new pencils for me!

Happy Thanksgiving,

WendyB said...

Those sea urchins are fabulous!

Susan said...

Great post! Not only do I love all things Pencil, I love erasers, too.
(wow, my secret word was percils, that's pretty close to pencils)

Betty C. said...

I'm crazy about regular number 2 pencils, but France is very annoying because one cannot find electric, or even decent hand-run rotative (not sure that's a word) sharpeners! They seem to only sell those little hand-held ones and I can never get them to work right.

One of my memories of childhood was sharpening pencils way down in our houses "furnace room" -- the smell of the wood shavings was so pleasant.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Betty, I remember that!!! That's when my kids started always taking a tiny sharpener with them. Using those things is so frustrating!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Where or Where do you find all of these great photos? Love the little Groucho! Hee Hee! Hugs***Renea

Alex said...

hee hee...I love the pencil chair...and the little boy who got carried away with the eye pencil. =D

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am wild for pencils! I would much rather use them than pens.

And isn't that pencil artist amazing?? I have seen a layout of her work and I was just agog!